A quickie!

A quick run this morning before dashing off to my mom's to drop some things off and then it was off to meet Miss Marge for writing and gift exchange at Baker's Square (alright, there was some breakfast in there, too!) for a couple of hours and then BACK to mom's to make lasagne before the family progressive dinner tomorrow at eldest brother's house and then the folks' house. Did a little dashing about in the old home town, too to a couple of stores. It was another of those days!

Now I have some fast cleaning to do and then a grocery list to prepare for the holiday baking that must occur around here this weekend and early next week because WOW, Christmas is days away!

There is wrapping paper and bows and ribbon strewn about after Keli wrapped things for her friends last night and I've been working on getting things wrapped as well. I'm still trying to unpack the decorations and get them out. Man, it's just creeping up more and more quickly.

So this is it for today's post folks. Dashed off as quickly as possible because after cleaning and list making I have to dash off to get Keith from his apartment and then stop and get those groceries and then get back here to the house and get him settled in.

And now the dog is telling me it is his dinner time gosh darn it. And looking at the clock, I guess he's right!

Today's miles: 2.0
Total so far: 95.0
Still to go for goal: 405

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