Thoughts... And the completion of Bernie's run...

If I want to use the computer anymore, I have to use it before 3 pm because my daughter has discovered the joys of MSN messenger with her friends and the joys of making new friends at her school among friends of her friends by using MSN. I've created a monster by showing her how to use it. I basically have to give up all use of the computer from the time she gets home from school now until well past our bedtimes.

And that means my run time can be switched to after school because she doesn't want me anywhere near her computer conversations. But I can't report on my run times until the next day!

So here are the stats for the run from Tuesday night, with another bit of beloved Johnny Depp and handsome Orlando Bloom and Pirates of the Caribbean... It's another for you, Bernie!

Today's miles: 3.22
Total so far: 149.4
Still needed to goal: 350.6

Tomorrow I'm running for Dawn in celebration of the fact that today was her final chemo treatment! Congratulations!!!

Regarding comments, I'm still hanging on, because the latest word is that there may be a transfer to Haloscan (another site) which means our current comments will go there and we wouldn't lose anything if all goes well. Just hang in there for a while longer with me. In the meantime, you can always send me an e-mail! :) You know where to find me!

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