Nope, it didn't take me this long to recover...

Yesterday, though, was so busy as to be considered a totally crazy day. I spent the morning in Hudson at Perkins with my writing buddy. Hi Marge! While there, I had a brief but nice chat with Carol and Tom M. Hi Mr. and Mrs. M! They were saying they were going to be heading out on their Caribbean Cruise any day now. I hope they have a wonderful time. I told them they should take another Alaskan Cruise so that we could stow away with them. That's someplace I'd like to get one of these days.

After Perkins I had a little running around to do in Hudson - just a couple of errands and then I had to dash back home for a couple of things before the next bit of running around.

Because at 3 I had to be down at the high school to pick up Keli and a couple of her good friends, Brendan and Lauren. We had some power shopping to do for tonight's Swing Dance. The girls needed to outfit Brendan in appropriate Swing Dance clothing so the first stop was Goodwill in Stillwater where they found him an excellent vest and jacket. After that it was off to the Mall of America for HOURS of shopping (the girls wore him out). We hit Ragstock where they found him pants and a great hat. Keli also found a terrific outfit to wear while there. I hope to get a good photo tonight that I'll post here tomorrow if I'm able.

We wrapped things up as the stores were closing at 9:30 and then headed to Chanhassen to get Keith.

Dropping the kids off at their homes around 11:15, I guess we got to bed around midnight. It was an exhausting night.

Hey Dad, remember the sound that awful scorpion bug-like thing made, that dug its way into Neo's belly in The Matrix? I think it's in my left ear. I've heard it there every once in a while whenever I look down at the floor. It's back again today.

I'm having prophetic dreams lately, too. The latest ones are telling me that my brothers need to have their blood pressure checked and I need to get back in and have my meds updated because my blood pressure is too low now. Interesting, huh? Anybody put any stock in their dreams?

Okay, on with today's run...

The miles: 3.4
Total so far: 192.9
Still to go for goal: 307.1

As we head in to the first week of February, I'm going to devote the miles this week to some special friends. Tom and Janet have lost a lot of family members to cancer and as a result have gotten heavily involved in the local Relay for Life. They give a lot of their time and energy and money to this cause when it comes up. Their whole family does in fact. I can't even tell you what all they do for it. I know Janet was working in the tent selling the luminarias if I'm not mistaken for the last few years at the event. But for the weeks working up the event she's busy doing stuff to help get ready for it, too. She helped our team out last year with garage sales, too. Their daughter Kathy cooks the breakfast starting around 2 in the morning while the rest of us are trudging around the track or else sleeping and then has to listen to either raves about it or complaints about it when people come up to get their food. Their son Mike does his share of helping, too. They all do a lot to get involved and help out.

But the reason they are heavily on my mind this week isn't cancer. It's another poison. The anniversary of their son Danny's murder is coming up on Thursday. I think about Danny and James and that cold February day every single day that goes by. I wonder when their murders will be solved, because I know that it will. I can't go through life imagining that it won't. I wonder how this could happen in our sleepy little town. I wonder how anybody could do such a horrible thing to two bright and beautiful young men. And I pray that Tom and Janet and Tom Jr., Kathy, Mike, Jennie and especially Kaitlyn and Kyle are living life every day to the fullest and not allowing the poison of not knowing to eat away at their quality of life. That would have to be such a difficult task. But such a necessary one.

So I run this week for Tom and Janet. And for their family. I run this week for Danny and James. And for the people who love them. I run this week for an answer. Because I want to see the killer(s) caught.



Stomach pains...

Warning: Too much information ahead...

I think after a really bad run in at Angel's in Stillwater back in September with a soup they deceptively named Cabbage Soup, I am now forevermore unable to eat cabbage in any form without getting really bad pains in the stomach. Their soup should have been named sauerkraut soup since that's what it was made with and it was n*a*s*t*y.

I had bad pain all night and all day today after having another dish with cabbage in it for dinner last night.

Therefore, I didn't run today. Sorry to disappoint.

Amazingly, however... I did receive yet another check in the mail today from another fabulous donor. My friends and family are so unbelievably generous!

