In gratitude...

Today I ran in gratitude to all of you who have pledged my run and to everyone who already sent checks instead of pledging. I am so grateful for your generosity. It has been overwhelming and amazing. I am so touched and feel so blessed by my friends and family once again.

And what did I watch, you ask? Okay, maybe you didn't. Maybe you couldn't care less. But I'll tell you anyway. I watched Matthew Broderick in The Freshman, idea provided by Bill - Thanks Bill!

And Kent and Bonnie? I'll be over to raid your movie cabinet one of these days soon. I think the 5 for 5 deal at Mr. Movies only lasts through the end of December. :)

Here's how I did today...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 77.50
Still to go for goal: 422.5

Who should I run for tomorrow??? I KNOW! Tomorrow I run for the cheerleaders! I lurrrrrrrrrrvs my cheerleaders!

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