Monday Monday... La La Monday Monday... For Sydnor...

Hello!!! Posting another cute picture of the flamingos because Alta sent a BIG box of them and the family of four that you saw yesterday was only half of them... here is another little twosome that I thought was cute (I especially love how the little one just sank up to its belly when I set it into the snow - fwoomp! - and the squirrel tracks hopping past, which showed up after I put them out there...):

Flamingo Couple

Done with the run before noon. This was for you, Sydnor. I hope that all is going well with your current treatments, dear! Hugs to you.

Finished watching One Tree Hill since tomorrow is Tuesday and we're going to get a new installment. Keli gets home from Colorado tomorrow but she also has play practice tomorrow night so I don't know if she'll have any time to watch these latest copies. I had to watch them if I wanted to know what was going on! Besides, I think she already had Annie tell her what happened in them.

It's a cold one out there today! And windy! That always make it feel so much worse. Plus the sun isn't even shining. It's hiding behind a thick cloud cover. Woe is me. What have I got to complain about? I'm healthy and strong! And I feel great!

And I get another Frango mint because I ran today! Hurray!

Today's stats...

The miles: 3.0
Total so far: 232.09
Still to go for goal: 267.91

I have some writing to do now. Then I have some phone calls to make. I might have some running around and visiting to do. Ah the life of the mother of a teenager. Don't you love it?

Back tomorrow.