For David Bailey...

Well the bed wasn't spinning when I opened my eyes this morning and the world didn't twirl when I stood up, so I decided I could go for my run. Lurch was amenable and I popped What Lies Beneath into the VCR and put the headphones on so I could get the full effect of the whispers and screams and all that. Actually, I have to turn the TV sound up pretty loud to hear it over the pounding of my feet on the "pavement" and don't want to bug the whole family (Keli was still sleeping just down the hall).

There are some great creepy scenes in that movie and plot twists and turns. Not a bad flick. I go for a scary movie now and then. Not necessarily while running, but I'd already watched it snuggled in bed earlier in the week and this watch was to catch all the ghosties that I missed the first time around and to keep my mind off my aches and pains and shortness of breath.

While I ran the scent of cinnamon and sugar kept wafting down the steps and into my nose and it was like a cartoon smoke arm and hand grabbing me and pulling me away and up into the kitchen... When I finished running and headed that direction, I found a cinnamon crumb cake cooling on the counter that Keith had made. What a darling hubby, eh? No wonder I bring him home on the weekends. Have I mentioned that Betty Crocker I am not?

Tonight we are off to see the play The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. My niece, Erin has a small part in it, so we get to see her on stage this year. We missed it last year when she also took part. Think we'll go get some dinner in town, too.

Hmm, crumb cake, dinner out. Think I should have done an extra mile or two for David today! Here's the numbers...

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 64.25
Still to go for goal: 435.75

Tomorrow I will run for my Aunt E. who kept things so quiet that only a couple of people even knew she had battled cancer until we saw her at the Relay last year in the survivors' tent celebrating with the rest of the survivors.

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