Thank you all again! I am going to so make this 500 mile goal by June 1! I've nearly made 200 already! I'm hoping to to be done with 500 by the end of April even! That would be so awesome... then I could kick back and slow down and relax a little bit. I'll continue to run but I won't have to be so stressed out about it. Because I've set a personal goal of running a thousand miles by the end of the year just to continue getting in shape! Of course, if I slow down too much, I won't make that goal.

Well, I have to go pick up Keli from play practice now. She is studying with the Stage Manager to take over as the next stage manager when she graduates next year so Keli can do that job on the future plays at the high school next year possibly. She is really excited about this and hopes it will work out for her.

Send me some healing vibes so the cabbage worm in my stomach moves out soon. It sure is a pain. Thanks...

Total so far: 189.5
Still to go for goal: 310.5



What a deceptively gorgeous day here in the big woods of Wisconsin! Blue skies and beautiful crystal snow sparkling on everything.

But darned cold.

Our high today is going to be 5 degrees farenheit. The tree tops are swaying in the breeze and we are under severe wind chill advisory.

I finished watching Bootmen! today while I did my run. Today I ran for a local celebrity who just underwent surgery for her recently discovered breast cancer. In the afternoon here there is a twin cities radio show called Moon and Stacey that Keli and I giggle over once in a while and Stacey is recovering at home but still doing the show from there after her surgery. Today's run was for her. I wish her well, as I wish everyone battling the beast well.

Cancer sucks.

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 189.5
Still to go for goal: 310.5

I'll be back!


Tuesday's child...

Got shorty today...

Ran just a bit. Hope everyone who is suffering from viruses of the computer and of the body is getting healthy.

Today's miles: 2.2
Total so far: 185.5
Still to go for goal: 314.5

See you tomorrow!


Monday Monday...

Okay. Finally got the computer back so I can log the miles I ran. See. I did run while it was snowing. I just couldn't get back on to TELL you about it.

If I wasn't waiting for the computer, I was out driving around in the snow delivering Keli to play practice at the high school or waiting for her while she was there.

So now I'm home and here's what I did... Oh yeah - and while I was running, I was watching Bootmen! Because I'm on a dancing theme here this week...

Today's miles: 3.20
Total so far: 183.3
Still to go for goal: 316.7

See you tomorrow!





Well gang...

A frozen septic is certainly going to put a cramp in my style for this run. It won't make me stop running, but it will sure make me stop and consider when I'm going to run and if I'll need a shower/clean up anytime soon. I'm going to have to think things through very carefully as I climb aboard Lurch.

What is it with this weather? How discouraging!

Will wait to put a call in to Roger until tomorrow because the alarm didn't even stay on long enough to get to the basement to put it on silent, so it may have been one of those situations where the floater got hung up in some ice when it came up for just a second and then went back down again. We'll see if it comes on again maybe before we call him.



Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Jena! And Happy Belated Birthday Caitlin... I seem to be forgetting to do this happy wishing thing for my family members as they come up...

It's my burfday again, too... Sort of. We didn't get a chance to celebrate it together on Tuesday with Keith at his apartment, so we get to celebrate it today. Keli was more excited about this than she was about Christmas she said last night as we picked Keith up at his apartment. So she came up and made me open my present this morning before we got anything else going on the party.

Bear helped. He likes opening presents and ripping the wrapping paper to shreds.

Keli got me the Harry Potter movies on DVD! Which is totally cool, considering what Keith got me. I can't announce that yet since I haven't officially opened it yet, so I don't know for sure. But Keli and I have known about the gift for weeks and have been really excited and waiting extremely impatiently for me to receive it so we can put it to use, so... when I get it, we're going to have a HP movie party or two with popcorn and everything prior to the opening of HP3.

I also opened (with Bear's help) my gift from Dranny Alta and Great Grandma Dot. Dranny Alta painted really cute pictures on the outside of the mailing box - I'll have to take pictures because it is really awesome. Wish I had the talent! I received two really cute new tops from Alta and an awesomely inspirational new journal to write in from Dorothy. Love it all! I was kind of hoping for another box of Frango mints in the box, too. But how could she know that I reward myself with one mint at the end of each run (okay, sometimes two at the end of a particularly good run) from the box that she sent us at Christmas. Nobody else around here is particularly excited about them, so I get them to myself for the most part (hurray!). Who's complaining, though? I LOVE my gifts!!! Thank you both!

