About that body part thing...

About that body part thing...

Remember my question from a week ago where I asked:

If you had to be someone's body part, what would you be, and on whose body?

I got some great answers during the next couple of days, but just this week, I've heard a few more, and since they were later in coming, and some of them didn't get put in the comments, and some of them were so late, that regular readers might not even see them unless they were really searching for them, I thought I would repost them here, because they were so great...

Hutch's little guys had some really cool answers... The birthday boy came up with these: "Jacob had a hard time narrowing it down, but the first two that he mentioned were Neil Armstrong's feet, and Thomas Jefferson's hand."

And her younger son had this idea... Ben wanted to be the brain of Mr. Andrews, the engineer who designed Titanic, so that he could do a better job so it wouldn't sink.

And finally, my dad added this... "I would be the part of the brain that Keith is having the problems with so he and the rest of his family could have a little better quality of life."

For those of you who are newer readers around here, my husband had a brain tumor removed two and a half years ago, along with a sizeable bit of brain matter and still has focal seizures in part of his brain. He has a pretty normal life for having this occur. But he did lose his driving ability. As a result, with his current job in computer consulting and most of the work being on the opposite side of the twin cities (about an hour from where we live), he now has an apartment near work where he can walk every morning and Kel and I only get to see him on the weekends when we go pick him up and bring him home to spend that time with us.

Frankly, that sucks. Mostly for him. And for Kel, who gets to be mostly fatherless again. But we still have him. And we're really ecstatic of that. And the brain tumor is mostly gone and unless it starts growing again, we can relax about it.

So Dad? You had an incredible answer to my question. You brought me to tears. Thanks. Now I can do the same to you by being a totally healthy, young and vibrant heart beating in your chest so that you never have another heart attack. But it isn't the same. Because you thought of it first. But that's what I'm going to choose. But you beat me to it. Damn it. Love you Dad.

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