Sunday - a day of rest...

Took a day off and just spent the day enjoying my family. Had a morning of rest. We all needed it after late nights Friday and Saturday. Keli went to her first LAN party on Friday night and was out fairly late (no, didn't let her spend the whole night - no way, nuh uh, this is the hang out area of other people who seem to want to be near her that we don't want near her, so I was probably remiss in letting her go in the first place but what am I going to do, lock her up for the rest of the teen years?).

Saturday night we had dinner with Gary and Carol at Barkers - great food, not so good service, excellent company, laughs and good conversation. We had fun! And then we stopped back at the folks' where Keli had spent the evening watching movies and picked her up after watching the end of Nemo with them...

But again, Sunday we rested in the morning and enjoyed some fresh muffins, lemon poppyseed and blueberry - yummy. Keli joined us after noon and watched a movie. She did a little homework, too. Keith had some time in the hot tub. I did a little writing. It was one of those nice laid back kind of days with a fire in the fireplace.

But running? Nope.

At 5 pm, we headed to the high school where Keli and her many cohorts had a band concert. Dad joined us for that. Mom was feeling under the weather (hope you're feeling better now, Mom!). It was a great concert. Afterward it was off to the cities to take Keith back to his apartment and we stopped for some dinner along the way, just the three of us. It was a great family night. We don't get a lot of time together these days, so when we do, the time is precious.

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