Leap day!

Don't you just feel like you should do something extra special today since you are given this gift of an extra day this year? This is the first leap day in eight years, too! An extra special leap day. To me it feels like I should be doing something profound. But as yet, I haven't figured out what that is. So all I've done so far is run.

And because I'm so enamored with Brad Pitt, I ran looking at his larger-than-life form projected on the wall in front of me watching Seven Years in Tibet. Again. Because I already watched Meet Joe Black earlier this week. Again. :)

WOW! Did my question of Thursday ever take off! Who'd a thunk? I'll pull another one later this week for you all to ponder. But it won't be vegetables... you'll have to dig deeper than potatoes for the next one! But thanks for your responses, that was fun! We set a record here for number of comments!

I'm blue that I didn't get another hundred miles in for the month of February as I've done so far in each month, but I won't despair... I still have plenty of time to reach my goals (getting out the calculator and calendar and frantically figuring things out...). If I ran 3.5 miles six days a week (I know that is pushing what I've been doing lately, but let's face it - I've been slacking this month and that's why I haven't gotten my 100 miles in this month), I could be done by mid May, which is my goal so I'm comfortably there before June 1 and able to collect my funds before the relay in mid-June.

Today's miles: 3.22
Total so far: 264.86
Still to go for goal: 235.14

Actually, I'll be a few miles short, but I can put in a couple of long runs and make it as I've done along the way. I've done some runs over four miles. I mean, I know I can do this. I just have to get my butt moving again! I am now, but I was slacking for a bit there because I'd gotten ahead of myself.

See you all back here tomorrow. No more slacking and days and days off (heck I just took another two in a row!). It's back to work for this kid.

Also, for all of my virtual friends who have been interested in possibly contributing to the run, I'm looking into a paypal account. I've actually created the thing and am in the process of hooking it up to a bank account this week, so I can have online contributions if anyone wants to do that. I'm stepping further into the 21st century every day! Thanks for the nudge!


Thursday - the game of life...

We've been playing around with a book here the last few weeks. A book called If... Questions for the Game of Life. It's got some great questions in it to contemplate if you want to do some deep thinking. And some great questions to think about for fun, too... The book became so popular after it was published that they wrote a whole series of books around similar themes. I thought I might throw a question out here once in a while for people to think about and if you want to, you can even throw your answer in my comments just for fun and read what other people thought.

I know, I know, there aren't that many people reading or commenting here these days, things have dwindled, but for the couple who are, it might be fun...

Here's your first question... We'll start with an easy one - If you were allowed to eat only one vegetable for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Please leave your answer in the comments section! Thanks.

Here's today's run...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 261.64
Still to go for goal: 238.36

I'm still receiving donations. My friends and family are the most generous and coolest people I know. Thank you so much. I can't wait to tally this all up after I make the 500 miles and send out the collection envelopes to those who pledged for the miles. I'm so psyched. I want to get the miles done fast so I can get it collected.

We're going to have a hot dog stand up at County Market and I hope that lots of people will come and eat lots of hot dogs that weekend. Hutch, I bet your boys can put away a lot of hot dogs! :) I'll let you know the time and dates!

Thanks for the support everyone. Keep the comments coming. They keep me going. They really do.


Wednesday - for Gerry C...

Today's workout was for Gerry C... He's my girl KathyK's dad. Hope he's feeling comfortable. Haven't heard from her with an update for a bit, so I'm not sure how he's doing, but I thought I would devote one for him today. He's had a rough haul. Decided I wanted to get away from Lurch today, too. I've been reading Emerson lately and feeling the itch to get out into the wilderness, so I strapped on the snowshoes and headed into the frigid (melting) wasteland.

Here are Gerry's stats...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 258.14
Still to go for goal: 241.86

It was a beautiful time out there. Carol and Gary inspired the snowshoeing as much as Emerson did. They went out on their own snowshoes during Valentine's Weekend and reminded me of our own. It sounded like fun and it was. I headed around our own front five and rather than head into the woods and up the back hill (it looked a little daunting today, if you've seen our hill and the woods in which it is buried, you'd understand), I trekked out across the field in front of the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust land that adjoins our property and circled their property. It was fun tracking deer and turkeys through the snow.

