Today's run...

Started out our day with brunch at neighbor Don's. What a great time! Keith and I walked over to their house for the 10 AM feast with our fellow Valley neighbors and it was fabulous. They had juices and coffee for drinks when we arrived. And within minutes of the last guests walking in the door, the spread was on... including a wonderful spinach/egg dish (because they know all about us weird vegetarians), fantastic cheesy potatoes, a huge bowl of fruit and wonderful dip, a huge platter of breads, there was another big bowl of eggs with canadian bacon, some wrapped sausages that the meat-eaters were raving about. It was all so great. We stuffed ourselves.

And we laughed until our faces hurt. It was wonderful to gather around the table again with our neighbors. We've done this once before. Two years ago for chili and pie. Again at Don and Sue's house. They are wonderful hosts. And terrific neighbors. We are lucky to have them. 'Specially me.

In fact, I was counting my blessings just the other day. That was the day of the strange pickup truck that came flying up my driveway. See, I live in the woods. At the end of a country road. And Keith is gone during the week. Keli and I were home alone and this pickup backed right up to my garage door. And sat there. And sat there. Nobody came to my door. I was still in my jammies. I ran with my dog to the bedroom to hide out because we have lots of windows without shades.


And I waited for the doorbell to ring. Or for the pickup to drive away. And waited. And waited. And then I started waiting for the sound of crashing doors when whoever it was broke in. And my heart started racing. I put the dog down and he went to his bathroom window perch and started watching. Nothing happened. I snuck back out and looked out the door. The pickup was still sitting there so I grabbed the phone book and took it back in the bedroom with plans to call neighbor Don to ask his advice.

Keli then gave me the advice to put some clothes on. That was better advice. Then the dog went ballistic from his perch in the bathroom which I figured meant the truck was leaving. So I went and looked at the dog and out the window. Couldn't see any truck and the dog wasn't looking down the driveway or at the road. He was looking at the top of the driveway. I snuck back out and peeked. Truck was still there. In fact, now there were two.

Snuck back into the bedroom to finished getting dressed and as I picked up the phone, one of the trucks left.

The other one did not.

I called neighbor Don.

Me: Don? This is Keri... Across the street...
Don: Keri! What the hell is going on over there, you've got trucks driving all over your place!
Me: I know! And nobody is coming to my door! They're just sitting over here!
Don: I see one just left, are they gone now?
Me: No, there is still one over here and nobody has ever come up to my door or anything. I have no idea what is going on and Keith isn't here. I was wondering if they've been up to visit you, too.
Don: Nope, nobody's been up to visit me. You want me to come over there and ask 'em what the hell they're doing?
Me: That would be so great.
Don: I'll be right over.

He was driving up my driveway within two minutes with his big and loud dog in his cab with him. He told me today he would have had his shotgun with him, but that it would have taken him so long to load it they would have been gone by then (glad he skipped that step for more reasons than that!). He did bring his new digital camera with him to take pictures of the truck that was parked in the middle of my driveway blocking me in (good thing I didn't have an emergency and need to get out). The driver was gone and his tracks led off into the woods.

Turned out it was a couple of young guys hunting coyotes and chasing their dogs and they weren't bothering to ask owners' permission when they chased them onto private property.

Neighbor Don gave the guy an earful when he came down out of the woods because we waited out there for him. He let him know how wrong it was to be there without getting permission and then too, that they'd made me plenty nervous backing up to the house like that and hanging out there all that time without letting me know what was going on. I mean that was just plain stupid. I could have called the sheriff on them.

Ah well. As I say, I'm really glad to have such great neighbors. I appreaciate them in a big way.

I finished watching The Men Who Killed Kennedy tonight while I ran. Then I sat in the hot tub for a little while. That felt great. Here's the stats...

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 122.2
Still to go for goal: 377.8

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