For Lauren and Dawn...

Today I read while I moved. I decided I'd better get going on Return of the King if I'm going to have any hope of finishing it before I want to see the movie. Obviously I won't be finished before they release it, but I'll be done before I go. I won't be seeing it as soon as it opens because I can't stand fighting the crowds, but probably around my birthday I'll get to it.

It's pretty hard bouncing around on the treadmill and trying to read so I did a little more walking/jogging than running today, but once in a while that's got to be okay.

Besides, I was finished with my movies. I'll be glad when Christmas arrives and a new crop of movies has entered the house. Although, I did see that Mr. Movies has kicked off their 5 Movies/5 Days/5 Bucks promotion for the month of December, and with all of the great suggestions I've gotten, I could go down and get five to watch. Unfortunately, I can't possibly watch five on the treadmill in five short days unless I'm really going to pack on the miles in a short time! Anyway...

There was a beautiful sight when I awoke this morning and opened the shades. Snow had fallen during the night and coated the trees of the Woods of Wisconsin. It is incredible out there. Gorgeous. I'll hate driving in it when I have to go out tonight and get Keli from her friend's house after their usual Tuesday night together, but I'm enjoying looking at it! Glad I don't have to run out there in it! I'm thankful for my Lurch!

Here's how I did for Lauren and Dawn...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 68
Still to go for goal: 432

Tomorrow I will run for Marn who basically got me going on this whole idea by inspiring me with her own 500 mile idea and doing the Jog for the Juggs in Canada. You can see story here and find the history of her own trek within its pages. She was the brainchild of the 500 Mile Club. Her own lump was benign, but that certainly doesn't make her any less important in anyone's eyes for all the good that she has done for the cause. Thanks Marn! You're a peach, luv!

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