Snowy Monday...

Keli got the day off school today due to the snow. And what a snow it is! It is still coming down and it must have snowed all night. I think we have 6-8 inches out there so far. It is a really fine powder or we'd have a lot more.

I just got off the treadmill. We hung some sheets on the windows downstairs so we could see the projected movies on the wall during the daytime really well. Finished watching HP1 before starting Lurch and then ran with some of Bootmen as Keli wanted to watch it again. When I finish posting this I'll shower and then we'll watch HP2 together. Don't know what we'll watch after that, but it's a movie kind of day since we are snowed in.

Maybe some tomato soup and grilled cheese sammiches are called for as the dinner of the day, too...

Here are the stats on another run for Danny, James, Jan and Tom...

Today's miles: 2.65
Total so far: 198.89
Still to go for goal: 301.11

Hope the snow stops soon! I wonder if the kids will still have play practice tonight? Hope not!

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