Hurrah! We can breathe!

For those of you who read what's written elsewhere, you already know that the MRI results came back with good news. The doc says there is no sign of growth (is that how he put it?) at the site and that things are stable. PHEW!

Thank you for your good thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. We all appreciate your love and support. Yesterday we had that early set of appointments, then we headed back home to get our loaded car and met up with the folks and their loaded car and headed for Keith's new apartment. He'll stay there during the week while he's working and I'll head over and bring him for the weekends back here to our home in the woods of Wisconsin. It's a nice new apartment complex overlooking a lake with a really nice walking/bike path around it. As we got him settled in, we watched the sun go down over the lake. It was beautiful. I bet I put a lot of distance on my running shoes yesterday just running around with all of that! But I was far too tired when I got back home to get on the treadmill. And still too busy!

When I got home, I called Keli to see if she was ready for me to pick her up from her friend's house. They were just starting dinner, though. Then as I hung up the phone, I saw the note hanging on the refrigerator that I had a meeting to go to at the high school regarding registration for next year starting an hour later. After that, she and I headed to Target for a shopping excursion because three of her friends had birthdays to celebrate and we needed to shop for them (after all, it was The Boy's birthday today! And that was critical!). I was really beat by the time I got home and finally could really go to bed. I think she was up wrapping and writing cards until nearly 1. I couldn't keep track. Besides, she has teenage youthful vigor going for her!

So today's results, run in recovery mode...

Today's miles: 2.49
Total so far: 52
Still to go for goal: 448

Tomorrow I will run for Southern Belle Judy M. who battled breast cancer and won. I love her southern accent. I love to hear her say "Bless your heart." I miss her because she's a friend who is missing in action these days, but I think about her a lot, so this one is for her. I love you, Judy!

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