Reason to Relay...

Yesterday's miles: 4.7
Total so far: 362.3
Still to go for goal: 137.7

Such a long way to go! If I did 20 miles a week (a very respectable number considering what I've BEEN doing lately), it would still take me about 7 weeks to complete. *sigh* That's almost two months.

I didn't send out any letters asking for donations for this run. I'm not a great fund-raiser. I'm selling a few scarves. I've got the button on the web page. Some of the people who donated last year know that I'm still running. I'll definitely make another 500 miles. I just didn't feel comfortable sending out those letters again because I didn't know if all of my friends and family thought it was a one-time shot when they so generously donated last year, you know? What will they think when they get another letter this year? And now, I'm practically finished with the run. I can't hardly send the letters now!

So. The team had better hope we sell a lot of hot dogs this summer. And that the chocolate bars sell well. Mom and I did okay with the scarves. But it was nothing like the run. That was crazy. Maybe I can send out the letters again next year. Because I plan to keep running. So I may as well keep asking people to help with the fund raising. It isn't for me after all. Why should I be shy about asking for help for the ACS?

So today I ran for them. I ran for all of them. See that list? That whole list on the right? There are far too many names on that list. When I started this, it was really small. It was Keith, my husband, who had a brain tumor back in 2001 that was removed in surgery. And it was the Brain Tumor Warriors we met along the way. It was a handful of relatives who have had cancer. It was Lauren's mom, Dawn, who was battling breast cancer. And Kimberly, who continues to fight. It was a few friends who were going through battles of their own, some of them mighty wicked battles. And friends who'd already fought the battle. And then I asked for more inspiration from you. And boy, did you come through. With more inspiration than I ever could have imagined. Because there isn't anyone who doesn't know somebody who has battled the beast. And the list continues to grow all of the time. I could be adding to it daily, I bet. And I will run for anyone that you ask me to, anytime. And I will add their name to my banners and my t-shirt when we walk in that Relay come June. Please let me know who they are. Especially if I have any new readers. Because they keep me working on the Relay and help get me back on the treadmill when I'm ready to give up.

Okay. Back to my pen. I'm off to write into the New Year. It's my tradition. Hope you are all enjoying this New Year's Eve.

I'm working on a blog update. If anyone has any idea why all of my posts are stacking up on top of each other instead of listing down the page the way they are supposed to, please leave me a comment! I'm pulling my hair out every time I try and fix it. Thanks. And thanks for giving me a Reason to Relay. My three readers are the best...


Quack! Quack! (For Joe, BT Warrior and Hubby to Ena Mae)

That other day's miles: 4.3
And one more day's miles: 3.8
And then today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 357.6
Still to go for goal: 142.4

Wondering what the title of this post meant? Every time I hit another 50 miles milestone, I earn another duck. I got this from my mentor, Marn.

I ran for Joe and Mae this week. I haven't been out to visit Mae's Caring Bridge website lately, but I'm on my way there now.

On the road again!!!!!!


Threes About Moi

Because I don't want to suffer a slow death...

Three names you go by:

Three screennames you have:
Crazy Girl

Three things you like about yourself:
kind heart
ummmm I can crochet?

Three things you dislike about yourself:
My challenged memory

Three parts of your heritage:

Three things that scare you:
lack of coffee
loss of internet access
inability to write

Three of your everyday essentials:
Coffee (especially at a coffee shop and these days - vanilla lattes)
Writing something down with a really great pen (even if it is just a list)
Checking in with Keith

Three things you are wearing right now:
Levi's 505's
My 2004 NaNo t-shirt
socks (no, really! I have socks on!)

Three of your favorite bands/artists (at the moment):
The Thorns
Jason Mraz

Three of your favorite songs at present:
No Blue Sky (The Thorns)
Pick something off Waiting For My Rocket to Come (Jason Mraz)
This is the Last Time (Keane)

Three things you want to do in the next 12 months:
Finish returning home from nowhere
Complete a whole new running destination
Organize my house

Three things you want in a relationship (love is a given):
fun (those may sound alike, but they aren't)

Three physical things about the opposite sex (or same) that appeal to you:
smile/laughter/sense of humor

Three things you just can't do:
Curl my tongue (the only one in my family who can't; Cory also claims he can't, but Jena says he is lying. :-p)
Stay off the computer for any real length of time
Not be addicted to something (reading, surfing, writing, tv if I've got it, coffee, soda when I drank it; I stay far from the bad stuff because of this!)

Three of your favorite hobbies:
(I'll have to copy Katie here) Spoiling or just plain hanging out with Kel - have to enjoy it while I can

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
Watch Gilmore Girls but it's a repeat again tonight
Go see a movie (The Life Aquatic is calling me)
Veg Veg Veg!

Three careers you're considering:
Editor (need any help, Katie?)
Web something or other

Three places you want to go on vacation:

Three things you want to do before you die:
Win the lottery so I can set Keli up comfy
The same so I can set Keith up comfy
I dunno... see Italy?

Three *cough* people who have to take this quiz now or die a slow death:
Mark (yeah, like that'll happen)
Jay (did you do this one already?)
Kazoofus (did you do this one already?)
Jen (did you do this one already?)


More Projects... Cheeseheads? Who, Us???

In light of this weekend's big GB/MN game, (yahoo, Pack!) Just thought I post a happy photo of my folks' stockings...

I should have placed a bet on the game (and the one in November) but I can never come up with anything good to bet!

Thank you to Katie who found me the cute duck blinkie on the right side of my screen. Later I'll post a photo of the rubber ducks I received for Christmas from my mother-in-law, too! These were obviously designed to get my butt moving. I'm off to hit the treadmill right now. I'm going to hit 350 tonight. I can't believe I still have 150 to go to return from Nowhere. *sigh* I never thought I'd not be home by the end of the year. What a sad sad state.


Ho Ho Hum Bug...

Slow progress at best, but some things are getting done. Maybe I'll be ready for Christmas by Friday...

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care...

And look out those windows! We've finally got a little snow on the ground! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I'm even dreaming of a White Christmas!


Another Jen Ripoff...

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.
Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

You'll see why I titled it another Jen ripoff after I finally finish the meme I'm working on later...

A Jen Ripoff...

Shamelessly ripped off from Jen (who shamelessly ripped it off from Jay).

A kind of peachy/taupe color that I'm dying to change to my favorite green froth.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Southwestern artwork

Currently - Finish Line. Love board games with the family. Love them.

Urgh... We used to subscribe to Utne Reader. I really liked it. We subscribed to National Geographic while we home schooled Keli. Loved that, too. Shambala Sun always has terrific stuff in it that makes me think a lot. Very deeply.

My puppy's feet.

green froth (this isn't exact - I don't have the RGB numbers, but it is close when matching against my office walls) makes me feel peace-full every time I walk into the two rooms of my house that have the walls painted this color. Thus, I want to finish the rest of the house this way.


Not enough - always running to find a phone - four. And it isn't answering machine, it's voice mail, which is part of the difficulty I suppose.


Coffee, followed by peppermint.

Yes. Quite likely.


Totally cool.

At the moment? Vanilla Latte.

Next month!

Steamed Artichokes dipped in butter. :) decadent and infrequent.

If I could get paid to blog and do my crochet, that would be the perfect job for me.

Oh, I like the color of my hair, so I'd just keep it, thanks.

Still am.

21) TOP THREE FAVORITE MOVIES (NOT IN ORDER because I couldn't possibly pick an order)? (AKA Movies I can watch over and over) And this changes on a regular basis...
Meet Joe Black
The English Patient (left here from Jen because ME TOO!)
Practical Magic

Of course. Mr. Fegely would be rolling in his grave if I wasn't after all his tutelage... "Hunt and peck. Hunt and peck. What is with you people? HOME ROW!!!"

