What a deceptively gorgeous day here in the big woods of Wisconsin! Blue skies and beautiful crystal snow sparkling on everything.

But darned cold.

Our high today is going to be 5 degrees farenheit. The tree tops are swaying in the breeze and we are under severe wind chill advisory.

I finished watching Bootmen! today while I did my run. Today I ran for a local celebrity who just underwent surgery for her recently discovered breast cancer. In the afternoon here there is a twin cities radio show called Moon and Stacey that Keli and I giggle over once in a while and Stacey is recovering at home but still doing the show from there after her surgery. Today's run was for her. I wish her well, as I wish everyone battling the beast well.

Cancer sucks.

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 189.5
Still to go for goal: 310.5

I'll be back!

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