Another day, another concert. And it was a good one. First we got to hear the freshmen concert band, followed by Jazz II, then Keli's special ensemble piece and finally Jazz I. There were some bugs with not enough microphones set up for the ensemble, and the drummer tossing his drumstick exuberantly at one point, but the music itself was wonderful for Carol of the Bells. I'm looking forward to hearing it again tomorrow night when they'll hopefully have more mikes set up and we'll get to hear all of the solos.

Tonight I ran finishing off The Mexican and then Pirates with Keli by my side. Keith is out in the hot tub under the clouds I suppose. We had a light and pretty dusting of snow this afternoon. There isn't any falling now, but I don't think the sky has cleared up any.

The stats...

Today's miles: 3.75
Total so far: 143.43
Still to go for goal: 356.57

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