More dust bunnies than I care to consider and a wee bit of dog hair.

Currently - 500... 500 miles run last year to earn donations for the Relay. Currently running 500 miles to get back home. :) Trying to earn $500 in donations for the 2005 Relay. 500 is my kind of number. Maybe I'll shoot to run 500 miles before the Relay in June, eh? I'd better hurry up and get back home then... *coughlazya$cough* :)

Blech. Really? Hmmm. OH! Okay. Gymnastics. Especially during the olympics.
In person? Swimming and diving, I guess.

That I won't EVER get back home from the 500 mile return run so I can start my next running campaign for the 2005 Relay! I think I need a challenge!

All time: White Ladder by David Gray
Right Now: Keane's Hopes & Fears
In CD player: Currently rotating our huge collection of Christmas stuff through. And we do have a lot, including my favorite Windham Hill stuff, Narada, Lorrie Line, George Winston's December and Linus & Lucy, and our latest addition from Keith, The Colors of Christmas (Peabo and Company!), and last but not least, the CD my brother Kevin burned for us a year or two ago to bring back the Ghost of Christmas Past, Sing Along with Mitch!.

All time: This is tough! I loved the short-lived series American Gothic back in 95-96. Keith and I watched it and knew that it was doomed because like Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure which came before it and which we also liked immensely but ended long before we were ready for them to, we knew that by liking it we were killing it prematurely. Picket Fences died that year too, sadly enough. I believe we ended up letting our TV die shortly thereafter.
Right now: Gilmore Girls which we have to go elsewhere to tape so we can bring it back home to watch only through projection on the wall.

Garden Burgers and Not Dogs... love em both. :)

Hiking: Colorado Rockies, Montana Rockies, Badlands; State Street, Madison, Wisconsin; Mineral Point, Wisconsin

A photo of me with Kel, Jena, Caitlin and my Dad from one of our Wednesday nights.

More importantly, do I eat McDonald's fries? Can't remember the last time. I have been seen dodging very quickly through the BK drive-through picking up a small chocolate shake and a gigantasauras fries, however. And they NEVER skimp.

Olive Garden for the salad, breadsticks and white sauce to dip them in. (Add a strawberry daqueri and I'm a happy camper for the whole day!)

Matthew Eldon (but wouldn't THAT just be a miracle?!)

one of those two...

Resolution Coming?

Let's hope my friends have the answers they've been looking for by year end.

We've all hoped for resolution. But this is far from what we expected.

Another Update...

Well, Kona/Donna/Mom has her Moose-deer back. She went with a house/search document to her son's house on Saturday morning and demanded it's return. Indeed, it was there at his house. She is still unclear as to who kidnapped it from her house in the first place, only that she found it at his house in the end. She is now ready to post a reward for the return of her shaker jar of Christmas Cheer sprinkles which has apparantly disappeared from her kitchen. It was there on Wednesday when we were there for Girls' night having our Christmas cookie decorating contest but was ogne when we were there last night having dessert after going out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. It was used several times to give Christmas cheer and happiness to a few of the girls at the table that night who needed a little lightening up. :)

I have a few photos for the family (and anyone who is interested) to enjoy from Wednesday night of the activities the girls took part in. I'm missing the photos of the actual cookie part, though. I was a little busy at the time. Cookie decorating is fun! For some reason, my nieces consider me a little anal retentive after observing my technique. Hmmmm.

Gramps gets cleanup when the girls have frosted the cookies (I'm hoping he'll be sending a few shots of us working on the cookies because I didn't get any pictures of those - his camera is having some problems, though)...

Here is Jena on Wednesday looking for things to quiz the girls on from a book that has characters in it named Keri and Jenna... We're partial to that book (even if Jena's name is spelled wrong!).

Erin and Caitlin are working on decorating some plain gift bags here that can be used for Christmas gift giving...

Jena is hard at work on her homework here...

And Keli went to use Gram and Gramps' computer after the cookies were all decorated because she had Japanese homework to complete...



As you all know by now, I'm a great cook (quit laughing).

So I'm posting here, my newest recipe for Christmas Cookies, sent to me by my cousin Dianne (also known as, She Who Took My Daughter to Japan)...

Christmas Cookie Ingredients:

1 cup of water
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup of brown sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
4 large eggs
1 cup nuts
2 cups of dried fruit
1 bottle Jose Cuervo Tequilla

Sample the Cuervo to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the Cuervo again, to be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink.

Turn on the electric mixer...Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar..Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the Cuervo is still OK, try another cup ... just in case.

Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit, Pick the frigging fruit off floor... Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it lloose with a drewscriver. Sample the Cuervo to check for tonsisticity.

Next, sift two cups of salt, or something. Who giveshz a sheet. Check the Jose Cuervo. Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever you can find.

Greash the oven.

Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fall over Don't forget to beat off the turner. Finally, throw the bowl out, finish the Cose Juervo and make sure to put the stove in the dishwasher.


Now that's my kind of recipe! Thanks, Dianne! :)

Bearly - an Update...

Took the dog in for a weight check yesterday and to ask some questions. He has gained a pound! Oh happy day! He's eating more and he's comfortable. He's keeping the food down and he's acting much more like the dog we know and love.

I hadn't mentioned this before because I hadn't told Keith about it and didn't want him learning of it here first, but the last time the dog was sick, I discovered he had some internal bleeding going on. So when I had him in to the vet on Thursday, we got him on meds to handle this, too. Between that and the morphine and the new food, He's doing so much better.

In talking with the vet yesterday and discussing all of the options, he said that if Bear continues on this current path of more weight gain, keeping the food down and comfort on the pain killing (and extremely low dosage) drugs for the next couple of months to give his pancreas a chance to heal, he has a very good prognosis.

So please keep him in your thoughts because this will be the path we'll take for now. I have no intentions of taking extreme measures as I think this will only cause him more pain and suffering. It is my belief (here come arguments, perhaps?) that extreme measures (as in surgery or the feeding tube to bypass the pancreas long term) for pets are taken for the owners' sakes, not for the pets'. I do not believe it adds to the quality of the animal's life.


Friday Update

Quick update before I head out for the Friday morning writing ritual with Magical Mystery Marge...

Bear is on morphine now. At least for a little while. The hallmark treatment for chronic pancreatitus in pets is pain management while trying to get it under control. One phrase I never thought I would hear my veterinarian utter: "We have to see if we can get some weight on this dog." Unfortunately, the morphine might affect his appetite. Keith and I have some decisions to make this weekend. The most difficult part of pet ownership in my opinion...

Have a good Friday all. More scarves done (gift scarves)... Kel and I are hard at work in our free time. Christmas approaches!


Bearly is Hurtin' Again...

Puppy is going back to the veterinarian today. He's taken a turn for the worse. Wish us luck. It's so hard to see the furry friends in pain.

Most recent shot of him looking up at me while I was standing on the kitchen counters putting the village up the other day. He should have been named Shadow because I can always count on him being right under my feet when I'm home during the day...


Lest Anyone Has Forgotten...


I think not! Consider widening the scope of your investigation into this matter.

Here's the postcard the folks' got from the missing reindeer/moose:

Thank you, Bill!

For the great plug! You're awesome...

Scarves for sale!!! :) Don't plan on them until after the holidays, though. I'm really busy making a bunch right now for gifts. The ones I'm making these days are less frou-frou and more utilitarian. Wish I'd been taking photos all along. I always forget before I deliver them.

Anyway, thanks again, Bill!

Moose (Reindeer?) Mail...

Well, I'm hoping to get a photograph emailed to me from Dad of the postcard that he and Mom received in the mail today.

