Leap day!

Don't you just feel like you should do something extra special today since you are given this gift of an extra day this year? This is the first leap day in eight years, too! An extra special leap day. To me it feels like I should be doing something profound. But as yet, I haven't figured out what that is. So all I've done so far is run.

And because I'm so enamored with Brad Pitt, I ran looking at his larger-than-life form projected on the wall in front of me watching Seven Years in Tibet. Again. Because I already watched Meet Joe Black earlier this week. Again. :)

WOW! Did my question of Thursday ever take off! Who'd a thunk? I'll pull another one later this week for you all to ponder. But it won't be vegetables... you'll have to dig deeper than potatoes for the next one! But thanks for your responses, that was fun! We set a record here for number of comments!

I'm blue that I didn't get another hundred miles in for the month of February as I've done so far in each month, but I won't despair... I still have plenty of time to reach my goals (getting out the calculator and calendar and frantically figuring things out...). If I ran 3.5 miles six days a week (I know that is pushing what I've been doing lately, but let's face it - I've been slacking this month and that's why I haven't gotten my 100 miles in this month), I could be done by mid May, which is my goal so I'm comfortably there before June 1 and able to collect my funds before the relay in mid-June.

Today's miles: 3.22
Total so far: 264.86
Still to go for goal: 235.14

Actually, I'll be a few miles short, but I can put in a couple of long runs and make it as I've done along the way. I've done some runs over four miles. I mean, I know I can do this. I just have to get my butt moving again! I am now, but I was slacking for a bit there because I'd gotten ahead of myself.

See you all back here tomorrow. No more slacking and days and days off (heck I just took another two in a row!). It's back to work for this kid.

Also, for all of my virtual friends who have been interested in possibly contributing to the run, I'm looking into a paypal account. I've actually created the thing and am in the process of hooking it up to a bank account this week, so I can have online contributions if anyone wants to do that. I'm stepping further into the 21st century every day! Thanks for the nudge!

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