Running with the WB... Mom taped our shows for us on Tuesday night - our "Must see TV" night, so tonight I ran with Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. Didn't get all the way through Tree, but will finish it up with tomorrow's run, if I get one in on my typically busy Friday.

Gorgeous sunny day today, but chilly. Tomorrow we're gonna have a heat wave, though! 34 degrees farenheit! Woo hoo! Celebrating getting above freezing, how does that work?

Got a Valentine in the mail from the folks' today! Thanks mum and dad!

Keith got a big Valentine box in the mail a couple of days ago. He'll be surprised... I get to talk about it here because he hasn't been visiting the site, but I won't give away what it is until after the actual day. Maybe I'll even get a photo put up after the fact. :)

Talked with my MIL today. She told me of a really cool project she is working on. There is a program out there thought of by a young girl who was undergoing cancer treatments... she had to travel back and forth to the hospital during her treatments and became very attached to a special blanket, so she came up with the idea that all cancer kids should have a special blanket of their own. Thus was born her idea of cancer quilts for these kids. So people make quilts for the kids and donate them. I guess 25 were donated last year. Alta is pretty crafty with her sewing machine and has decided to help out with these quilts and is working on some now! Very cool idea!

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 226.01
Still to go for goal: 273.99

Thanks to everyone for your continued cheerleading and support! You can't believe how much I appreciate seeing your comments!

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