It came from the missing moose. :) He's apparantly on vacation down south with his family and sent a photo of himself and his lovely lady moose living it up with drinks in hand and the caption that read something about thanks for letting me take this trip to see my family.

There is still some question as to what the durned thing really is. She says moose, others say reindeer... Here he is living it up with the family last year after he had been kidnapped from me (after I had lifted him from mom's)... He's the one second from the left.

Reindeer games.

For Mae...

Today's kickoff to complete the Return from Nowhere was run for Ena Mae, battling pancreatic cancer in Denver, surrounded by friends and loved ones. You can visit her Caring Bridge website and leave her a word of encouragement or just follow her battle if you like.

Caring Bridge is totally cool. It's a nonprofit organization that provides a free online service for patients so they (their families) can communicate with loved ones and let everyone know their status and how their recovery is going. I wish I'd known about it when Keith was going through his surgery and such. I'd have definitely used it instead of trying to send out all of those e-mails I was putting together. If you know of anyone who could use this service, please pass along their website information. It is very easy to use.

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 344.3
Still to go for goal: 155.7

I'ma gonna be one hurtin' girl tomorrow! But I need to get some miles under my belt by the end of the year so I can put the Return from Nowhere to bed and get moving on the new campaign for Relay 2005.


tuesday is chooseday

either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather:

  1. A garbage collector OR a fry cook at a greasy spoon restaurant?
  2. With my cooking abilities, I'd fit right in at a greasy spoon! :)

  3. The person who repairs downed power lines OR the person who cleans the shark tanks (while they're still in it) at aquariums?
  4. Doesn't that sound thrilling? At least it wouldn't take place out in the elements during the snowstorms and ice storms and freezing cold temperatures that bring the power lines down! (It's cold up here, can you tell?)

  5. The person who does makeup on dead people for open casket services OR the person who who has to scoop the ashes of a dead person into an urn?
  6. The first one could be difficult for those cases where the people have had to have really major reconstruction because of the way they died, I would imagine.

  7. A beat cop in new york OR a navy SEAL on a covert mission?
  8. I wouldn't want either of these jobs, thanks. But given my druthers since I have to pick one, I'd prefer to be the cop I guess.
Mileage coming soon.


Okay. Enough of this not having time crap. I've been busy before. I've just got to get my rear in gear so I can get started on the new year with a new pledge drive. You know? I've got to put this return from nowhere to bed already. Besides, I'm tired of looking at this dogdamn duck. It's getting old fast. Must have a new layout.

Kicking off a late-night Monday with tidbits of news. What else is new?

Billy got his scarf in the mail today... that means all bloggers who ordered scarves have received scarves. Now I'm working on some last-minute Christmas scarves. After the holidays I'm hoping there will be more blog orders. I'll get more photos up at that point. But I'll be okay with it if there aren't because I'm going to get a new run in gear at that time and a letter-writing drive going.

I'm angry with myself for not getting on top of my Christmas shopping earlier. There is one thing I really wanted to get someone and now that I am ready to order it, they don't have it in stock. My loss. And it was the perfect gift. Drat.

Kel had a "Winter Concert" this evening at the school. It was great. But we can't call it Christmas Concert. Or even Holiday Concert. It has been winter concert for several years now. Although they did squeak in a couple of traditional holiday songs.

Keith's Mom has a dear friend battling pancreatic cancer right now. Ena Mae is out in Denver currently in Intensive Care after surgery last week. Tomorrow I run for Mae. Her hubby Joe is a BT warrior who made it on my T-shirt at the Relay last year and on our banner, but somehow never made it to my list of Inspirations here. So I'm adding him tonight. I'll be running for him this week, too.

When the month is over, I'll see where I'm at and get the letter together for the Relay Run and my new fund raiser. Putting on my thinking cap. As my daughter says, I just don't quit.

My other big task of the day was my laundry room. I feel like I've been working on it for days and days. Oh wait. I have been working on it for days and days. I'm almost finished. I've been cleaning and organizing. I read an article in the local paper this evening that made me laugh out loud because I totally recognized myself in it when I realized that the reason I so frequently can't get my Christmas decorating done until right before Christmas and sometimes not even then is because I haven't finished my nit-picky cleaning yet. I must be somehow related to the columnist. I kept thinking, "I'm not as bad as her." But I have a really hard time getting to my decorating every year because things aren't perfect yet in the house. I can NEVER get it to the stage I really want it. So yes, I am as bad as she is, she just has an organized enough system where she can actually get her house to that stage in a timely manner. I never can! (If you aren't able to see the article because the paper wants you to register, it is free, but if you don't want to register, let me know, I can put the article out here or e-mail it to you, it isn't long)...

Here it is, two weeks prior to Christmas and I'm working on my laundry room shelves; Saturday morning I cleaned the refrigerator; I cleaned the top shelf on the pantry Friday night (well, not completely, but part of it.) The tree is still boxed up in the basement along with all of the decorations. I did get the village out and set up but only because my mom bought me some of that new garland this year and sent it home with me the other day. It wasn't something that I had to get out - it was something new and exciting. It is so fun decorating with good, quality stuff.

Dog took another turn for the worst over the weekend. His pancreatitus flared up causing him abdominal pain again. I went to visit the veterinarian today and switched his diet to an even more bland food. He's still on the generic pepcid every day and still eating frequent tiny meals. That should have helped prevent this. The doc says if this really bland food doesn't stop it, he'll have to see him. Bear hates the vet as most animals do, I think. But it isn't looking good for our little guy, really. His is a very severe case.

Argh. I'm exausted. Must go to bed. 6 comes too early when writing blog posts at 2.

Please keep Mae in your thoughts and I'll see you tomorrow after my run...



Busy day. Met Mystical Marge for writing this morning at la Poste. May have to rethink that strategy, though. Not Marge, just the location. Arrrgh. After all our wonderful time there. Blargh.

Our team is officially registered online at the brand spankin' new online site for the Relay for Life for our location. So far three brave members of our team are online - guess which three? :) I even have had my first online donation. My paypal site will be coming off the blog soon since this is now available. I added a link to it from the blog tonight (the RFL logo on the right).

I dropped off two scarves yesterday to a woman who ordered them at the craft fair last week. Will be dropping off three more over the weekend. I dropped off another today. I loved that one. May do another for myself. It was gorgeous. Wish I'd have thought to take a photo because I think others would have liked it, too. It was called Lapis and it was really a wonderful silky soft and lucious warm material. When I make the one for me I'll take a photo.

Keith had a massage, I had a hot tub. I put out some lights in the bushes and a tree in front of the house. Haven't hauled out the extension cords to see how they look yet. Could be interesting. :)

Anxious to see how the fund-raising from the scarves is actually coming once the materials are deducted. I haven't done any figuring at all yet to know where I am on any of it. Looking forward to it. Some haven't paid because I still don't know what to charge for a few. HA! I'm so unbelievably wet behind the ears at business. Good thing I'm not trying to feed a family with my scarves. No nutritional value whatsoever.

Never updated you about them either, did I Robert? Catching on yet? ;)

Visited the parents when I dropped off the blue scarf. Also brought Keith in to town for his massage at that point. He got himself back from the apartment. Tomorrow? Grocery shopping and more holiday decorating. And perhaps Russian Tea Cakes. A request from Keli. And in the evening a holiday concert with the hubby in our little town. Maybe I'll get a few e-mails out to my teammates to try and convince them to get online and register. They are dragging their feet.

Kimby... perhaps you could get on here and extoll the virtues of being online for the Relay. How did your online fundraising go? Was it smashingly simple? Did you do well online? Did people love it? I know I loved the ease of use when I donated to you and the other two people for whom I utilized it. Perhaps some of my blog friends will donate to me and my friends and family will see me racking up the donations and jump on the band wagon... (just a tiny hint but no pressure!).

