Monday - So Much Love to Make up Every Where You Turn...

We've been listening to a lot of CSN lately (Crosby, Stills and Nash). Before that it was the Triple CD set from Simon and Garfunkel but Kel loaned that out to Bren a couple of weeks ago (hoping to get him and Rusty to pick a song to sing at the Pops Concert) so we made a switch to this. This is good, too, though. Really good. Takes me back a few years. Keith, too. He was talking about his college years with Kel in the car last night while we were listening to it. She's starting to get that college bug. The colleges are starting to woo her. She has taken a pre-ACT exam and so the schools got her results and are sending her some info. Not too many of them yet, but a few of them. She wants to go someplace warm! I just hope she finds a great school that is a good fit.

Oh - here's some information from Alta for anyone interested... Sounds great to me, but I'm not a talented seamstress... Regarding the quilts I wrote about not long ago: "The program is called Project Linus and it is at numerous hospitals. They give homemade quilts to any children who are admitted with serious illness. The quilts vary in size from 30"x30" to twin size. I went for fabrics which were really soft, too. The 15-year-old girl found that there was no Project Linus at St. Mary's Hospital (in Grand Junction) here, so she started a group."

Stopped over and dropped off a newspaper for my brother, Kent tonight after I left Keli off at play practice... good to see you, bro! :)

Okay, so here's the details on today's run...

The miles: 3.6
Total so far: 250.24 (oh yeah, baby!!!)
Still to go for goal: 249.76 (look at that - I've gone further than I have left!!! Woohoo!)