For Phil C...

Did you ever have one of those days where you were running and running and you just felt like you were getting nowhere? :) Well that's me in a nutshell thank goodness! Wow! Past the 90-mile marker today! Should be able to hit the 100 mile goal by year end! That is cool. I never thought I would get this far so fast. I should have set a higher goal... don't tell anyone.

I'm finally getting somewhere on the Christmas thing, too. Started wrapping things today. That's cool, too. I hate the wrapping part. So tedious. I love how the tree looks once you get things under it, though. So I'll be glad to get a bunch of stuff finished so I can put them underneath the tree. It will be so much nicer that way. I might take out Keli's old wooden Brio train set and put it around the tree this year, too. Just for fun and for something different. We don't have any other real use for it anymore with no little ones in the family, so that would be kind of cute maybe.

Had to stop and do some more shopping on the way home from school tonight with Keli. She forgot a few of her friends last night. Shopping for all of the friends is a bit expensive. She's going to need to get a job if she's going to keep this up for next year. Wow. Her dad is going to be surprised when the bills come in on this one. I mean, it wasn't all for her friends, we did get a few things for him and for others, but I say again - Wow. She has a lot of friends. And I'm glad to see she is generous and the holidays aren't all about what she wants for Christmas anymore. But Wow.

Now I'd better go throw some dinner together. And feed the dog. He's looking at me with that pathetic "What about me?" sort of neglected look. Because you know, he's so neglected. Oh, and now he know's I'm writing about him. He's whimpering. He can tell. He's got a telepathic connection to all of us. He knows when we are thinking about him. He's smart that way. Just like he knows just when we hit that deep stage of sleep at night. That's when it is time for him to wake us up and tell us it's time for him to go back outside again. Poor thing. I think he has a little bladder thing or something (something being an "It's all about me and when you enter deep sleep you are no longer thinking, breathing, eating, sleeping or dreaming in my domain so wake up and get back to living your life for ME ME ME!!!"). Okay Bear. I'm coming.

Here are the stats for Phil's run...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 93.0
Still to go for goal: 407

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