I'm off to bed before I fall out of my chair. G'night! OH! Before I go, I'd like to toss the idea of a contest out here. Now, I realize I only have three and a half loyal readers, so posing a contest is a pretty lame idea, but I'ma gonna do it anyway in the hopes of generating some thoughts for my meeting coming up for Relay because it would be great to have something fresh to walk in with (and all credit will go to you, the winner - and a prize, too. I'll come up with something, I promise! I'm putting on my thinking cap as I write...)

We are working on themes for the Relay for 2005 and along with that a Logo. It doesn't have to be big and elaborate (simple is actually pretty good). Themes that we've used since I've been there have been Mardi Gras, Stayin' Alive, and actually, the very first year I was with them it totally escapes me. I loved the Stayin' Alive theme for obvious reasons - These are cancer survivors! And it was a really great, upbeat tune and we could dress up and get all hip and jive and ... well, I digress.

One of the themes batted around so far is The Boss's Dancing in the Dark, which is cool, since we're up all night for the Relay, it's got a good beat to keep us going, and it's a fun song. So that would be one starting point. Any takers? You can look here to see what I'm saying about a logo and theme combination. It has last year's on it from the Staying Alive theme if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Okay. NOW I'm going to bed. For real.


I know, I know... I'm still older than you are.

Good Dog, we've been friends for a long time!

Happy Birthday, little buddy! Hope you have a great day!

And Hutch? I'd have done this for you, too... But I have two photographs of note... That one I posted earlier of the bathing beauties, in which I managed to crop you completely out of the photo, and the other has us in our Halloween costumes. I'm laughing sitting here just thinking about it. Me standing in the middle of the living room staring out at you in the middle of my front yard staring in at me. I'm wondering who that boy is in my front yard looking at me and if I should know him. He looks kinda familiar. And he's acting like I should know him. I didn't invite any boys to my party. It's creeping me out how he's staring at me like that. That was one dang good costume, girl. You must have been laughing your butt off at me. Well, all that and the fact that you turned 40 on your birthday. (40 for crying out loud!) Which is going to be me soon enough and we're just going to pass right over that like it didn't even happen. Just like I kindly did for you. See how I did that? Wasn't that kind of me? :) How's life? (At 40, I mean... and can you even read this or do you need glasses now? heh. Just kidding old buddy old pal. HA! OLD buddy. OLD pal. Get it? Oh Dog. I'm just full of 'em tonight. I crack myself up. I think I better go to bed. I must be tired.)

Okay. I'm off to dreamland. Hoping to meet Marvelous Marge for writing in the morning if we aren't getting pelted with freezing rain by then. It is raining now and 34 degrees. Going to bed with this kind of weather usually finds you waking up to late starts for school.


Wednesday already???

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 339.1
Still to go for goal: 160.9

Not much, but better than nothing.

And hey, here's the big news anyway, our relay is getting with the 21st century! Check it out (and be kind because we JUST got online this week and started rolling it out to the first few team captains plus it is very early in our team recruitment season...)

My Relay!

Now I'm going to bed. But I might go warm up in the hot tub first. I'm frizzin'.

Silly Girls...

Katie's blog inspired me the other day. So mom, when you start to blame me, realize that you must instead blame Sunaliza. It was all her fault. It had nothing to do with me, really. You were just so photogenic that night. And I think everyone would agree that they are simply lovely photos. And they just make people happy. So don't fret. Enjoy the notoriety fame instead! After all, you like making people happy, right?

Kel and grandma being goofy...

And even goofier...

P.S.Did you find the missing reindeer yet? So sorry to hear that it's been kidnapped again. Seems awfully reminiscent of another kidnapping from a holiday about a year ago... You do remember who was responsible in that case, and in the subsequent case of the missing reindeer, don't you??? I could pass this information along to Bob the Detective, if you'd like me to. It might be helpful in his investigation...


Cheesy Moments in Film...

British Baker Warburton's posed the question "What are your top three cheesiest moments in film?" to 2,000 U.K. moviegoers in celebration of the launch of their new cheese-flavored crumpets.

Here are the big winners:

  1. "Titanic": Leonardo DiCaprio's "I'm the king of the world!"
  2. "Dirty Dancing": Patrick Swayze's "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."
  3. "Four Weddings And A Funeral": Andie McDowell's "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed."
  4. "Ghost": Demi Moore's "Ditto," to Patrick Swayze's "I love you."
  5. "Top Gun": Val Kilmer to Tom Cruise: "You can be my wingman anytime"
  6. "Notting Hill": Julia Roberts'"I'm just a girl ... standing in front of a boy ... asking him to love her."
  7. "Independence Day": Bill Pullman's "Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"
  8. "Braveheart": Mel Gibson's "They may take our lives, but they will not take our freedom!"
  9. "Jerry Maguire": Renee Zellweger to Tom Cruise: "You had me at hello."
  10. "The Postman": A blind woman says to Kevin Costner: "You're a godsend, a savior." He replies: "No, I'm a postman."
Can you think of others?

(story from the AP)

Tuesday is Chooseday...

tuesday is chooseday

either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather:
  1. be best friends with screech from "saved by the bell" OR urkel from "family matters"?
  2. Urkel I remember. Screech came a little after my time. Besides, Urkel was cool. He sort of reminded me of someone I went to school with. He actually moved away a while prior to high school and annoyed me to no end in middle school, but perhaps I'd have matured enough to be friends in high school.

  3. discover a rare new mineral on your property OR a species of animal once thought extinct?
  4. Don't you just know they'd rip apart the property for the animal?! For the animal, you'd hope it was protected (animal and property, that is).

  5. fart everytime you sneeze OR everytime you hiccup?
  6. Let's see... one to three sneezes in a row or fifty gazillion hiccups...

  7. get scammed by one of those nigerian bank account spams OR by a pyramid scheme?
  8. Neither, but that's not really an option.


And the correct answers ARE...

No! No! Yes! Barely! NO! (Which is probably the reason for the negative response to the first two - had I taken care of this FIRST, like Dana suggested, I probably would have gotten through much more of the million and one and the mileage! Way to go, Dana! I believe that makes you the winner on all counts! And Hutch, my back is okay surprisingly enough, making it okay for the uprightness, but there is a migraine lurking, so uprightness with eyes fully open and happiness on my face was not a possibility by the end of the day. Point to Kathy for the positive upright answer.

Whaddup with both of you saying no about the mileage? Oh ye of little faith! Okay, I didn't, but still!

That means the million and a quarter things get tacked on to Tuesday. Oh joy.


She's got a million and one things to do today. Will she accomplish all of them? Will she add to her mileage? Will her daughter be speaking to her after parent/teacher conferences? Will she still be able to stand upright (scrubbing grout and glass block and tiles in the shower is hard work and painful)? Will she take time for coffee and a scone?

YOU be the judge...

Stop back (much) later to learn the answer! Same bat time! Same bat station...


Another Week Begins...

Frustration and gloom arise from the basement as my one and only child struggles with her FST homework. She has gotten a little behind on her understanding of it and the further behind you fall in math, the harder it gets. She's trying to get through a probabilities assignment tonight and I can't even help her with it. I've been trying but I'm failing miserably. I should have called my brother and asked if we could have gone to his house for a little tutoring. He may have been some help. I had nothing to offer, I'm afraid.

Must get her caught up on the subject this week. You know what I'll be boning up on during the day at any opportune moment. I have parent/teacher conferences tomorrow night. She doesn't want me to go because she knows I'll have discussions with how I can get things moving again with the math teacher. Damn right I will. I should make her come with me.