It was fabulous just being out in nature again, too. I haven't been outside enough this winter. I came across a pile of acorn shells beside a deep hole in the snow. I found several deer lays. Now, looking out my office window I see a yellow-bellied sap sucker hopping up the tree just east of the house. There are little red squirrels scampering around the yard. And the brightest flamingos grazing in the snow you've ever seen! ;)

It isn't a bright and sunny day, in fact it is gloomy and overcast, but it is warm (about 36 or so right now) and the snow is melting and dripping from the roof. I might have to add an outdoor walk/run to my workout from now on at least once a week if the weather will permit through the end of winter. My soul needs it. Who's going to join me?


Tuesday - Teach Your Children Well...

Last night Kel and I put together a CD for one of her friends. It was the friend with a newly diagnosed cancer dad. She listens to a lot of music when she is hanging out in her room, and the majority of it is instrumental stuff. A lot of that tends to be very beautiful, but also not so uplifting... kind of down at times. We know this because she calls it sad music. So I asked Kel if she thought her friend might like some of the Linus & Lucy music of Vince Guaraldi that George Winston put out a few years back. After we burned it, we listened to it in the car on the way home from play practice last night to make sure it worked okay (I've had a little trouble burning CD's in the past on the old pc). We literally bounced in the car. It's great music - talk about uplifting and happy stuff. It just puts you in mind of the Peanuts gang dancing around and Snoopy dancing on his dog house, etc. I think (hope) she'll really like it. Kel is going to give it to her today. We want her to smile and think of us when she listens to it, and to just think happy thoughts sometimes and feel good.

She also chatted with Kel last night for a while on MSN. I'm glad she felt she could share the news with Kel when she hasn't shared with too many others... a kindred spirit, a kid who's already had a dad with cancer and been through the scary surgery stuff and all that. Kel invited her to join us for the Relay in June, too. I saw her at the band concert on Sunday and wanted to give her a huge hug, but again, not many know, and she doesn't even know that I know, so I couldn't. It's tough having these kids at that age where they feel they have to handle everything on their own and without any parental intervention.

So today I again ran for the nameless and faceless C. I know you're out there, C. And for all your family, wife and kids. Love and hugs to all of you. We are thinking and praying for each of you.

Today's miles: 4.65
Total so far: 254.89
Still to go for goal: 245.11

Back again soon. I'm off for my frango mint. Thank you Alta!!! :) They are so divine!


Monday - So Much Love to Make up Every Where You Turn...

We've been listening to a lot of CSN lately (Crosby, Stills and Nash). Before that it was the Triple CD set from Simon and Garfunkel but Kel loaned that out to Bren a couple of weeks ago (hoping to get him and Rusty to pick a song to sing at the Pops Concert) so we made a switch to this. This is good, too, though. Really good. Takes me back a few years. Keith, too. He was talking about his college years with Kel in the car last night while we were listening to it. She's starting to get that college bug. The colleges are starting to woo her. She has taken a pre-ACT exam and so the schools got her results and are sending her some info. Not too many of them yet, but a few of them. She wants to go someplace warm! I just hope she finds a great school that is a good fit.

Oh - here's some information from Alta for anyone interested... Sounds great to me, but I'm not a talented seamstress... Regarding the quilts I wrote about not long ago: "The program is called Project Linus and it is at numerous hospitals. They give homemade quilts to any children who are admitted with serious illness. The quilts vary in size from 30"x30" to twin size. I went for fabrics which were really soft, too. The 15-year-old girl found that there was no Project Linus at St. Mary's Hospital (in Grand Junction) here, so she started a group."

Stopped over and dropped off a newspaper for my brother, Kent tonight after I left Keli off at play practice... good to see you, bro! :)

Okay, so here's the details on today's run...

The miles: 3.6
Total so far: 250.24 (oh yeah, baby!!!)
Still to go for goal: 249.76 (look at that - I've gone further than I have left!!! Woohoo!)


Sunday - a day of rest...

Took a day off and just spent the day enjoying my family. Had a morning of rest. We all needed it after late nights Friday and Saturday. Keli went to her first LAN party on Friday night and was out fairly late (no, didn't let her spend the whole night - no way, nuh uh, this is the hang out area of other people who seem to want to be near her that we don't want near her, so I was probably remiss in letting her go in the first place but what am I going to do, lock her up for the rest of the teen years?).

