The week is winding down! Keith comes home tomorrow and Keli's social activities ramp up... She had pep band tonight for wrestling. Tomorrow night there may be a party to attend. Sunday we have Phipps tickets to River Falls Brass... The weekend will go quickly again.

I finished watching A Mighty Wind last night with Keli so today for my run it was onto something new... I chose the new DVD of the old West Side Story. Man, I could watch George Chakiris and Rita Moreno dance the Mambo forever. What a great scene! The picture and the sound on the DVD are excellent. I'm really pleased to see how well they got the old film cleaned up.

Here are the stats from the run...

Today: 3.08
Total so far: 176.74
Still to go for goal: 323.26

I'll be back! Hey Mr. Number-Cruncher... Are my numbers still checking out okay???

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