Stomach pains...

Warning: Too much information ahead...

I think after a really bad run in at Angel's in Stillwater back in September with a soup they deceptively named Cabbage Soup, I am now forevermore unable to eat cabbage in any form without getting really bad pains in the stomach. Their soup should have been named sauerkraut soup since that's what it was made with and it was n*a*s*t*y.

I had bad pain all night and all day today after having another dish with cabbage in it for dinner last night.

Therefore, I didn't run today. Sorry to disappoint.

Amazingly, however... I did receive yet another check in the mail today from another fabulous donor. My friends and family are so unbelievably generous!

Thank you all again! I am going to so make this 500 mile goal by June 1! I've nearly made 200 already! I'm hoping to to be done with 500 by the end of April even! That would be so awesome... then I could kick back and slow down and relax a little bit. I'll continue to run but I won't have to be so stressed out about it. Because I've set a personal goal of running a thousand miles by the end of the year just to continue getting in shape! Of course, if I slow down too much, I won't make that goal.

Well, I have to go pick up Keli from play practice now. She is studying with the Stage Manager to take over as the next stage manager when she graduates next year so Keli can do that job on the future plays at the high school next year possibly. She is really excited about this and hopes it will work out for her.

Send me some healing vibes so the cabbage worm in my stomach moves out soon. It sure is a pain. Thanks...

Total so far: 189.5
Still to go for goal: 310.5

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