For Gerry C...

I didn't get on Lurch until noon today - or actually a little after noon. Because I let myself sleep in (there's a surprise for you!) since it's my birthday! But then I popped in Apocalypse Now and climbed aboard for today's run and in honor of Gerry C, I did today's run.

And with the remainder of my day? I'll be picking Keli up from school, heading to the folks' for some dinner and socializing, and heading back home where the kid and I will read our books (she: The DaVinci Code; me: The Wayward Bus by Steinbeck) before hitting the hay. A real exciting day, huh? :) Hope you all have a day that is just as exciting!

Here's the stats...

The run: 4 miles
Total so far: 170.41
Still to go for goal: 329.59

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