Keith is out in the kitchen now slaving over my birthday cake. There are strange noises coming from out there. He went to the store by himself this morning while I did my run and came home with four different containers of ice cream. I had to laugh at him. He said he wouldn't have had so much but the neighbors were there and they thought he looked like he needed help picking it out. LOL!!! So they helped him. I LOVE our neighbors!

Just found out what the noises were - he's blowing up balloons. What a sweetie!

Okay - so on with the run. I finished watching West Side Story today (not completely while running - I sat down and finished with Keli afterwards) and did the following run...

Today: 3.36
Total so far: 180.10
Still to go for goal: 319.9

See you tomorrow!

Oh, and I hear Jena found the Moose and Reindeer in their hiding place! Way to go, Jena!!! Let's hope those two little mischievous characters stay put now and don't cause any more trouble for Grandma...



The week is winding down! Keith comes home tomorrow and Keli's social activities ramp up... She had pep band tonight for wrestling. Tomorrow night there may be a party to attend. Sunday we have Phipps tickets to River Falls Brass... The weekend will go quickly again.

I finished watching A Mighty Wind last night with Keli so today for my run it was onto something new... I chose the new DVD of the old West Side Story. Man, I could watch George Chakiris and Rita Moreno dance the Mambo forever. What a great scene! The picture and the sound on the DVD are excellent. I'm really pleased to see how well they got the old film cleaned up.

Here are the stats from the run...

Today: 3.08
Total so far: 176.74
Still to go for goal: 323.26

I'll be back! Hey Mr. Number-Cruncher... Are my numbers still checking out okay???


Something New...

Just kicking it off. It obviously won't have much meat behind it for a couple of months when things really get rolling, but for the members of the team, you'll want to keep watch on it when things do get moving...

Keith's Brain Trust


Sunny day! And 30 degrees... A heat wave!

I just saw the biggest hawk flying away through the woods. Wish I had seen it sitting in the tree at the edge of the turnaround before it took off. It was amazingly huge. I'm not feeding birds here this winter as I usually do because I got so tired of feeding squirrels and providing little birds for the huge birds of prey. I just couldn't stand it anymore. So I wonder why it was hanging out here? It could have taken the little frozen dead mouse that I pushed out of the garage a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think that would have been of interest to it.

I finished watching Apocalypse Now while I did my run. Why do I find so many movie endings unsatisfactory? I'll just have to go into the business of writing movies myself so I can always end them myself... :)

When I finished that one, I started watching A Mighty Wind. I'm grinning the whole while just because I find satire so darned satisfying and I myself actually enjoy folk music, so I can laugh at the fact that they are making fun of that, too.

For today's stats...

The run: 3.25
Total so far: 173.66
Still to go for goal: 326.34

See you tomorrow!


Look high. Look low.
Be quick. Be slow.
We aren't far away.
We're together! Hooray!
Do not despair! Just look everywhere!
We're hiding on you.
Just a game... Here's your clue:
We're in Hudson!!!

Stay tuned for clue two
If you don't find us soon.
And maybe a photograph too.
We're having such fun
Playing Hide and go Seek
That we may not come back out
For you!

Much love
from Reindeer and Moose...

For Gerry C...

I didn't get on Lurch until noon today - or actually a little after noon. Because I let myself sleep in (there's a surprise for you!) since it's my birthday! But then I popped in Apocalypse Now and climbed aboard for today's run and in honor of Gerry C, I did today's run.

And with the remainder of my day? I'll be picking Keli up from school, heading to the folks' for some dinner and socializing, and heading back home where the kid and I will read our books (she: The DaVinci Code; me: The Wayward Bus by Steinbeck) before hitting the hay. A real exciting day, huh? :) Hope you all have a day that is just as exciting!

Here's the stats...

The run: 4 miles
Total so far: 170.41
Still to go for goal: 329.59


Monday - MLK...

Keli had the day off from school. So we all got to sleep in around here. Even Bear, who was recovering from his prize-fight with the Gonzo yesterday.

