Wednesday - for Gerry C...

Today's workout was for Gerry C... He's my girl KathyK's dad. Hope he's feeling comfortable. Haven't heard from her with an update for a bit, so I'm not sure how he's doing, but I thought I would devote one for him today. He's had a rough haul. Decided I wanted to get away from Lurch today, too. I've been reading Emerson lately and feeling the itch to get out into the wilderness, so I strapped on the snowshoes and headed into the frigid (melting) wasteland.

Here are Gerry's stats...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 258.14
Still to go for goal: 241.86

It was a beautiful time out there. Carol and Gary inspired the snowshoeing as much as Emerson did. They went out on their own snowshoes during Valentine's Weekend and reminded me of our own. It sounded like fun and it was. I headed around our own front five and rather than head into the woods and up the back hill (it looked a little daunting today, if you've seen our hill and the woods in which it is buried, you'd understand), I trekked out across the field in front of the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust land that adjoins our property and circled their property. It was fun tracking deer and turkeys through the snow.

It was fabulous just being out in nature again, too. I haven't been outside enough this winter. I came across a pile of acorn shells beside a deep hole in the snow. I found several deer lays. Now, looking out my office window I see a yellow-bellied sap sucker hopping up the tree just east of the house. There are little red squirrels scampering around the yard. And the brightest flamingos grazing in the snow you've ever seen! ;)

It isn't a bright and sunny day, in fact it is gloomy and overcast, but it is warm (about 36 or so right now) and the snow is melting and dripping from the roof. I might have to add an outdoor walk/run to my workout from now on at least once a week if the weather will permit through the end of winter. My soul needs it. Who's going to join me?

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