Saturday night we had dinner with Gary and Carol at Barkers - great food, not so good service, excellent company, laughs and good conversation. We had fun! And then we stopped back at the folks' where Keli had spent the evening watching movies and picked her up after watching the end of Nemo with them...

But again, Sunday we rested in the morning and enjoyed some fresh muffins, lemon poppyseed and blueberry - yummy. Keli joined us after noon and watched a movie. She did a little homework, too. Keith had some time in the hot tub. I did a little writing. It was one of those nice laid back kind of days with a fire in the fireplace.

But running? Nope.

At 5 pm, we headed to the high school where Keli and her many cohorts had a band concert. Dad joined us for that. Mom was feeling under the weather (hope you're feeling better now, Mom!). It was a great concert. Afterward it was off to the cities to take Keith back to his apartment and we stopped for some dinner along the way, just the three of us. It was a great family night. We don't get a lot of time together these days, so when we do, the time is precious.


Saturday - Happy Birthday, Eldest Nephew!...

It's been a busy day for only being half over so far!

Had to be up early to get Kel to a morning play practice and Keith went along for the ride so we could stop for groceries. Well, one grocery stop isn't enough for us vegetarians, we hit both Econo Foods and Good Earth to try and find everything we wanted. Since Good Earth wasn't quite open yet, we had to go to Lighthouse for some coffee and kill a little time first. Then once we had all the food we needed, we had to swing into the bank and the post office, too. From there, we had enough time to head home and drop the food off, grab a little bite to eat, have a lovely chat on the phone with my brother Kent, who is still missing his flag, stolen right off the side of his house, pole and all (and who do you suppose is the first person he suspected??? the NOYVE, I tell ya!)... before I had to dash back to town and pick Kel up after play practice. What a morning!

But at least by then I was wide awake and ready for the run when I got back...

Today's miles: 3.2
Total so far: 246.64 (that halfway mark is so close I can practically taste it! - tastes like chicken! hehehe)
Still to go for goal: 253.36

Tonight we are looking forward to a nice dinner in town (Barkers!) with Carol and Gary... Haven't seen them for a long time, so we're hoping to catch up on life.

And finally, Happy Birthday, Cory! 20 years... I still remember being off at school that day and calling back from payphones for updates to find out if you'd arrived yet! Hope your birthday's filled with joy. Much love from your much-shorter Aunt... :)



I actually got very short workout in on a Friday! But only because of the snow and Marge's busy-ness and our having to miss out on writing, and my not picking Keith up from his place because he got another ride back...

Here are the details...

Today's miles: 2.0
Total so far: 243.44
Still to go for goal: 256.56




Had a great time at lunch with Hutch today. As I told her, I wasn't going for the meal, but for the company. Good thing, too... Country Kitchen doesn't cater to the vegetarian... I'll keep that in mind from now on when I am interested in food... :) But the company was outstanding. As always. Thanks, Hutch. Got a few rows done on my latest scarf, too. And mmmm, that syrup!

Kel was back at school today. And she had a load of homework tonight. That's what happens with block schedule. You miss a day of school and it's like missing two. Well, she missed two days. You do the math. So I hauled her butt to play practice tonight and dropped her off. Watched her walk to the doors. Saw the other kids milling about in the commons and thought to myself, "That's odd. They aren't usually milling about in the commons. They are usually in the auditorium. I wonder if practice isn't really happening tonight. I should stick around and find out. Wish I'd forwarded the home phones to my cell in case she has to call right away to let me know." Then I proceeded to kick myself as I made the fifteen-minute drive all the way home.

When I got there, there was a message on the phone. But it wasn't her. It was Keith letting me know he was home from work. So I called him back on the second line. In the process of our conversation, the main line rang. I checked caller ID - it was the RF schools calling. Rats.

Keli: Mom?
Me: Yes...
Keli: Play practice was cancelled.
Me: And they couldn't let you know before you got there? Okay, I'm on my way. Which doors should I come to?
Keli: The normal ones down below by the band room. Thanks.
Me: Okay. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Then I went back to Keith's conversation and let him know I had to run back and get her. It was a good thing it was cancelled since she was doing homework until now - 11 pm. And actually, she isn't finished, she just finished with the computer. Now she is heading to bed with a book she has to read 50 pages in and a list of vocabulary words to study.