Gonzo is Bear's Christmas toy. When I can get a photo of Gonzo and Bear together, I will. They are quite a pair. I call it Gonzo, because it looks like, well, a little like the old muppet named Gonzo. But only slightly. Keli says not at all. It is a dog toy with a tennis ball for head and lower body. It has stretchy arms and legs. It has these googly eyes (well, one eye these days as Bear removed one a while back). It has a squeaky thing inside that Bear sometimes manages to hit while attacking. He goes for the jugular mostly. And has ripped its lips mostly off - just red thread there.

Well, I think Gonzo got tired of being attacked yesterday because he attacked back. While participating (okay, not participating exactly... Gonzo was more being the participatee) in a tug of war between Bear and Keith, somehow he ripped himself out of Keith's hand and swung around and threw himself violently into Bear's eye. Same eye that Bear had torn violently off Gonzo's face, in fact.

We really thought Bear was going to lose that eye for much of yesterday. He walked around looking like Rocky Balboa after a particularly rough fight with Apollo Creed... eye swollen shut and kind of runny... Had it not been for the black fur, we probably would have seen some amazing colors there, too... But later in the day we noticed something interesting. When he was looking away from us and out the window or something, we could tell both eyes were open, but the minute we would come around to look at him face on or call him to have him turn toward us... eye shut. Just like that.

Smart damn dog. Playing on the sympathies all over the place. Walked around winking at us all evening. When I got home from dropping Keith off at his apartment? He was just fine. No swelling, no winking, no tearing up. Fine. Keith says it was all an act to make him feel bad. I'm beginning to agree.

And to think, I almost ran for him...

Today's run: 2 miles
Total so far: 166.41
Still to go for goal: 333.59

Tomorrow I'm running for Gerry C... KathyK's dad... His chemo is no longer working on his cancer. I am just so damn sick of this disease and what it is doing to the people that I love and their loved ones. It makes me so angry. I love you, Kath. I wish I could be there with you to give you a hug and just wrap you up in comfort. I'm sorry, hunny-bunny...



Done with the run before noon! I like it when that happens. Now I can do other stuff with my day and not have that hanging over me.

I'm running while watching Apocalypse Now. Reason being, I took a quiz the other day called "What Classic Movie Are You?" and that's the movie I ended up being... Seeing as how I've never seen that particular flick, I couldn't actually judge the acuracy of the quiz, so I rented it last night to view as my latest running film. I mean, it sounds about right by the description and all... "rogue wanderer on the winding river of life..."

What classic movie are you? Go take the quiz and let me know!

Today's stats...

The run: 3.11 miles
Total so far: 164.41
Still to go for goal: 335.59



Keli's first date was "fun". They went to see Big Fish and really enjoyed it. She was home seconds after I arrived with Keith after picking him up at his apartment for the weekend. Her date seems like a really nice guy.

My massage was fabulous. Ahhhhh. That's all I need to say about that.

And Dad, being the wonderful hubby that he is, bought Mom a souvenier on his trip to Green Bay with bro Kent this past week... I'll have to provide a photo one of these days if I ever get to see it again... It was a moose in a GB Packer sweater. :)

Stats for today...

The run: 3.1 miles
Total so far: 161.3
Still to go for goal: 338.7

I've gotten such support from so many people to whom I sent pledge requests! It has been incredible. Thank you all so much! Hugs to all! Now while I have two minutes on the computer I'm going to look at comments because I miss them!



Keli has a first date tonight. I have a massage! Hurrah for me! But that means I have to rush back here so I'm here in time to meet the new man when he comes to pick her up before they slip off to the movie... Any spies who are interested, they'll be at the Hudson theater for a movie this evening. He's pretty handsome, and about a foot taller than she! She'll get used to it. I did!

Sadness abounds tonight due to Vonnie's passing. I know that she was in a lot of pain, though. But I won't sit here and say it was a blessing that she went quickly. Those platitudes don't make anyone feel any better really. Love and hugs to her family. She will be missed.

Stats for today...

Today's run... 3.2 miles
Total so far: 158.2 miles
Still to go for goal: 341.8

Will work on comments this weekend while Keli is off being a social butterfly and Keith is out in the hot tub.


Rest in peace, Vonnie.


A Quickie (Again)

Only two miles today... but better than no miles.

Here's the stats...

