I never get the computer time anymore!

Ran watching Pay it Forward today.

Currently reading Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. I had been told that the book is so great - much better than the movie, which I think is usually true of books that have been made into movies pretty much all of the time. But I have to say that with this one? I've almost never read a book in which the movie has more closely followed it. There has been very little difference. Things have been very subtle when differences do exist. And it's head stuff. Stuff you aren't going to be able to get on screen very easily. I expect to finish it up tomorrow if I continue to neglect the real world get as much reading time in.

Massage today! Lovely.

Got a Valentine gift in the mail the other day... Keith's mom, sent us a frightening really sweet gorilla in heart-covered boxers who dances to the tune of "Hooked on a Feeling" in a rather jerky way. We (Keli and I) meant to send it with Keith to his apartment when he went back this past Sunday night, but forgot. We think it would be a cheery thing for him to keep there and less likely to give us nightmares be accidently eaten by the dog or something. Thanks Alta! It's really scary cute! :)

Today's miles: 3.09
Total so far: 217.51
Still to go for goal: 282.49

Back in a bit!

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