For Kimberly

Today with curly-haired Kimberly on my mind, and crazy Ferris on my screen shakin' up the Windy City (is there anything better than that scene of him on the float in the middle of the parade lip-syncin' Twist and Shout with The Beatles and dancin' his cute little free-wheelin' heart out? Ah, the simple life of an 80's teenager, skipping school and having fun. Those were the days... But I never skipped school... much... Pooh's not around here to verify that... are you Pooh? And I don't think Hutch ever cut with us so she can't squeal. I mean, she never cut either... We were all good kids. Not a class cutter in the bunch. Huh uh. Not us.

Wow, did I digress... As I was saying, with curly-haired Kimberly on my mind, I climbed aboard Lurch (that doesn't sound right, does it???) and ran 3.25 miles today.

I was reminded by my Naturopath to take my vitamins and minerals when she pointed out that I'm lacking in some basic mineral the other day (which one escapes me, of course) and she asked me if I was still taking them. I told her I had been a bit lax. So, she cracked the whip and told me to get back on them and I'd be feeling fit as a fiddle again. It would probably explain the sore knees and legs and such (has nothing to do with the running, believe you me). Today it was back to the good stuff and in no time I'll be whipping down those streets to nowhere again, probably putting in 20 miles a day! (hahaha - glad to know I can still laugh at myself).

Here are today's numbers before I'm off to do the many things yet to be accomplished, the least of which is to run to the mailbox for more joy!...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 58.75
Still to go for goal: 441.25

Tomorrow I run for a man who's brain tumor journey has inspired my Keith ever since we learned of him. His name is david m. bailey. I hope that you will visit his website and read about his own journey through the nightmare that is cancer of the brain. He was given less than a year to live when his baseball size tumor was found and now over six (if I remember correctly) years later, he is still going strong. He quit the corporate world and went back to his first love of music. He's a singer/songwriter with a really powerful message of hope and love and strength and I could go on and on. His music and message have meant a lot to us and a lot of other people that we know. That is why I'll run for him.

We've had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times after some concerts and he is as genuine a person as you would ever hope to come across. Check out his schedule and if he is in your area, please go hear him. Pick up a cd and have a listen. Click on his links online and have a listen that way. You might surprise yourself and like what you hear. Okay. Enough promotion. No, I'm not getting anything from it. Just the satisfaction of knowing that I'm exposing a few more people to something really great.

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