Today's run: 2 miles
Total so far: 155
Still to go for goal: 345

If I ever have time to check my e-mail, I might learn what is happening with Haloscan and the comments. I'll keep you posted.


For Dawn...

Comments are being transferred to Haloscan and more information is coming about that in the days ahead. I'll keep ya'll posted as to how it's coming along.

Finished watching Pirates last night as I ran for Dawn. I've run for Dawn before, but I had to do it one more time because I was so happy to hear that she had her last chemo treatment for her breast cancer on Tuesday of this week. This was a celebratory run in honor of that!

So here's the stats...

Today's run: 3.60 miles
Total so far: 153
Still to go for goal: 347

Hurrah! This means I've earned another rubber duck!

We received a lovely card in the mail from Barb at the dental office yesterday. Thanks Barb! You and Bernie inspire us. Hugs again to both of you.

A space for comments coming soon, I hope. I miss hearing from all of you...


Thoughts... And the completion of Bernie's run...

If I want to use the computer anymore, I have to use it before 3 pm because my daughter has discovered the joys of MSN messenger with her friends and the joys of making new friends at her school among friends of her friends by using MSN. I've created a monster by showing her how to use it. I basically have to give up all use of the computer from the time she gets home from school now until well past our bedtimes.

And that means my run time can be switched to after school because she doesn't want me anywhere near her computer conversations. But I can't report on my run times until the next day!

So here are the stats for the run from Tuesday night, with another bit of beloved Johnny Depp and handsome Orlando Bloom and Pirates of the Caribbean... It's another for you, Bernie!

Today's miles: 3.22
Total so far: 149.4
Still needed to goal: 350.6

Tomorrow I'm running for Dawn in celebration of the fact that today was her final chemo treatment! Congratulations!!!

Regarding comments, I'm still hanging on, because the latest word is that there may be a transfer to Haloscan (another site) which means our current comments will go there and we wouldn't lose anything if all goes well. Just hang in there for a while longer with me. In the meantime, you can always send me an e-mail! :) You know where to find me!

A Comment About Comments...

As you can see, unless things have changed that is, there is currently no place for you to leave comments and no place to go read what has been written by anyone.

That sucks. Truly.

At the bottom of the page you will see a box (until I change it) which says "Comments Powered by Blogspeak". If you clicked on that box earlier yesterday, it gave the message "Comments are down but they should be up later this evening."

I was torked about this news, but hey, they are free. Everything about this site, other than our internet connection and my time, is free at the moment, so who am I to complain?

This evening, when I click on that box, the message that I get is this:

"BlogSpeak is currently down because the bastards that host it decided to suspend my account. I do not know as of yet when this situation will be resolved. If you don't want any JavaScript errors on your pages, take the code off for the time being. Thanks for your patience."

For the time being (and because it is very late and I would like to go to bed soon), I am going to leave things as they are because I am hopeful that he will get things together and all will work out for the best. I have a big day with a trip to Hutch's place tomorrow for lunch and visiting (hurrah!) and I won't have time to work on this site, either. With luck, by the time I get back, comments will be working and I won't have to do anything!

So if you've been wondering what is going on, there is your answer. Thank you for your visits and keep on visiting because I know that you are stopping even if you don't get to comment. That little rainbow colored box at the bottom tells me you are visiting and checking up on me. I don't know all of the time WHO you are, but I know how many of you are stopping by. And it means a lot to me. It keeps my butt moving and my feet on the treadmill.

See you soon. Very soon. Only hours from now. Like six or seven. When I have to drag my sorry butt out of bed (yikes, that's only five from now) to get Keli off to school. Then I have to stay up to get the run done before I go off to see Hutch (I'm so excited!!!).


Been gone all day...

So today's run is a fast one before I dash off again for the final concert of the long weekend.

I saw our dental hygenist today and got the update on her husband, Bernie. Huge hugs to you both, Barb...

This one is for you, Bernie...

Today's miles: 2.75
Total so far: 146.18
Still to go for goal: 353.82

And since today was so short, tomorrow is for Bernie, too. What a long road he's been down with his cancer. Wow. And what good people Barb is. Wish I could sit down with her for a long cup of coffee some day. Maybe we'll get that chance.