Finished watching a made-for-TV movie that mom taped earlier in the week while I ran tonight (Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen). Anybody out there with HBO, there are a couple of things I'd like to see... send me an e-mail if you'd like to tape them for me! :)

Today's miles: 3.35
Total so far: 241.44
Still to go for goal: 258.56

We're having a slight lull in the weather at the moment. No rain and no snow. My writing date with Marge is on hold until we see what the weather is going to look like in the morning and if I'll have to get Keli to school late, etc.


Wednesday - for C...

Well, Kel was home sick today, as I thought she might be when she went to bed last night. Took her in to the doc today for strep and mono tests. The quick results both came back negative. She had slept all morning before we went there, and then when we came back home she collapsed into bed again and slept nearly all afternoon.

Now she's trying to get some homework done because she'll have lots to catch up on after two days out of school. I suspect she'll try to return there tomorrow even though she cries out in pain everytime she stands up. She has a horrible headache with this bug.

Mostly I walked on Lurch today, but I put some miles behind me. The first of what I suspect will be several in honor of C. Hope you have good fortune with all of the treatment that lies ahead of you, C.

Today's miles: 3.8
Total so far: 238.09
Still to go for goal: 261.91

Looking forward to my lunch date tomorrow with Hutch! Yahoo!


Cancer Sucks...

I'm sorry. No matter how hard we all try to eradicate it, it just keeps plodding away claiming more victims, grabbing more people to drag down and out. This makes me so angry.

And sad.

Found out over the weekend about Uncle By having prostate cancer. But I don't know how this goes, severity and all that. I do know Uncle Ken had it and it was very treatable. I think that's the norm, isn't it??? At least when caught early enough.

And found tonight about another of Kel's friends with a dad having cancer. Can't name names here because for now it isn't known in the community. They want it that way. But it's bad. Colon cancer. Kel and I had a cry together last night when we heard. Too many young people.

Keli returned from Colorado today. She had a good trip but she's exhausted and sick. I hope she's up for school tomorrow. I have my doubts. She went to play practice tonight. Not a wise move perhaps, but who can keep a teen down? She wanted to see her friends. She was missing them.

A quickie today... This one was for Uncle By...

Today's miles: 2.2
Total so far: 234.29
Still to go for goal: 265.71

Tomorrow, I run for C, the latest of those we know nabbed by cancer.


More fun with IM...

KinnicChick: Woohoo! It's Marge again!!!

KinnicChick: Can she "hear" me this time???

KinnicChick: Hellooooooooooooooo????

KinnicChick: I wish you had a cell phone I could call. I just tried calling your house and got your voice mail. Of course.

KinnicChick: Guess I'll try sending you an e-mail. I wonder if you'll get it before you log off?

KinnicChick: Dang. You just went offline. I wonder if you'll get my voicemail now and call me.

*********: ********* is no longer signed on.

KinnicChick: Rats.

*********: ********* is no longer signed on.

KinnicChick: Sniffle. At least I get some response from you now...

*********: ********* is no longer signed on.

Monday Monday... La La Monday Monday... For Sydnor...

Hello!!! Posting another cute picture of the flamingos because Alta sent a BIG box of them and the family of four that you saw yesterday was only half of them... here is another little twosome that I thought was cute (I especially love how the little one just sank up to its belly when I set it into the snow - fwoomp! - and the squirrel tracks hopping past, which showed up after I put them out there...):

Flamingo Couple

Done with the run before noon. This was for you, Sydnor. I hope that all is going well with your current treatments, dear! Hugs to you.

Finished watching One Tree Hill since tomorrow is Tuesday and we're going to get a new installment. Keli gets home from Colorado tomorrow but she also has play practice tomorrow night so I don't know if she'll have any time to watch these latest copies. I had to watch them if I wanted to know what was going on! Besides, I think she already had Annie tell her what happened in them.

It's a cold one out there today! And windy! That always make it feel so much worse. Plus the sun isn't even shining. It's hiding behind a thick cloud cover. Woe is me. What have I got to complain about? I'm healthy and strong! And I feel great!

And I get another Frango mint because I ran today! Hurray!

Today's stats...

The miles: 3.0
Total so far: 232.09
Still to go for goal: 267.91

I have some writing to do now. Then I have some phone calls to make. I might have some running around and visiting to do. Ah the life of the mother of a teenager. Don't you love it?

