Cancer Sucks...

I'm sorry. No matter how hard we all try to eradicate it, it just keeps plodding away claiming more victims, grabbing more people to drag down and out. This makes me so angry.

And sad.

Found out over the weekend about Uncle By having prostate cancer. But I don't know how this goes, severity and all that. I do know Uncle Ken had it and it was very treatable. I think that's the norm, isn't it??? At least when caught early enough.

And found tonight about another of Kel's friends with a dad having cancer. Can't name names here because for now it isn't known in the community. They want it that way. But it's bad. Colon cancer. Kel and I had a cry together last night when we heard. Too many young people.

Keli returned from Colorado today. She had a good trip but she's exhausted and sick. I hope she's up for school tomorrow. I have my doubts. She went to play practice tonight. Not a wise move perhaps, but who can keep a teen down? She wanted to see her friends. She was missing them.

A quickie today... This one was for Uncle By...

Today's miles: 2.2
Total so far: 234.29
Still to go for goal: 265.71

Tomorrow, I run for C, the latest of those we know nabbed by cancer.

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