Another day, another concert. And it was a good one. First we got to hear the freshmen concert band, followed by Jazz II, then Keli's special ensemble piece and finally Jazz I. There were some bugs with not enough microphones set up for the ensemble, and the drummer tossing his drumstick exuberantly at one point, but the music itself was wonderful for Carol of the Bells. I'm looking forward to hearing it again tomorrow night when they'll hopefully have more mikes set up and we'll get to hear all of the solos.

Tonight I ran finishing off The Mexican and then Pirates with Keli by my side. Keith is out in the hot tub under the clouds I suppose. We had a light and pretty dusting of snow this afternoon. There isn't any falling now, but I don't think the sky has cleared up any.

The stats...

Today's miles: 3.75
Total so far: 143.43
Still to go for goal: 356.57



Yesterday was a busy one full of dashing here and there and eating good food with friends and never being home, but today I managed to climb aboard Lurch for a run with Brad Pitt. I didn't quite finish The Mexican yet, but almost. Now it's on to housework and then to the University to see Keli in the St. Croix Valley Honors Band this afternoon. Tomorrow she and an ensemble perform Carol of the Bells (Lorrie Line's arrangement) at another concert and on Monday evening her Wind Ensemble has yet another concert. It's days and days of music for me to attend, but I love it.

Here are the stats for today...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 139.68
Still to go for goal: 360.32


For Phil...

Ran with The Mexican today. Yep, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

And I was running for Keith's coworker, Phil, who as Keith puts it, "He's a 5+ year survivor of some pretty challenging cancer. But, he's got attitude and that counts for tons!" So this one was for you, Phil!

Today's Miles: 3.25
Total so far: 136.43
Still to go for goal: 363.57

Vonnie has begun her chemo treatments. Hope you are feeling better soon!


Wednesday already...

Hard to believe how fast this week is going. Can't believe we're midway through.

Just a quick entry. My day is half through and I have much to accomplish before my afternoon is over.

Finished watching First Knight.

Today's miles: 3.78
Total so far: 133.18
Still to go for goal: 366.82



Okay - now that I see it side by side with other reindeer, I accept that my moose, is indeed a reindeer. And I must say, a very sad looking reindeer... you might think it looks happy with those other stuffed things of its kind, but what it really wants is me. My happy little loving arms around it. It misses me. You can see it in the eyes. Mine is the one without the tag - the big one on the left. Poor baby. It's crying for me. Let it come home! Please!

By the way, this photo was taken at the deernappers' home... so they let it bond with these other critters, and then took it away from them and brought it back to my folks' house where it was tossed back on the bench by the door just waiting for me to lift it again. It was waiting for me I tell you!

How come I didn't get this picture? I had to send it to myself from the folks' house! The travesty... The injustice. And my daughter, the tattletale. "I'm not a tattletale... I'm the zookeeper!" She wouldn't even let me try and slip it back out of their house tonight. I'm so ashamed to have raised such a little loudmouth. She must have gotten that from Keith.

Checking Back In...

I did it. I ran. I watched the first half of First Knight which I've seen before, but it is a good one to get caught up in. Keli got it from her best friend for Christmas. It has Richard Gere, Sean Connery and Julia Ormond starring.

So for Tricia's run...

Today's miles: 4.2
Total so far: 129.4
Still to go for goal: 370.6

Yep, it's true.

I was lazy yesterday.

It was Keli's first day back at school so I had the day to myself and I slept. All day. I needed a vacation from vacation. I had weird dreams, too. In one, a cement truck came racing up my driveway and I called Neighbor Don to come and investigate!

So today, I'm back in the game. I'm off to visit Lurch right now. I'll let you know the outcome when I get done. More in a bit...

Oh, but before I go, Keli told me yesterday that her math teacher, Tricia B, did not manage to kick her cancer. I went to school with Tricia, back when she was Tricia N. I don't know what her next course of treatment will be, but I'm really sorry to hear about it. Today's run is in honor/support of Tricia...


Sleepy Sunday

I can't believe it is the final day of holiday vacation. It went so fast. Keli goes back to school tomorrow. I don't think she'd count this as one of the stellar holiday breaks of all times. There is a gloomy cloud hanging over the house right now. I won't name that cloud, but it is tough to see the silver lining of it. Believe me, though, I'm searching for it.