So that will be a main concern this week. Along with updating the Relay online fundraising website and getting packets out for the teams who need them and doing some more scarf work and stocking work and hey! I still have to get a photo or two online about those stockings! And I've some Christmas shopping to finish up and some decorating to do and I did laundry all day today and I'd like to do some baking and some candy making (without injury, I hope) and keep my dog healthy and still get some writing in and maybe even a little reading and try to catch up on a few more blog friends and even a 3D friend or two (Hi Hutch!).

Kel was asked to play her French Horn on a CD that a very talented fellow student is putting together for the holidays - she'll be practicing for that this week and having to do a couple of rehearsals after school. She should be hearing in just a couple of days whether she was accepted for Japanese/English camp next spring, too. And she's going to participate in the Japan bowl at school on a team which has some real potential. Crossing fingers that they at least make it to the state level.

Okay. Enough. I really have to get some more stuff done before bed. I'm hoping to get her to get some sleep tonight. Her sleep schedule is so far off it isn't even funny. I would think that could help improve her math aptitude a little bit.



Hot tubs are wonderful things.

Very busy day today. Keli had her first behind the wheel scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon. She has had such a busy schedule that she hasn't been practicing much lately. So we headed to the old hometown to use Grandma's car for practice for a little while. (Read: 3 hours) She was a little more confident by the time we finished that. I dropped her off at the high school for her session with Chris the Driving Instructor and realized I'd already been gone from our house forever today.

From there I headed to the co-op to get a few things Keith had on his list which were needed for his apartment. Afterwards, it was off to the Ben Franklin/Hallmark to look at their Christmas in the City buildings. We have a small collection and I wanted to kill time there seeing what we needed this year. We usually add two things because if you buy one retired item, you get a second retired item of equal or lesser value at half price. Mom wants to get one for us this year. (I took care of that for you, Mom. I'll bring it up to your place tomorrow! :D ) This is one of them. And here is the other. As soon as it retires? I'm getting this one. I think it is beautiful.

Hutch, thanks for letting me know about the Tug McGraw brain tumor bracelet. I hadn't heard anything about it, or about his foundation. I'm adding a link to the blog about it when I get done with the post and we'll be looking into the bracelets or the "Ya gotta believe" patches. They're a little more complex seeing as how you have to tie them on instead of slipping them on and off, so... but I do like that attitude and the cause.

After the shopping I dashed back over to the school because I didn't know exactly when Kel would be done with Chris the Driving Instructor. I got to sit there in my cold car for another hour, but I did have some crochet to do. I got an order for a couple of scarves and was able to almost finish one of them while I waited. Once she got back, we filled the tank with gas, picked up the boyfriend and headed home.

And here I am. I made us some dinner, they're watching a movie and I hope to catch up with one or two of you before I go play around with the other scarf for a few minutes before bed. Oh. That's right. No bed for me until I return the boyfriend to his house.

Happiness is a new CD. Keith bought us The Colors of Christmas on CD. It has become an annual tradition that we attend Peabo Bryson's concert in the cities. We missed it last year because he changed venues. :( We went to A Christmas Carol at The Guthrie instead, which was fabulous. We didn't go this year, either because of a bit of miscommunication. NEXT year for sure. But Keith bought the new CD they put out (at least I think it's new), so we get to hear the classic songs that we love hearing every year anyway (Peabo and Roberta Flack singing The Gift, This Christmas which we usually hear Peabo sing live, but James Ingram does it on the CD and we did get to hear him do it a few years ago and loved).

Okay. Heading out. G'night!


Whatta Week!

It's been a busy one! First I had to finish my novel before the beginning of December. And I did! I finished up early in the afternoon on the 30th. I love the month of November. NaNo is FUN. Don't let anybody tell you any differently if you've never done it. If you are thinking some day that you'd like to try it, by all means DO IT! This is my second year and I enjoyed it this year even more than last year. I think that's because I did most of my writing at home late at night last year. This year I left home and did it in my favorite coffee shop for the most part. It was a blast. And I'm going to keep up the habit as much as possible.

As soon as I got the word requirement finished for NaNo, I had to start back in on the scarves because of the Holiday Boutique that took place on Wednesday and Thursday. You know what? Some people just do not appreciate the quality of homemade products. WallyWorld has ruined the Arts and Crafts world. You can go there and get a cheap scarf for $7.99 so why go to a Holiday Boutique and pay $35 for one? Especially when Jane Doe has over at her table for $15, even if hers are scrawny and scratchy? Aunt Bea isn't going to know the difference since she never saw these thick, warm, plush, gorgeous ones over here! LOL. And I don't care if the proceeds (aside from supplies) are going to Relay For Life and Jane Doe's money is all going to line her pocket. Makes no difference to me. I don't care where the money goes.

Okay. It was a little frustrating for the work that was done. That's all I'm saying. But I might be doing another one next Saturday. :) I have more stuff to sell! And I'll be better prepared with my new business cards and with a sign telling people about the proceeds going to Relay and knowing about Jane Doe in advance and with more of my Christmas Stocking examples out there and with some mittens done, too. Maybe.

And the dog was sick again. He added to the hecticness of the week. Just a little bit. And then there was the kid. Who just has a busy social schedule in general. And there was a big Relay For Life Kickoff Meeting followed by a Committee meeting. I got a little busier there, too. But that's a good busy. I like Relay.

And Keith had his appointment on Monday. Which I didn't even make it to. With the dog getting sick again, which we began to suspect over the weekend, I took Keith to the hotel on Sunday night so he could be right by the hospital for his MRI on Monday morning. We had dinner together and then I dashed back home. He was going to go for the MRI and call me when he got there and asked what time the follow-up to get the results was going to be. Then I was going to drive out there and meet him for that follow-up. He called at 7:45. We thought the follow-up was scheduled for 3 pm. He said, "The follow-up is scheduled for 8:30." So there was no chance I was going to make that. I told him to call me when it was over and let me know. And I wished him luck. Then I went back to bed! Shhh. Don't tell him I did that. Can you imagine I was that relaxed?

He called at 10:30 when I was getting ready and asked where I was. I should have been over there by then really. I think that's what he was thinking, too. His appointment had gone well. There are no signs of growth from the residual tumor and no signs of further enhancement. Another good checkup for the year. I told him I was on my way. Thanks to everyone for their good thoughts and prayers!

Now it's time to get back to real life and figuring out how to do that after NaNo. I need to figure out how to do that in addition to Relay Committee responsibilities. Will somebody remind me how to do things like work plus have a real life? Because multi-tasking just isn't me. I'm single-threaded now. But life is good.

I'll figure it out. Somehow.

In other news, cool things I learned today. Michael Billet has a website. Go check it out and you'll be reminded who he is because I've told you before. Unless you have only recently come to meet me. In which case you'll just be meeting Michael. If you need some cool music for someone on your Christmas gift list, check out his Silent Victory C.D. It has some great stuff on it. I haven't heard Citizen in the Land of Dreams yet, but I would bet it's pretty great, too. We heard Michael live last May at the david m. bailey concert (another awesome musician by the way and highly recommended for the holidays - and a brain tumor warrior to boot!) and loved his music.

I also learned today that the American Brain Tumor Association now has Brain Tumor Wristbands! I think that's totally cool. I've ordered them for the members of the Brain Trust (our Relay for Life team) and some extras. I saw recently that you can now get pink ones for breast cancer support. I'm sure everyone has seen the yellow Lance Armstrong ones that support his cancer foundation. These are gray - for the gray matter of the brain, of course.

Okay. Enough already for one post. Need to update a few things on the template and will put it to bed for the night. Hope to update regularly after this and regain my three loyal readers. I have missed you.

Soon to bring back What Was Keri Watching, Question for Hutch and updated MILEAGE!


