Sleepy Sunday

I can't believe it is the final day of holiday vacation. It went so fast. Keli goes back to school tomorrow. I don't think she'd count this as one of the stellar holiday breaks of all times. There is a gloomy cloud hanging over the house right now. I won't name that cloud, but it is tough to see the silver lining of it. Believe me, though, I'm searching for it.

It's been cloudy and cold here today. Keith is soaking in the hottub. It's always a good place for him when I Lurch it because I really have to crank the video up to high volume in order to hear it over my feet pounding on the treadmill. Today's movie of choice: Bend it Like Beckham. Loved it again. Highly recommend it.

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 125.2
Still to go for goal: 374.8

Hurrah! Over a quarter of the way there! Yippee! According to Marn on the Going Nowhere site, that means, I get to put a quarter of the way there icon (you'll see the dancing chicken) now by my rubber ducks... :)

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