The weekend has arrived again. And again, Friday was too busy for running because I was running too much! If I am able to find it, I will have a post for yesterday to finish off the week of thoughts for Danny, James and their families. I wrote a letter to a stranger a couple of years back after the murders and that is what I'd like to close this week with, but it will take some digging because I haven't been able to turn it up just yet.

So today I ran with a little bit of Bridget Jones (again!) and a little bit of Tom Petty larger than life on my wall. Made for a fun run to watch videos from Playback as I went along. One of my favorites is I Won't Back Down, backed up by Ringo Starr on the drums and George Harrison on guitar, among others. Gotta love that.

Now Keli is at a party and we are spending a quiet evening together and so I'll make this short.

G'night all...

Today's miles: 3.19
Total so far: 211.62
Still to go for goal: 288.38

Until tomorrow...

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