Friday Night Fever...

Checking in to say I'm starting to catch up. Got some writing done today. The craft show is this week so then the scarf production can die down (unless there is a big run on scarves through the internet - hint hint). I decided to get a Christmas stocking or two made for the sale to raffle off. Photo posted as soon as I've finished it (them?). I'll personalize it for the winner(s) once their name(s) is drawn, if I do this.

Tomorrow I'm taking Keli to have her hair done. She's having the works - perm, color, cut. Should be fun. I'll have to do before and after photos. She's excited. I should be able to get lots of crocheting done while I'm sitting there watching that action!

Keith has finished nearly all of the family Christmas shopping. Well, his side of the family anyway. I still have my side to complete. But that was a job well done. Now if I can get so organized.

There is a big Captain's Kickoff meeting for the Relay on Tuesday night. Too bad I'm not organized enough to have met with the members of my team to know who is planning on attending so I can't even register us for the Relay yet. I'M SO DISORGANIZED RIGHT NOW! I need a KathyHowe in my life.

Okay. I'm off. I have a stocking to crochet. And a movie to watch perhaps. Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday, Kathy!


I made it!

I survived multiple movies and a total junk food fest with my girls. We partied hard... There were grilled cheese sandwiches and orange pops, cheetos, potato chips with sour cream, chocolate chip ice cream, and puppy chow. And that was just last night! In the middle of the night there was a midnight making of pizza rolls because somebody had a craving... okay, that was me. This morning there was a lot of junky cereal and some healthy 100% juice. There were great movies, like Elf, Raising Helen, Weekend at Bernie's, The Breakfast Club (hey, my 80's girls Keli and Jena HAD to watch at least one 80's flick so they did when the other two were falling over from exhaustion last night), and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Here they are in the kitchen last night. Jena is finishing up the grilled cheese sammiches I started, Keli is eating hers while it is still hot, and Caitlin and Erin are hard at work making the puppy chow for the movie watching snack before we head down to watch the first movies of the evening...

Finally, at about 3:30 this afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa's to work on the crafts for a while and they were on their way home from there a couple of hours later.

Keith is on his way home now for the long weekend. I'm going to dash in and spend an hour writing for the first time in days.

And would you believe nearly a year has past since the last tube-ride (MRI)? Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again. The annual check-up in search of recurrence is upon us. Too bad it didn't take place last Monday so that he could have his clean bill of health already and we could be giving thanks for that tomorrow, too. Send your good thoughts this way on Monday morning, please... NO BRAIN TUMORS ALLOWED!

May you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and bless yourselves with a thankful heart every day.


Popping in for a Visit!

Hello! Finished three more scarves over the weekend (YOURS, Bill! and two others, and got started on another and have the makings of several more), but didn't write a word... And it will be a very busy week, so will I finish the novel by the end of the month? Good question!

We went to a play on Saturday night and we were surrounded by Red Hat Ladies. Do you know any Red Hat Ladies? Are you a Red Hat Lady? The play was excellent. I'd see it again and take a friend (Marvelous Marge) who I know would love it. But I think it closed this past weekend. We usually buy our tickets for the last weekend of the show.

Did you hear the news this morning about the hunter who opened fire on the people who requested he get off the private land that he didn't have permisssion to be hunting on? Yeah. How many times have I yelled at people to do the same? Don't think I'll be doing that again. I guess having that deer slung across the grill is pretty dang important to some people. And yes, it happened right here in the great state of Wisconsin. Five people killed and several more injured. Would he have stopped if he hadn't run out of ammo? Good question. Looking for a story to link... Here.

That's all I've got for now. Looks like girls' night this week is going to be an extended bunch of fun. Since they don't have school on Wednesday, our regular time for it, they're all coming over here tomorrow after school and having a movie night with movies on the wall, sleeping over and then spending the day here with more movies and crafts on Wednesday. Should be fun! Can Aunt Keri keep up? We'll soon find out!

Later! I'm off for a visit with my Gray Street buddy before she heads off to be a full-time worker bee again. We sure didn't take advantage of her time off the way we should have! :(


Where I've been.

I've been working hard on the writing as you can see by the numbers on my progress meter. I've also been crocheting when I'm not doing that. I got three scarves done over the past weekend and a fourth I have started and restarted probably five times. I love the color and texture of the yarn, but it is really kicking me in the a$$. I'm ready to give up and buy some chenille to put with it to make it easier on myself.

Here is a photo of this past weekend's work.

This is a photo of the fourth that has been kicking me.
I am going to kick it right back, however.

Kel and I saw BJ: The Edge of Reason and we loved it! Of course. We've seen the original so many times and loved the books so much and had committed these characters to memory and there was really no way for us not to love it. Besides, Hugh Grant only gets better looking with age - wow. The cad. And Colin Firth? Yummy.

We also watched Peter Pan (2003) the other night, having rented the DVD. I may have already written about this since I have written so infrequently of late that I don't even remember what I've written about. We loved that, as well. Captain Hook/Mr. Darling was played by the handsome Jason Isaacs. If you don't recognize the name, you'll recognize the face if you've seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as he played the wickedly dashing Lucius Malfoy. Peter Pan was played by the adorable Jeremy Sumpter. And Tinkerbell was done partially by animation and partially by a French actress, Ludivine Sagnier. They called her antics "female Charlie Chaplin" and she had such wonderfully witty and expressive faces and body movements. She was quite lovely.

So that's what I've been up to. Now I'm heading out to do some more writing on this extremely foggy but mild November day. And we have girls night tonight.

Dad is off for his second cataract surgery this morning so keep him in your thoughts, please.

Maybe I'll be out here long enough to stop by and read what the rest of you are up to one of these days. Hope so. When I am home, Kel usually is, too and she takes up all of the computer time, with the exception of these few minutes I'm allowing myself to update.

Still moving... slow but sure.

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 341.3
Still to go for goal: 158.7

At this pace I'll never be home by the end of the year, but I'm still moving.


Fame! Photos!

Cast and some crew - Kel was hiding in the wings...

"What sign were you born under baby?"
"For you? Keep out!"

Serena sings "Think of Meryl Streep!"

"Books come. Books go. But those lips? Those lips will stay with me forever!"

"I'm not a loser. Come on. Dance with me, Iris? I can't do this alone..."

The teachers discuss what is to be done after one of them gets a student through summer school through underhanded means so he can continue on as a dancer even though he's only reading at an elementary school level.

He's wearing zubas! (thanks, Robert!)

"Fame! I'm gonna live forever!" Reprise...



The play opened tonight with great success! Standing ovation from the crowd and the kids were really energized. As Kel said, "It was a great audience." There was a lot of laughter in the right places, applause when they appreciated things... It was nice.

She came home exhausted. She's coming down with something - probably a bad cold. And she was too tired for homework. Hope she can get it finished tomorrow during lunch or focus. Because she planned to do it in bed but was asleep before anything was accomplished. Tonight an aunt was in attendance. She's a graduate of the 80's and appreciated the clothing and music - all authentic stuff. I especially liked Schlomo's zoobah's in the last acts, with his aqua blazer and pink shirt... he looked hot! ;)

Tomorrow night Grandma and a couple of cousins will be there. Perhaps Grandpa? Her aunt said she may be back and bring her kids, too.

Saturday night Dad will be there. And there are friends there every night. She received several flowers tonight from various people.

Anyway, congratulations to all of the kids for a show well done! High energy and lots of talent going into it.

Photos to come!


More Bullets...

  • Kind of a gloomy day here. Not posting frequently, but I hope my three readers will stick around anyway. I'm just so bizzee with wanting to keep up on my NaNoWriMo so I'm not writing the vast majority of it in the final week like last year, and getting more scarves crocheted so I fill all of my orders and mailed out to satisfy all of my customers (sorry, Bill - I finished one, but I swear, it isn't right for you so I'm making you another) and get ready for the craft fair on December first and second.

