Saturday - Happy Birthday, Eldest Nephew!...

It's been a busy day for only being half over so far!

Had to be up early to get Kel to a morning play practice and Keith went along for the ride so we could stop for groceries. Well, one grocery stop isn't enough for us vegetarians, we hit both Econo Foods and Good Earth to try and find everything we wanted. Since Good Earth wasn't quite open yet, we had to go to Lighthouse for some coffee and kill a little time first. Then once we had all the food we needed, we had to swing into the bank and the post office, too. From there, we had enough time to head home and drop the food off, grab a little bite to eat, have a lovely chat on the phone with my brother Kent, who is still missing his flag, stolen right off the side of his house, pole and all (and who do you suppose is the first person he suspected??? the NOYVE, I tell ya!)... before I had to dash back to town and pick Kel up after play practice. What a morning!

But at least by then I was wide awake and ready for the run when I got back...

Today's miles: 3.2
Total so far: 246.64 (that halfway mark is so close I can practically taste it! - tastes like chicken! hehehe)
Still to go for goal: 253.36

Tonight we are looking forward to a nice dinner in town (Barkers!) with Carol and Gary... Haven't seen them for a long time, so we're hoping to catch up on life.

And finally, Happy Birthday, Cory! 20 years... I still remember being off at school that day and calling back from payphones for updates to find out if you'd arrived yet! Hope your birthday's filled with joy. Much love from your much-shorter Aunt... :)

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