Woe is me...

First of all, it seems that the comments on this site are down more than they are working lately. I may have to switch which comments I'm using. If I do that I'm going to lose all of the ones I've collected so far, though. That will suck. But I really like getting comments and I hate it when you guys can't leave them. So I'll be changing that in the next couple of days if things don't improve quickly within Blogspeak.

Migraines also suck. But I swore I'd get some time on Lurch if I had to crawl.

It was a weird day today. Strange pickups in the driveway. The headache. The dog being obnoxious (oh wait, that's normal).

Keli is off at a New Year's Eve Eve party tonight. I'm catching up on some reading and might do some crocheting.

Here are today's stats...

Today's miles: 2
Total so far: 109.75
Still to go for goal: 390.25

Tomorrow I'll run for Vonnie, a dear friend of the family who just learned of her cancer. This really sucks, you know? I don't like having new victims to run for. We're all praying for you, Vonnie. I hear you have an MRI coming up. Fingers crossed here.

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