Wednesday - for C...

Well, Kel was home sick today, as I thought she might be when she went to bed last night. Took her in to the doc today for strep and mono tests. The quick results both came back negative. She had slept all morning before we went there, and then when we came back home she collapsed into bed again and slept nearly all afternoon.

Now she's trying to get some homework done because she'll have lots to catch up on after two days out of school. I suspect she'll try to return there tomorrow even though she cries out in pain everytime she stands up. She has a horrible headache with this bug.

Mostly I walked on Lurch today, but I put some miles behind me. The first of what I suspect will be several in honor of C. Hope you have good fortune with all of the treatment that lies ahead of you, C.

Today's miles: 3.8
Total so far: 238.09
Still to go for goal: 261.91

Looking forward to my lunch date tomorrow with Hutch! Yahoo!

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