Kicking off the month with a bang as it is snowing here to beat the band. Last winter we always seemed to get a good snow on the evenings or days that I either had to drive to the cities to drop Keith off or pick him up. Well, it is Sunday and I get to take him back to his apartment this evening. First we'll drop Keli off at Bren's for their RP game of the week and then we'll head off. Should be an interesting drive.

The kids had a great time at the Swing Dance last night. Yes, the stalker was there, but I had my eye on him all night. So did Rhonda and lots of Kel's friends. I even alerted her football player friend, Matt. Don't these three look awesome after the "shop til we drop" experience?

After this photo was snapped, I hardly saw them off the dance floor again!

Well, here are the stats from my first run for Tom and Janet, and Danny and James... It might have been cold and snowy outside, but it was hot and sweaty down on the treadmill!

Today's miles: 3.34
Total so far: 196.24
Still to go for goal: 303.76

Be back tomorrow...