Monday - MLK...

Keli had the day off from school. So we all got to sleep in around here. Even Bear, who was recovering from his prize-fight with the Gonzo yesterday.

Gonzo is Bear's Christmas toy. When I can get a photo of Gonzo and Bear together, I will. They are quite a pair. I call it Gonzo, because it looks like, well, a little like the old muppet named Gonzo. But only slightly. Keli says not at all. It is a dog toy with a tennis ball for head and lower body. It has stretchy arms and legs. It has these googly eyes (well, one eye these days as Bear removed one a while back). It has a squeaky thing inside that Bear sometimes manages to hit while attacking. He goes for the jugular mostly. And has ripped its lips mostly off - just red thread there.

Well, I think Gonzo got tired of being attacked yesterday because he attacked back. While participating (okay, not participating exactly... Gonzo was more being the participatee) in a tug of war between Bear and Keith, somehow he ripped himself out of Keith's hand and swung around and threw himself violently into Bear's eye. Same eye that Bear had torn violently off Gonzo's face, in fact.

We really thought Bear was going to lose that eye for much of yesterday. He walked around looking like Rocky Balboa after a particularly rough fight with Apollo Creed... eye swollen shut and kind of runny... Had it not been for the black fur, we probably would have seen some amazing colors there, too... But later in the day we noticed something interesting. When he was looking away from us and out the window or something, we could tell both eyes were open, but the minute we would come around to look at him face on or call him to have him turn toward us... eye shut. Just like that.

Smart damn dog. Playing on the sympathies all over the place. Walked around winking at us all evening. When I got home from dropping Keith off at his apartment? He was just fine. No swelling, no winking, no tearing up. Fine. Keith says it was all an act to make him feel bad. I'm beginning to agree.

And to think, I almost ran for him...

Today's run: 2 miles
Total so far: 166.41
Still to go for goal: 333.59

Tomorrow I'm running for Gerry C... KathyK's dad... His chemo is no longer working on his cancer. I am just so damn sick of this disease and what it is doing to the people that I love and their loved ones. It makes me so angry. I love you, Kath. I wish I could be there with you to give you a hug and just wrap you up in comfort. I'm sorry, hunny-bunny...

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