For Marn...

Today I jogged for Marn with Bridget Jones. God I love that movie. I have watched it a bajillion times and I laugh every time. Every time. It kills me with laughter. Laughter is a good thing on a treadmill. It makes you forget the pain. I love laughter. I love Bridget. And oh my god do I love Mark Darcy. Mmm mmm good. Keith is okay with that. Really he is. Because he knows that his romantic bent is easily as strong as any movie character. Yep. He and his romance can make me cry tears of happiness any day of the week. So he lets me love all these movie characters.

When I popped Bridget into the VCR I found that I had been watching her on another jog. So I was just getting to one of my favorite parts of the movie - her birthday - when she finds she is not something of a genius in the kitchen. A kindred spirit. When Mark comes over and finds her splattered with the makings of her birthday dinner and he helps her salvage what he can and they cook together side by side and it's all very romantic. I lurrrrrrrrrvs that part. And much of the rest of the movie.

Anyway. I enjoyed the run immensely. And knowing I was running for Marn, that sexy and inspirational athlete from Canada who is the leader of the 500 Club, well... that was just the icing on the cake today. I would have run much longer than I did because it was going so well, but I had to dash and get Keli to a chiropractor appointment since we missed yesterday's due to snow and furnace fixers and smoke detectors beeping and all of that.

Here's the stats...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 71.25
Still to go for goal: 428.75

Tomorrow I will run for Elizabeth's mom, Sydnor, who was diagnosed with lung cancer last June. She is going through chemo (second round) and her tumor has responded a bit... HURRAH! Keep on fighting Sydnor!!!

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