Back tomorrow.


Coversations in IM...

My writing buddy Marge and I had a fascinating conversation tonight in Instant messenger... it went like this:

KinnicChick: Marge!

KinnicChick: I just had to see if you were online so that I could tell you thanks. Your e-mail today made me laugh so hard I nearly choked...

KinnicChick: Actually it was the one yesterday... sorry.

KinnicChick: Marge? Helloooooooooooooo? Are you there???

KinnicChick: It's KERI!!!!!!!!!!

KinnicChick: Sorry. I changed my name.

KinnicChick: Imagine smiley face here...

KinnicChick: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

KinnicChick: Wish I knew how to send a sound...

KinnicChick: Did you fall asleep at the keyboard?

KinnicChick: YooooooooooooHoooooooooooooo...

KinnicChick: Good Lord I can be annoying.

KinnicChick: This isn't Becky, is it? Wow. Wouldn't THAT be embarrassing??? If so, HI BECKY! Imagine smiley face here...

KinnicChick: Geez Marge, turn the sound up on your laptop, will ya?

KinnicChick: Maybe if I make the writing a little louder, then you'll be able to hear me?

KinnicChick: I don't know... You seem to be online, but just not listening. Or maybe I'm just crazy. Maybe I'm not really typing. Maybe I'm just imagining this whole conversation! Oh yeah. That's probably it. I guess I'll just give it up and go do some crocheting. Or writing in my notebook. Or more steaming over the whole ... situation. edited for privacy...

KinnicChick: Too bad you are ignoring me. I thought you were my friend.

KinnicChick: Imagine winking smiley face here...

KinnicChick: Later baby...

KinnicChick: Hope you actually find this conversation before you sign off for the night. It would be a pity if you don't.

There is a pause of about a half-hour then...

KinnicChick: You're still online!??

KinnicChick: Can you hear me yet?

KinnicChick: Guess not. Well, I'm going to bed now. Talk to you later, Marge. Have a good night.

Fascinating stuff, huh? Educational, too.

Sorry I missed you, Marge! Maybe next time!

Sunny Sunday...

Yzma: Can you feel it???
Kronk: Oh yeah. I can feel it.

Finished watching Emperor's New Groove today while I ran. That has to be one of the best movies Disney has put out in a long time - very funny.

Friday was one of those too busy to think let alone run days. I wrote with my buddy Marge in the morning, ran some errands in the afternoon, picked up Keli from school and then had to get back to the old home town for another fabulous MASSAGE!!!! Keli went to hang with the folks while I did that in case I didn't get out quickly enough to run her to the B-ball game where she had to play her horn for pep band. I followed her down there and stayed for my very first of those for the year. We don't know if they won or lost because we didn't stay for the whole game. She had to get home and pack her bag.

So I took Valentine's Day off to spend the day with my hunny. It was an early day with Keli being whisked off at 6:30 am to the airport for a weekend trip to Colorado to see her new half-sister. She was really excited. And then I went back to bed for a little while and when I got up I did some cleaning up around the house and chatted on the phone for a bit with mum. Then I hopped in the car and dashed off to pick up Keith from his apartment. We stopped for coffee at a nice little coffee shop on the way home and stopped to see the folks, too. They gave Keith an apple pie for his Valentine gift. Lucky boy. I wonder if I'll get a piece of it? Prolly not. We spent the rest of the evening at home by the fire.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I got a Valentine Heart full of Frango Mints! Hurray Alta! Thank you!!! And since I ran today, I got to have one! Hurray me!!! Here's to great incentives... And Keith! Well, he got this big box of... well, this one almost needs a picture rather than words. So scroll down to the bottom of this post to see what his mom sent him. And my mom knitted me a beautiful black scarf. It's gorgeous! Thanks mommy!

But I did finally get back on Lurch today! Hurray! I wonder if with this low-output month I'll actually make that halfway mark I'm hoping for??? Down quite a lot from the 100 miles a month I'd been going!

Here's today's stats...

Today's miles: 3.08
Total so far: 229.09
Still to go for goal: 270.91

Tomorrow I'm going to run for Elizabeth's mommy, Sydnor again. I ran for her a couple of months back, but knowing she's going through chemo right now, I'd like to just send her some positive thoughts. Tomorrow is for you Sydnor!

Keith's Valentine Flamingoes!