  • Still have a few(!) miles to go to finish the 500 Mile Return From Nowhere, too! Don't worry. I haven't forgotten as you can see by the miles put in just yesterday. I will prevail!

  • Got a haircut this morning. Hurray! I hate that itchy feeling of hair down the shirt when you walk around all day afterward without showering after a haircut, though. I'll be glad when I have taken care of that little detail. Since it was an early morning appointment I went straightaway to Cafe' la Poste for some writing time on the NaNo. Got a goodly amount done (and a mocha java scone!), plus the added benefit of a yummy salad for lunch.

  • Last night was videotaping night of Fame! (the high school musical Keli is involved in) and their big final dress-rehearsal. Tonight they have fix-it night as a result of that final rehearsal and tomorrow is opening night. It went well for them. Kel makes a great stage manager/assistant director/lighting person! I got talked into doing refreshments at one of the nights - working a table, dishing them up and handing them out as people purchase them. We're to dress up in black and white - classy event, dontcha know... They had a great mix of eighties music playing both before the play and during the intermission. I asked Kel who put them together. The director put the mix prior to the play together and Kel herself put the intermission mix together. My little eighties wondergirl. :)

  • I'm still picking up toilet paper from the weekend. There were several pieces way up in the trees (these kids really got it up there! The tall pines were the most difficult to get it out of) that we neglected to get cleaned and with the gale-force northern winds that have been blowing winter into town, they've been coming down and landing beside the driveway with regularity. Each time I drive in or out the past few days, I stop and pick a few more pieces up. At least I'm getting things cleaned up eventually! Kel found out who the culprits were. It was the trumpet section, planned by her former boyfriend from last year (a really nice kid she dated for nearly a year). He was one of my lead suspects as there are so few who know where we live. Funny. We just laugh.

Well, I guess I'll get going. It's girls' night at the folks' house. Unfortunately Kel can't make it tonight because fix-it night interferes, but Jena and I will be there!


Mileage update...

Today's miles: 4.4
Total so far: 336.1
Still to go for goal: 163.9


Why I Live Here... Reason Number ?

For my last post of the evening, I'll just give one little reason for why we live where we do because as winter comes on I spend a lot of time whining and asking the age old question: Why do I live here? So here's a couple of views of one reason.

Kel and I spent about 20 minutes or so tonight out in the below freezing temps looking up. I went out first to see if we could actually see the Northern lights after my mom called to ask if we could see them.

Then I headed over to the hot tub where Keli was having a soak and let her know that we could indeed see them. I told her that I wasn't seeing any colors at the time, and was only getting a little glimpse of them, but a little glimpse was better than no glimpse at all.

The Northern Lights are one of those things that Kel has on her "Want to see before I die" list, so she ran inside and dried off, put on lots of warm clothes and got back outside a few minutes later. As she headed out the front door she asked where she needed to look and I told her I'd meet her out there.

When I wandered down the driveway a couple of minutes later, I found her there literally sobbing, hands over her open mouth, tears streaming down her face, and I thought she was going to collapse where she stood.

As I looked around me at the sky, I could see why. I didn't take these photos, but they are somewhat representative of what we were seeing. It was the most amazing thing we could have imagined. We got out there at what must have been the peak time in our area. It was breath-taking. I guess we mostly saw red corona and it was incredible.

I tried to come up with some way to describe what I was seeing from the formation of the aurora as I was looking at some of them and all I could think of with one of them was that it looked like the wings of an angel tearing right through the heavens, or even the wings of God. When I found this particular photo, while not having quite enough red, it was very similar to what we were seeing.

Credit for all of these photos goes to Jan Curtis, State Climatologist for Wyoming.

Promised photos... teepee'd...

Hey Dad, aren't you glad we keep things mowed around those first several pine so they could get really good footing around them to do their handiwork? :)

The pines were Keli's first view as I brought her home last night in the dark, but this was my first view as I emerged from the darkness of the woods and burst out upon the driveway. I ran the "gauntlet". It looked so much better in the dark of night with just the highbeams shining on the dancing streamers of tp...

Some of the individual trees - so delicate without their leaves, so well-papered!

There's just something so artistic about them!

We were not only papered, but riced!

and forked!

No! For the love of Dog! Not forked!

It's a beautiful day to clean the trees!

Okay, so we went to the Auction and Indoor Marching Band concert. It rocked the school. Literally. Ever hear a marching band perform inside a gymnasium? Yeah. It's loud. And they performed their whole routine which is usually done marching around a big football stadium on a basketball court. Little.Tiny.Movements. Awesome. I forgot my video camera. Oh well. Heidi had hers along. She said she'd make me a DVD.

It was pretty low turnout. Things on the silent auction went really cheap. It was sad. This is their BIG FUND RAISER for the year for all of the bands. But they aren't planning a trip or anything this year or even next year. So they aren't pushing hard to make money and the parents aren't working toward a specific goal, so nobody is thinking about the long run. The $35 value coffee package the I put together as a donation from Keith's business (each student has to collect one auction item from a local business and one item from their own family, thus the blanket we made) had an $8 bid on it the last time I walked past. I should have bid myself, but that would have been like paying for it twice and that just seemed silly to me. So I didn't.

The blanket was held out of the silent auction and put on the regular auction. I was really glad it was. There were a LOT of fleece blankets there this year. Ours was the only one that had the poke through ties, though, so it was unique. It was also the only one with a snowman theme. There were a lot there with school colors this year (a trend we started a couple of years ago) and a lot there with a music theme. They pulled ours up for auction first (another plus for us, I thought) and it went for $40! Hurray! The majority of them went for around the same price. The only one that beat it was one that went for $65, and I can't figure out why. Looking back, I saw so many fleece ones last night, I don't even remember which one that was. Oh well.

There was a gorgeous denim quilt - very large and heavy - beautifully made, that went for $110. I think I would have been ill had I made it. A lot of work went into it for so little money.

The only purchase I made, because all of my silent auction items were overbid, was a really cool auction item that made Kel really happy to hear about. There is a woman here in town who does parties for kids and costume rental and other things. She had three different party options you could choose from and one of them was a henna party for up to five people. Kel has actually worked for her helping at her henna booths at fairs and the Relay for Life, etc. before. Well, now she can have her own henna party for five people (a $90 value), and I won it at auction for $20. She was really excited.

So after the concert she went to a friend's house for a couple of hours and I came home. I was planning on working on my NaNo for that time since it was really quiet here. But of course, I surfed instead and talked on the phone. Then Kel called and I had to go get her. So I drove out of the garage and as I drove down the driveway and the headlights burst through the forest they lit upon this magical sight! Dancing along the sides of the driveway in the breeze? Was it faeries? Nymphs? Sprites? NO! Toilet paper! At some point during the marching year, students can be tp'd. In all her years it has never happened to the Kel-meister. We attributed it to living Way.Out.Here. Well, somebody got her last night. And they got her good. All along the driveway. Every tree. Really well. And the pines at the bottom of the driveway? The really big pines? Yeah. Those too. I just laughed and laughed all the way to Lauren's.

Photos to follow.

I went to her friend's and picked her up keeping my mouth shut. I got her down our road almost to our house and hit the lights so just the parking lights were on as she was admiring the stars and talking on the phone with her Grandma about them. Then as we turned the corner into our drive, I hit the highbeams and turned the lights back on and she said into the phone, "Ooooh, we got tp'd... and they got us good."

If anyone knows the significance of rice in a tp job, please let me know. I don't know if this is an inside joke or if it is a common phenom, but there was a box left with the job and there was always a box included with the tp kits made up and sold in the auctions in years past.

