Tuesday - Teach Your Children Well...

Last night Kel and I put together a CD for one of her friends. It was the friend with a newly diagnosed cancer dad. She listens to a lot of music when she is hanging out in her room, and the majority of it is instrumental stuff. A lot of that tends to be very beautiful, but also not so uplifting... kind of down at times. We know this because she calls it sad music. So I asked Kel if she thought her friend might like some of the Linus & Lucy music of Vince Guaraldi that George Winston put out a few years back. After we burned it, we listened to it in the car on the way home from play practice last night to make sure it worked okay (I've had a little trouble burning CD's in the past on the old pc). We literally bounced in the car. It's great music - talk about uplifting and happy stuff. It just puts you in mind of the Peanuts gang dancing around and Snoopy dancing on his dog house, etc. I think (hope) she'll really like it. Kel is going to give it to her today. We want her to smile and think of us when she listens to it, and to just think happy thoughts sometimes and feel good.

She also chatted with Kel last night for a while on MSN. I'm glad she felt she could share the news with Kel when she hasn't shared with too many others... a kindred spirit, a kid who's already had a dad with cancer and been through the scary surgery stuff and all that. Kel invited her to join us for the Relay in June, too. I saw her at the band concert on Sunday and wanted to give her a huge hug, but again, not many know, and she doesn't even know that I know, so I couldn't. It's tough having these kids at that age where they feel they have to handle everything on their own and without any parental intervention.

So today I again ran for the nameless and faceless C. I know you're out there, C. And for all your family, wife and kids. Love and hugs to all of you. We are thinking and praying for each of you.

Today's miles: 4.65
Total so far: 254.89
Still to go for goal: 245.11

Back again soon. I'm off for my frango mint. Thank you Alta!!! :) They are so divine!