Okay - now that I see it side by side with other reindeer, I accept that my moose, is indeed a reindeer. And I must say, a very sad looking reindeer... you might think it looks happy with those other stuffed things of its kind, but what it really wants is me. My happy little loving arms around it. It misses me. You can see it in the eyes. Mine is the one without the tag - the big one on the left. Poor baby. It's crying for me. Let it come home! Please!

By the way, this photo was taken at the deernappers' home... so they let it bond with these other critters, and then took it away from them and brought it back to my folks' house where it was tossed back on the bench by the door just waiting for me to lift it again. It was waiting for me I tell you!

How come I didn't get this picture? I had to send it to myself from the folks' house! The travesty... The injustice. And my daughter, the tattletale. "I'm not a tattletale... I'm the zookeeper!" She wouldn't even let me try and slip it back out of their house tonight. I'm so ashamed to have raised such a little loudmouth. She must have gotten that from Keith.