Okay. I'm going to go get dressed and head down with the camera while the sun is shining brightly on it.


Bulletizing the Weekend...

  • So I woke up at about 5 this morning from a dream that contained a whole new NaNo idea. Don't know what I'm going to do with that one. Does it become another dream sequence in the original? Or does it become the main idea with the other fitting into it somehow? Or does it become the one and only with the other one just getting tossed out the way I ended up doing last year with the first five or six or ten I started? Who knows? But I know that when the muse visits in your sleep, you don't just ignore it! At least I don't think I should.

  • Tonight is the indoor marching band concert and auction. And Keith is heading back to his apartment early because he has to work tomorrow. He took Friday off and was home on Thursday night, though, because he knew that was coming.

  • It is a gorgeous day out there today. We had a lot of errands to run and every time we got back in the car from doing one of them we brought one or two more of these stupid things with us. Blech.

  • One of those errands was to hit the post office and put KathyC's scarf in the mail (It's on it's way, Kath!). I also stopped and sold Jodi hers. I need to e-mail Dana to talk address and pricing because she missed that discussion. Kimby, yours should be there soon as it's been flying through the mail for days now! I'm going to put some new photos up of new colors, too. Bill, have patience. I'm still working diligently on yours. I want perfection...

  • Have to leave in a bit to pick up Kel from play practice. The former boyfriend was particularly nasty during their last parting of the ways and he made it really easy for her to see why she didn't need that kind of pain in her life (thank Dog) anymore. She got over him much more quickly this time (hurray!). I think I'll see if she wants to see The Incredibles with me tomorrow maybe. Does this not look like the best movie Pixar has put out ever? I've been looking forward to it since the first time I saw a preview (I think that was over a year ago!).



Wrote at la Poste with Marge today... AND they had fresh Mocha Java Scones! yummmmm. I brought some home with me. Found a new drink I liked while we nano'd, too. Frio with chocolate and whipped cream, please. Sinful? Definitely. But it made me a better writer. Honest.

I started on a different story today for something a little more fantastical and out on a limb for me. When commiserating with Keith that it would mean a whole new word count, he said, "It could be a dream that a character from your first novel is having."

The man is a genius!

And so the count grows. :)

(For those of you who have been asking, I don't have my story online. Too much pressure!)



Some good (too weak) exciting! news for BJ fans... Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is being released a week earlier now! Something else to look forward to! We'll get to see it next weekend already (on top of Fame - Kel's play)! We've been waiting for this for three years...

Wait a minute... nice boys don't kiss like that.

~Bridget Jones

Waste of Time!!!

GRRRRRRR! Will somebody tell me how to get rid of the most annoying Adware/Shareware in the world? I've had Gator (this morning, in fact) infest my computer before but Bastardize Optimize is ever so much worse!

And why didn't Norton catch it coming in and why did it not catch it on the scan and why can I not get rid of it no matter how I try and why is my pop-up blocker not blocking it?

I've been working for about three hours now trying to get it off this computer. AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! I HATE the people who write this crap. I hate it far worse then the spam senders. That I can deal with using the simple delete key. I'm losing precious NaNo time here! How dare they!


Feeling crabby?

There is always something to celebrate, even on a bad day! Cassie reports that it is Housewife's Day, and Sammich Day! How cool is that???

For me, I get to head off to Girls' Night tonight. And spend some time working on my novel. And work out for my 500 Mile Return from Nowhere. What a great day! Hope you can enjoy today, too. Even if things didn't look the way you hoped they would when you woke up this morning. This mourning?

"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote."
George Jean Nathan

"Republicans are men of narrow vision, who are afraid of the future."
Jimmy Carter

"A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country."
Texas Guinan

Worked Out... NaNo'd... Voted... Visited...

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 331.7
Still to go for goal: 168.3

Got another couple of hours worth of writing in this afternoon, too.

And didn't even have to wait in line to vote (unfortunately, but I think that's just because our town is so little and I went at a good time).

All in all, it was a very good day. Now if we could just see the final results of this election so Kel and I could go to bed, we'd be very happy.

Ear Worm: Who Can it Be Now? (by Men at Work)



Good grief. It's five am and I'm still up. What kind of day am I going to have today? Hmmm??? I'm not even going to know who the candidates are when I get to the polls let alone remember how to vote!

And will somebody tell me what's up with this Yahoo Messenger thing? Everytime I come into my blog it looks like I'm Online, but I haven't been able to get into Messenger all night. I've wanted to add my friend Amanda's ID to the list for about an hour and haven't been able to get logged on, but I look logged on according to my blog! I don't think that code is working very well!!!

I think I'm going to get an hour of sleep. I'm sure I'll feel great when the alarm goes off. I should have kept crocheting. I could have had another scarf finished. I finished yours earlier tonight, Dana!

It's Time!!!

What are you doing sitting around reading blogs??? Get out there and VOTE!

Boys stink...

Did I mention that boys are stinky and poopy and brats? Especially boys who break my little girl's heart? Multiple times? (We won't go into the how and why she lets her heart get broken multiple times here... I'm no shrink.) Was there a high school dance this past weekend? Yes! At least he didn't do it there this time. He waited until after that was over and until the big party on Saturday instead. How thoughtful of him. I hope he is finished messing with her head now. I hope she is finished going back to him if he asks, too. *sniffle*

The Finished Product...

We forgot to get a quick pic of the snowman blanket on Wednesday night, so Dad and I snapped one this weekend. Here it is.

Finished product - Back has the red you saw in the other photos of us working on it, this is the front...


Girls Night Photos!

Here we are "working" on the fleece blanket!
This is the one I made for the Band auction. We bought a package of fleece ties to put it together with instead of doing the usual cut and tie. I won't do that again! It made a bigger blanket, but it was a pain punching the holes. I prefer cutting the slits.

We wore the lovely Caitlin out by the time we got around to taking photos!

Darlin' Jena in the shirt I bought her. She and Kel are both wearing them in the blanket making photo. If you haven't seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, you won't understand the shirt. They loved them. Keli wore hers to school on Wednesday and got a bunch of people she didn't know coming up to her telling her they loved her shirt. She said that was kind of weird, what with being the introvert and all... I had to get them the shirts because every time they are together for the Wednesday night girls' time, they are constantly quoting lines from the movie or talking about this scene or that one. It seemed only natural they should have a shirt from the movie when we found them at the mall last weekend.

Writing... Reading... Listening...

Had a great time writing with Marge this morning! We got a terrific corner table and only one quiet woman sat near us. We did three writings and then trip-tropped over to Borders for some shopping. Now I'm home with my pooch so he can have a couple of small feedings before I head out for a massage! Yes, I'm spoiled.

Today's topics for those of you in need of inspiration (Ken):

  1. I'm at a loss
  2. I've never told anyone this before, but ...
  3. I'm writing my first novel or comedy and it's about...

While at Borders I picked up Amy Tan's memoir, The Opposite of Fate, and Magical Thinking: True Stories, by Augusten Burroughs, which I opened in the middle and read a couple of paragraphs and immediately laughed. This, to me, is always a good sign.

Those of you who knew me last year remember the craziness I was going through when the Cities Sampler came out (local radio station that puts out a CD full of one-of-a-kind live tracks by popular artists and gives a portion of the proceeds to charity) trying to get one - they are very limited in number. I ended up with just a copy from a friend because for all my craziness I was never able to attain the real thing. Well guess what? It's that time again! I decided last year that it wasn't worth it (WAS I NUTS???? The new album has GREAT STUFF on it!!!). Don't know if I'll get one this year or not. But I'll still try. It's the thrill of the hunt in a way (NOT).