Running with the WB... Mom taped our shows for us on Tuesday night - our "Must see TV" night, so tonight I ran with Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. Didn't get all the way through Tree, but will finish it up with tomorrow's run, if I get one in on my typically busy Friday.

Gorgeous sunny day today, but chilly. Tomorrow we're gonna have a heat wave, though! 34 degrees farenheit! Woo hoo! Celebrating getting above freezing, how does that work?

Got a Valentine in the mail from the folks' today! Thanks mum and dad!

Keith got a big Valentine box in the mail a couple of days ago. He'll be surprised... I get to talk about it here because he hasn't been visiting the site, but I won't give away what it is until after the actual day. Maybe I'll even get a photo put up after the fact. :)

Talked with my MIL today. She told me of a really cool project she is working on. There is a program out there thought of by a young girl who was undergoing cancer treatments... she had to travel back and forth to the hospital during her treatments and became very attached to a special blanket, so she came up with the idea that all cancer kids should have a special blanket of their own. Thus was born her idea of cancer quilts for these kids. So people make quilts for the kids and donate them. I guess 25 were donated last year. Alta is pretty crafty with her sewing machine and has decided to help out with these quilts and is working on some now! Very cool idea!

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 226.01
Still to go for goal: 273.99

Thanks to everyone for your continued cheerleading and support! You can't believe how much I appreciate seeing your comments!


Wednesday, for Michael...

Very excited! Going to see Calendar Girls today after I pick Keli up at school. Heading there with Mom and Janet and Alva. It should be a fun time with the ladies. I think I'm going to have more fun laughing at my companion's reactions than at the movie, what do you think?

Would you believe it is snowing here again? We have really missed out ont he snowfall over the past few winters, so we could probably really use the moisture as we've had less rain in the summers, too. It makes the woods quite lovely.

I got another box in the mail yesterday from Alta - a Valentine! I can't wait to open it. I'm so spoiled. I don't send any Valentines out, but I receive them. How lucky is that?

Finished watching Pay it Forward while I ran today. No matter how many times I watch this movie, I will cry like a baby for the last ten minutes of it. I love this film. I have to return it to Mr. Movies tomorrow, but if Keli doesn't have too much homework after watching Calendar Girls tonight, she'll want to finish watching it, too. More tears!

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 222.51
Still to go for goal: 277.49

Back tomorrow. The week is flying by...



Running short.

Watching Josh Groban's DVD that came with the CD I bought over the weekend. Hard to believe this young kid has a singing voice like that. Wow.

Also watched a little of Emperor's New Groove. Yep. Disney. Kronk makes me laugh.

Today's miles: 2.0
Total so far: 219.51
Still go go for goal: 280.49

Until tomorrow... Tomorrow I'm running for Chris's cousin Michael, per Alta...



I never get the computer time anymore!

Ran watching Pay it Forward today.

Currently reading Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. I had been told that the book is so great - much better than the movie, which I think is usually true of books that have been made into movies pretty much all of the time. But I have to say that with this one? I've almost never read a book in which the movie has more closely followed it. There has been very little difference. Things have been very subtle when differences do exist. And it's head stuff. Stuff you aren't going to be able to get on screen very easily. I expect to finish it up tomorrow if I continue to neglect the real world get as much reading time in.

Massage today! Lovely.

Got a Valentine gift in the mail the other day... Keith's mom, sent us a frightening really sweet gorilla in heart-covered boxers who dances to the tune of "Hooked on a Feeling" in a rather jerky way. We (Keli and I) meant to send it with Keith to his apartment when he went back this past Sunday night, but forgot. We think it would be a cheery thing for him to keep there and less likely to give us nightmares be accidently eaten by the dog or something. Thanks Alta! It's really scary cute! :)

Today's miles: 3.09
Total so far: 217.51
Still to go for goal: 282.49

Back in a bit!



End of the weekend and after a hectic day I did a quick run before heading off to bed, where I'm going right now!

Today's miles: 2.8
Total so far: 214.42
Still to go for goal: 285.58

Back tomorrow...



The weekend has arrived again. And again, Friday was too busy for running because I was running too much! If I am able to find it, I will have a post for yesterday to finish off the week of thoughts for Danny, James and their families. I wrote a letter to a stranger a couple of years back after the murders and that is what I'd like to close this week with, but it will take some digging because I haven't been able to turn it up just yet.

