Snowman is Returned!

Yes, poor thing... Practically suffocated, stuffed in a plastic bag, and forced into our mailbox still wearing the paper napkin around its eyes.

Middle brother miraculously found it as he came visiting with his wife only a short while after the kidnappers were at our place, asking to borrow our digital camera (hoping to destroy the evidence perhaps???). Wish I'd had the presence of mind to snap their photo as they stepped in the front door (or to have grabbed the security camera footage from THAT time of day) to compare to the photo below, but I was too shook up from the whole incident.

Well, the snowman is now in my possession, a little shook up, but here and okay. Although Devil Dog did grab hold of the thing and drag him across the floor and have a good shake before anyone knew what was up. Guess he'd had enough of the excitement and attention being taken away from him on his birthday. I promised I would post his photo soon to make up for it. Stay tuned...

At any rate, the snownappers are still on the loose (so to speak) and armed and dangerous. And the moose is still missing. Poor mom was beside herself to hear that it had been Moosenapped from my place. She was quite worried about that and said "I'll never see it again!" when she heard. I think she wishes the exchange had taken place in her presence so she had had control over her own critter. Oh well. Now she'll have to deal with those dastardly characters herself. Sorry 'bout that one, Mom... Good luck.

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