It's been cloudy and cold here today. Keith is soaking in the hottub. It's always a good place for him when I Lurch it because I really have to crank the video up to high volume in order to hear it over my feet pounding on the treadmill. Today's movie of choice: Bend it Like Beckham. Loved it again. Highly recommend it.

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 125.2
Still to go for goal: 374.8

Hurrah! Over a quarter of the way there! Yippee! According to Marn on the Going Nowhere site, that means, I get to put a quarter of the way there icon (you'll see the dancing chicken) now by my rubber ducks... :)


Today's run...

Started out our day with brunch at neighbor Don's. What a great time! Keith and I walked over to their house for the 10 AM feast with our fellow Valley neighbors and it was fabulous. They had juices and coffee for drinks when we arrived. And within minutes of the last guests walking in the door, the spread was on... including a wonderful spinach/egg dish (because they know all about us weird vegetarians), fantastic cheesy potatoes, a huge bowl of fruit and wonderful dip, a huge platter of breads, there was another big bowl of eggs with canadian bacon, some wrapped sausages that the meat-eaters were raving about. It was all so great. We stuffed ourselves.

And we laughed until our faces hurt. It was wonderful to gather around the table again with our neighbors. We've done this once before. Two years ago for chili and pie. Again at Don and Sue's house. They are wonderful hosts. And terrific neighbors. We are lucky to have them. 'Specially me.

In fact, I was counting my blessings just the other day. That was the day of the strange pickup truck that came flying up my driveway. See, I live in the woods. At the end of a country road. And Keith is gone during the week. Keli and I were home alone and this pickup backed right up to my garage door. And sat there. And sat there. Nobody came to my door. I was still in my jammies. I ran with my dog to the bedroom to hide out because we have lots of windows without shades.


And I waited for the doorbell to ring. Or for the pickup to drive away. And waited. And waited. And then I started waiting for the sound of crashing doors when whoever it was broke in. And my heart started racing. I put the dog down and he went to his bathroom window perch and started watching. Nothing happened. I snuck back out and looked out the door. The pickup was still sitting there so I grabbed the phone book and took it back in the bedroom with plans to call neighbor Don to ask his advice.

Keli then gave me the advice to put some clothes on. That was better advice. Then the dog went ballistic from his perch in the bathroom which I figured meant the truck was leaving. So I went and looked at the dog and out the window. Couldn't see any truck and the dog wasn't looking down the driveway or at the road. He was looking at the top of the driveway. I snuck back out and peeked. Truck was still there. In fact, now there were two.

Snuck back into the bedroom to finished getting dressed and as I picked up the phone, one of the trucks left.

The other one did not.

I called neighbor Don.

Me: Don? This is Keri... Across the street...
Don: Keri! What the hell is going on over there, you've got trucks driving all over your place!
Me: I know! And nobody is coming to my door! They're just sitting over here!
Don: I see one just left, are they gone now?
Me: No, there is still one over here and nobody has ever come up to my door or anything. I have no idea what is going on and Keith isn't here. I was wondering if they've been up to visit you, too.
Don: Nope, nobody's been up to visit me. You want me to come over there and ask 'em what the hell they're doing?
Me: That would be so great.
Don: I'll be right over.

He was driving up my driveway within two minutes with his big and loud dog in his cab with him. He told me today he would have had his shotgun with him, but that it would have taken him so long to load it they would have been gone by then (glad he skipped that step for more reasons than that!). He did bring his new digital camera with him to take pictures of the truck that was parked in the middle of my driveway blocking me in (good thing I didn't have an emergency and need to get out). The driver was gone and his tracks led off into the woods.

Turned out it was a couple of young guys hunting coyotes and chasing their dogs and they weren't bothering to ask owners' permission when they chased them onto private property.

Neighbor Don gave the guy an earful when he came down out of the woods because we waited out there for him. He let him know how wrong it was to be there without getting permission and then too, that they'd made me plenty nervous backing up to the house like that and hanging out there all that time without letting me know what was going on. I mean that was just plain stupid. I could have called the sheriff on them.

Ah well. As I say, I'm really glad to have such great neighbors. I appreaciate them in a big way.