So today I ran with a little bit of Bridget Jones (again!) and a little bit of Tom Petty larger than life on my wall. Made for a fun run to watch videos from Playback as I went along. One of my favorites is I Won't Back Down, backed up by Ringo Starr on the drums and George Harrison on guitar, among others. Gotta love that.

Now Keli is at a party and we are spending a quiet evening together and so I'll make this short.

G'night all...

Today's miles: 3.19
Total so far: 211.62
Still to go for goal: 288.38

Until tomorrow...


Two Years...

can't believe it's been two years...
our town loved your dimpled grin

your warm heart and open arms
for every one who came within

you were taken from us much too early
and it came as such a shock

the cold of february won't be the same
for someone stopped the clock

we still do not have answers
but i know someday we will

it won't make the loss any easier
but perhaps some fears it will still

everyone felt warmed by the sight of you
you were so generous with your heart

thus, all were stunned and saddened
when it came time for us to part

oh Danny Boy we miss you
but we know that you are fine

telling stories to Saint Peter
and sharing the good Lord's wine


This one was for you, Tom and Janet and for your family... I have never met a family who spread more sunshine and love than your family has to more people in a community. You deserve only happiness and love coming back to you. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. It breaks my heart every time I think of it. And I think of it every day.

And for the family of James, too.

Today's miles: 4.04
Total so far: 208.43
Still to go for goal: 291.57

I hope your families are finding hope and joy in every day and that you get answers some day very soon.



Yahoo! Got a haircut!

Now the hair won't be hanging in my eyes during my run. This is a very good thing.

Made myself late for the appointment by getting carried away running today.

This is for you, Danny and James!

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 204.39
Still to go for goal: 295.61

Back later...



A shorty...

And a quickie.

Ran while watching the end of last week's Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill so I'd be ready to watch this week's when we go to the folks' house tonight!

It's great to see them on tape (thanks mom!) so I can buzz past the commercials...

For Kathy today - because she makes me laugh whenever I meet up with her during those crazy garage sales and the Relay, too... She's true to your memory, Danny, and carries so much love in her heart it's nearly bursting for you...

Today's miles: 2.0
Total so far: 200.89
Still to go for goal: 299.11

How're those numbers???

Awesome! I made 200!!! Another duckie!


New Quiz for the Ladies...

Okay girls, I took a new quiz today that I found at a friend's place (hi K!). Go take it and see which Silver Screen Siren you are!

Which Silver Screen Siren are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

Snowy Monday...

Keli got the day off school today due to the snow. And what a snow it is! It is still coming down and it must have snowed all night. I think we have 6-8 inches out there so far. It is a really fine powder or we'd have a lot more.

I just got off the treadmill. We hung some sheets on the windows downstairs so we could see the projected movies on the wall during the daytime really well. Finished watching HP1 before starting Lurch and then ran with some of Bootmen as Keli wanted to watch it again. When I finish posting this I'll shower and then we'll watch HP2 together. Don't know what we'll watch after that, but it's a movie kind of day since we are snowed in.

Maybe some tomato soup and grilled cheese sammiches are called for as the dinner of the day, too...

Here are the stats on another run for Danny, James, Jan and Tom...

Today's miles: 2.65
Total so far: 198.89
Still to go for goal: 301.11

Hope the snow stops soon! I wonder if the kids will still have play practice tonight? Hope not!



Kicking off the month with a bang as it is snowing here to beat the band. Last winter we always seemed to get a good snow on the evenings or days that I either had to drive to the cities to drop Keith off or pick him up. Well, it is Sunday and I get to take him back to his apartment this evening. First we'll drop Keli off at Bren's for their RP game of the week and then we'll head off. Should be an interesting drive.

The kids had a great time at the Swing Dance last night. Yes, the stalker was there, but I had my eye on him all night. So did Rhonda and lots of Kel's friends. I even alerted her football player friend, Matt. Don't these three look awesome after the "shop til we drop" experience?

After this photo was snapped, I hardly saw them off the dance floor again!

Well, here are the stats from my first run for Tom and Janet, and Danny and James... It might have been cold and snowy outside, but it was hot and sweaty down on the treadmill!

Today's miles: 3.34
Total so far: 196.24
Still to go for goal: 303.76

Be back tomorrow...