Sunny Sunday...

Yzma: Can you feel it???
Kronk: Oh yeah. I can feel it.

Finished watching Emperor's New Groove today while I ran. That has to be one of the best movies Disney has put out in a long time - very funny.

Friday was one of those too busy to think let alone run days. I wrote with my buddy Marge in the morning, ran some errands in the afternoon, picked up Keli from school and then had to get back to the old home town for another fabulous MASSAGE!!!! Keli went to hang with the folks while I did that in case I didn't get out quickly enough to run her to the B-ball game where she had to play her horn for pep band. I followed her down there and stayed for my very first of those for the year. We don't know if they won or lost because we didn't stay for the whole game. She had to get home and pack her bag.

So I took Valentine's Day off to spend the day with my hunny. It was an early day with Keli being whisked off at 6:30 am to the airport for a weekend trip to Colorado to see her new half-sister. She was really excited. And then I went back to bed for a little while and when I got up I did some cleaning up around the house and chatted on the phone for a bit with mum. Then I hopped in the car and dashed off to pick up Keith from his apartment. We stopped for coffee at a nice little coffee shop on the way home and stopped to see the folks, too. They gave Keith an apple pie for his Valentine gift. Lucky boy. I wonder if I'll get a piece of it? Prolly not. We spent the rest of the evening at home by the fire.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I got a Valentine Heart full of Frango Mints! Hurray Alta! Thank you!!! And since I ran today, I got to have one! Hurray me!!! Here's to great incentives... And Keith! Well, he got this big box of... well, this one almost needs a picture rather than words. So scroll down to the bottom of this post to see what his mom sent him. And my mom knitted me a beautiful black scarf. It's gorgeous! Thanks mommy!

But I did finally get back on Lurch today! Hurray! I wonder if with this low-output month I'll actually make that halfway mark I'm hoping for??? Down quite a lot from the 100 miles a month I'd been going!

Here's today's stats...

Today's miles: 3.08
Total so far: 229.09
Still to go for goal: 270.91

Tomorrow I'm going to run for Elizabeth's mommy, Sydnor again. I ran for her a couple of months back, but knowing she's going through chemo right now, I'd like to just send her some positive thoughts. Tomorrow is for you Sydnor!

Keith's Valentine Flamingoes!