Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Jena! And Happy Belated Birthday Caitlin... I seem to be forgetting to do this happy wishing thing for my family members as they come up...

It's my burfday again, too... Sort of. We didn't get a chance to celebrate it together on Tuesday with Keith at his apartment, so we get to celebrate it today. Keli was more excited about this than she was about Christmas she said last night as we picked Keith up at his apartment. So she came up and made me open my present this morning before we got anything else going on the party.

Bear helped. He likes opening presents and ripping the wrapping paper to shreds.

Keli got me the Harry Potter movies on DVD! Which is totally cool, considering what Keith got me. I can't announce that yet since I haven't officially opened it yet, so I don't know for sure. But Keli and I have known about the gift for weeks and have been really excited and waiting extremely impatiently for me to receive it so we can put it to use, so... when I get it, we're going to have a HP movie party or two with popcorn and everything prior to the opening of HP3.

I also opened (with Bear's help) my gift from Dranny Alta and Great Grandma Dot. Dranny Alta painted really cute pictures on the outside of the mailing box - I'll have to take pictures because it is really awesome. Wish I had the talent! I received two really cute new tops from Alta and an awesomely inspirational new journal to write in from Dorothy. Love it all! I was kind of hoping for another box of Frango mints in the box, too. But how could she know that I reward myself with one mint at the end of each run (okay, sometimes two at the end of a particularly good run) from the box that she sent us at Christmas. Nobody else around here is particularly excited about them, so I get them to myself for the most part (hurray!). Who's complaining, though? I LOVE my gifts!!! Thank you both!

Keith is out in the kitchen now slaving over my birthday cake. There are strange noises coming from out there. He went to the store by himself this morning while I did my run and came home with four different containers of ice cream. I had to laugh at him. He said he wouldn't have had so much but the neighbors were there and they thought he looked like he needed help picking it out. LOL!!! So they helped him. I LOVE our neighbors!

Just found out what the noises were - he's blowing up balloons. What a sweetie!

Okay - so on with the run. I finished watching West Side Story today (not completely while running - I sat down and finished with Keli afterwards) and did the following run...

Today: 3.36
Total so far: 180.10
Still to go for goal: 319.9

See you tomorrow!

Oh, and I hear Jena found the Moose and Reindeer in their hiding place! Way to go, Jena!!! Let's hope those two little mischievous characters stay put now and don't cause any more trouble for Grandma...

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