I finished watching The Men Who Killed Kennedy tonight while I ran. Then I sat in the hot tub for a little while. That felt great. Here's the stats...

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 122.2
Still to go for goal: 377.8


A calm day...


No kidnappers, moosenappers, snownappers visiting. I went writing with my buddy Marge, then I met my buddy Carolyn for a movie. We saw Something's Gotta Give. We enjoyed it!

Then I finished another mitten with the old crochet hook and checked in here. And who should be checking up on me?


So I thought I'd better get my rear in gear and hit the old Lurch...

Today's miles: 3.06
Total so far: 119.20
Still to go for goal: 380.80


Snowman is Returned!

Yes, poor thing... Practically suffocated, stuffed in a plastic bag, and forced into our mailbox still wearing the paper napkin around its eyes.

Middle brother miraculously found it as he came visiting with his wife only a short while after the kidnappers were at our place, asking to borrow our digital camera (hoping to destroy the evidence perhaps???). Wish I'd had the presence of mind to snap their photo as they stepped in the front door (or to have grabbed the security camera footage from THAT time of day) to compare to the photo below, but I was too shook up from the whole incident.

Well, the snowman is now in my possession, a little shook up, but here and okay. Although Devil Dog did grab hold of the thing and drag him across the floor and have a good shake before anyone knew what was up. Guess he'd had enough of the excitement and attention being taken away from him on his birthday. I promised I would post his photo soon to make up for it. Stay tuned...

At any rate, the snownappers are still on the loose (so to speak) and armed and dangerous. And the moose is still missing. Poor mom was beside herself to hear that it had been Moosenapped from my place. She was quite worried about that and said "I'll never see it again!" when she heard. I think she wishes the exchange had taken place in her presence so she had had control over her own critter. Oh well. Now she'll have to deal with those dastardly characters herself. Sorry 'bout that one, Mom... Good luck.

Kidnappers visit...

Update on the snownapping situation...

They visited/infilatrated our compound... Poor Keith was quite traumatized... tied up, gagged, left in a corner with a baggy containing a small carrot nose and the message, RELEASE THE MOOSE AND YOU'LL GET THE REST OF THE SNOWMAN.

But when Devil Dog and I got out of the bathroom where we had been because I was showering from the run, I noticed my moose was gone. And released poor Keith from his bondage. And found this on the security camera footage:

As you can see, they are armed and dangerous. And they made off with the moose. Be on the lookout.


Happy New Year to everyone and special Birthday greetings... First to Keith's mom, Alta, who is 29 years young and to our own Devil Dog, Hound of Hell, our little Bear, who turns 9 today.

Who sat up doing sit-ups through the midnight hour last night? Hutch? Was it you? ;) Not me. I was sitting by the fire with Keith. We were trying to get URU working on the old laptop. It didn't work. I was sad. I had been looking forward to it ever since I Santa bought gave it to us for Christmas. I thought that would be how we would close out 2003, he and I... playing the new game of Myst... We've spent many hours together, huddled in front of the computer screen playing for hours the other games from the series.

But alas, this game is too new, too intensive for the "old" (four years) laptop. Then as I was reading through the instruction booklet, in order to go online and play at the URU live site, you have to have Broadband. Guess we'll be out of luck there, too, even if I do install it on a newer computer (Keith offered up his new work laptop). But we can still use the new laptop to play the box version. We'll do that one of these nights. It's a fun thing, to be lost in these other worlds for hours. We would "come to" around two or three am having discovered we had been playing for hours and had no idea it had been so long. I thought it would be so perfect for New Years Eve.

Keli spent her NYE at her best friend Annie's house. They watched movies and she was working (crochet) on her new scarf. She called for some instructions throughout the night. Wonder how far she got on it. Now it's nearly three in the afternoon and I haven't heard a thing from her. G-ma and G-pa have called to say they want to stop out for a while so I guess I'll have to call her to get her back here so they can come and ooh and aah over her Christmas presents.

In the meantime, here are my run stats for today. I got my stride length for my new pedometer so it will be easier to track my miles when I'm not on the treadmill (you know, next summer when the snow melts)...

The miles: 3.25
Total so far: 116.14
Still to go for goal: 383.86