Had a great time at lunch with Hutch today. As I told her, I wasn't going for the meal, but for the company. Good thing, too... Country Kitchen doesn't cater to the vegetarian... I'll keep that in mind from now on when I am interested in food... :) But the company was outstanding. As always. Thanks, Hutch. Got a few rows done on my latest scarf, too. And mmmm, that syrup!

Kel was back at school today. And she had a load of homework tonight. That's what happens with block schedule. You miss a day of school and it's like missing two. Well, she missed two days. You do the math. So I hauled her butt to play practice tonight and dropped her off. Watched her walk to the doors. Saw the other kids milling about in the commons and thought to myself, "That's odd. They aren't usually milling about in the commons. They are usually in the auditorium. I wonder if practice isn't really happening tonight. I should stick around and find out. Wish I'd forwarded the home phones to my cell in case she has to call right away to let me know." Then I proceeded to kick myself as I made the fifteen-minute drive all the way home.

When I got there, there was a message on the phone. But it wasn't her. It was Keith letting me know he was home from work. So I called him back on the second line. In the process of our conversation, the main line rang. I checked caller ID - it was the RF schools calling. Rats.

Keli: Mom?
Me: Yes...
Keli: Play practice was cancelled.
Me: And they couldn't let you know before you got there? Okay, I'm on my way. Which doors should I come to?
Keli: The normal ones down below by the band room. Thanks.
Me: Okay. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Then I went back to Keith's conversation and let him know I had to run back and get her. It was a good thing it was cancelled since she was doing homework until now - 11 pm. And actually, she isn't finished, she just finished with the computer. Now she is heading to bed with a book she has to read 50 pages in and a list of vocabulary words to study.

Finished watching a made-for-TV movie that mom taped earlier in the week while I ran tonight (Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen). Anybody out there with HBO, there are a couple of things I'd like to see... send me an e-mail if you'd like to tape them for me! :)

Today's miles: 3.35
Total so far: 241.44
Still to go for goal: 258.56

We're having a slight lull in the weather at the moment. No rain and no snow. My writing date with Marge is on hold until we see what the weather is going to look like in the morning and if I'll have to get Keli to school late, etc.

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