Nope, it didn't take me this long to recover...

Yesterday, though, was so busy as to be considered a totally crazy day. I spent the morning in Hudson at Perkins with my writing buddy. Hi Marge! While there, I had a brief but nice chat with Carol and Tom M. Hi Mr. and Mrs. M! They were saying they were going to be heading out on their Caribbean Cruise any day now. I hope they have a wonderful time. I told them they should take another Alaskan Cruise so that we could stow away with them. That's someplace I'd like to get one of these days.

After Perkins I had a little running around to do in Hudson - just a couple of errands and then I had to dash back home for a couple of things before the next bit of running around.

Because at 3 I had to be down at the high school to pick up Keli and a couple of her good friends, Brendan and Lauren. We had some power shopping to do for tonight's Swing Dance. The girls needed to outfit Brendan in appropriate Swing Dance clothing so the first stop was Goodwill in Stillwater where they found him an excellent vest and jacket. After that it was off to the Mall of America for HOURS of shopping (the girls wore him out). We hit Ragstock where they found him pants and a great hat. Keli also found a terrific outfit to wear while there. I hope to get a good photo tonight that I'll post here tomorrow if I'm able.

We wrapped things up as the stores were closing at 9:30 and then headed to Chanhassen to get Keith.

Dropping the kids off at their homes around 11:15, I guess we got to bed around midnight. It was an exhausting night.

Hey Dad, remember the sound that awful scorpion bug-like thing made, that dug its way into Neo's belly in The Matrix? I think it's in my left ear. I've heard it there every once in a while whenever I look down at the floor. It's back again today.

I'm having prophetic dreams lately, too. The latest ones are telling me that my brothers need to have their blood pressure checked and I need to get back in and have my meds updated because my blood pressure is too low now. Interesting, huh? Anybody put any stock in their dreams?

Okay, on with today's run...

The miles: 3.4
Total so far: 192.9
Still to go for goal: 307.1

As we head in to the first week of February, I'm going to devote the miles this week to some special friends. Tom and Janet have lost a lot of family members to cancer and as a result have gotten heavily involved in the local Relay for Life. They give a lot of their time and energy and money to this cause when it comes up. Their whole family does in fact. I can't even tell you what all they do for it. I know Janet was working in the tent selling the luminarias if I'm not mistaken for the last few years at the event. But for the weeks working up the event she's busy doing stuff to help get ready for it, too. She helped our team out last year with garage sales, too. Their daughter Kathy cooks the breakfast starting around 2 in the morning while the rest of us are trudging around the track or else sleeping and then has to listen to either raves about it or complaints about it when people come up to get their food. Their son Mike does his share of helping, too. They all do a lot to get involved and help out.

But the reason they are heavily on my mind this week isn't cancer. It's another poison. The anniversary of their son Danny's murder is coming up on Thursday. I think about Danny and James and that cold February day every single day that goes by. I wonder when their murders will be solved, because I know that it will. I can't go through life imagining that it won't. I wonder how this could happen in our sleepy little town. I wonder how anybody could do such a horrible thing to two bright and beautiful young men. And I pray that Tom and Janet and Tom Jr., Kathy, Mike, Jennie and especially Kaitlyn and Kyle are living life every day to the fullest and not allowing the poison of not knowing to eat away at their quality of life. That would have to be such a difficult task. But such a necessary one.

So I run this week for Tom and Janet. And for their family. I run this week for Danny and James. And for the people who love them. I run this week for an answer. Because I want to see the killer(s) caught.

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