Rain Check...

David Bailey is getting a rain check on his run. Not because today was a total wash, but because it was enough of one that I want to give him a better day.

I had a big mix up this week with my prescriptions. When I thought I was taking my blood pressure meds, I was actually taking an old prescription of Claritin-D. Not mine. Keith's. Pay attention and read labels folks. So I was not only not taking my BP meds this week, but I was doubling up on claritin 24 hour and taking the decongestent part, which I'm not supposed to have for reasons which I can't even remember any more. I made the discovery on Tuesday night when I went to fill up my pill container and thought my BP pills looked "off". Then I realized I'd been taking from the wrong bottle for about a week. Ack. I'd been feeling a little off for a few days, too. Especially when we were moving Keith and after the appointment for the MRI. I chalked it up to all of the stress. Guess it might have been the drugs.

So I got back on the full dosage of the meds Thursday morning. And when I climbed out of bed this morning, I nearly fell over. The room was spinning. BP meds? BP falling to it's lower range? Migraine? Don't know. All I know is I had bed spins when I went back to bed and the world was really flying. So when I finally did get up because the world slowed down enough, I didn't do a full workout. I did a slow and easy walk on Lurch.

I also put up the Christmas tree and cleaned the ceiling fans and putzed around the house, turning a fingernail black and blue in the process.

So Mr. Bailey? I hope you'll accept this rain check for tomorrow. Or another day if need be. We'll see how the bod is feeling when I climb out of bed in the morning.

Keep those pledges coming! Wait a minute Mr. Postman...

Here's the numbers...

Today's miles: 2
Total so far: 60.75
Still to go for goal:439.25

Tomorrow is the follow up for david m. bailey!

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