Thursday - the game of life...

We've been playing around with a book here the last few weeks. A book called If... Questions for the Game of Life. It's got some great questions in it to contemplate if you want to do some deep thinking. And some great questions to think about for fun, too... The book became so popular after it was published that they wrote a whole series of books around similar themes. I thought I might throw a question out here once in a while for people to think about and if you want to, you can even throw your answer in my comments just for fun and read what other people thought.

I know, I know, there aren't that many people reading or commenting here these days, things have dwindled, but for the couple who are, it might be fun...

Here's your first question... We'll start with an easy one - If you were allowed to eat only one vegetable for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Please leave your answer in the comments section! Thanks.

Here's today's run...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 261.64
Still to go for goal: 238.36

I'm still receiving donations. My friends and family are the most generous and coolest people I know. Thank you so much. I can't wait to tally this all up after I make the 500 miles and send out the collection envelopes to those who pledged for the miles. I'm so psyched. I want to get the miles done fast so I can get it collected.

We're going to have a hot dog stand up at County Market and I hope that lots of people will come and eat lots of hot dogs that weekend. Hutch, I bet your boys can put away a lot of hot dogs! :) I'll let you know the time and dates!

Thanks for the support everyone. Keep the comments coming. They keep me going. They really do.

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