For Joy...

Today I ran for Alta's friend Joy. And I ran watching Gosford Park. It was kind of a sleepy movie. And I was a bit of a sleepy runner. I just couldn't put Night Train to Venice back in the VCR. I doubt I'll ever finish watching it. Oh well. Some movies are just like that. I did enjoy seeing Jeremy Northam again - he was in Gosford Park, if only for a bit of annoyance as a Hollywood Star.

Then it was another run around kind of day. But I acccomplished some more spending for Christmas, that awful commercial holiday that it has become.

Here was Joy's run...

Today's Miles: 3.00
Total so far: 83.50
Still to go for goal: 416.5

Tomorrow for Keith, I will run for the many BT Warriors we have met along the path.

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