For the cheerleaders...

I finished watching The Freshman today with a young Matthew Broderick and a very old Marlon Brando. Very cute. Nearly lost my cookies at the whole idea of the Gourmet Club, though!

After finishing that I popped in Night Train to Venice. I've only seen about 10 minutes of it so far, but let's face it, I picked it up for Hugh Grant and I know nothing about it. So far? Bizarre. We'll see. The one review I just popped on at IMDB says "So bad that it's worth seeing!" uh oh.

Keli returns from the Wisconsin Dells today and then on our return from taking Keith to his apartment we'll hopefully stop and visit with my cousin Dianne who is in town this weekend celebrating Christmas with Uncle H and Aunt D and the gang. We want to get together with her and talk about Japan! Keli will be going there with her in April and this will be their only chance to get together and talk about it before then.

Now I'm going to go wrap some Christmas gifts before she arrives and tuck them under the tree. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Here are the cheerleader run stats...

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 80.50
Still to go for goal: 419.5

Tomorrow I will run for my mother in law's dear friend Joy.

I broke the safety key that attaches to my clothes for the treadmill the other day. So now I'm just tucking it the waistband of my running pants. Last night I bought a tiny little clamp at the grocery store to use instead. I forgot to use it today. Will have to remember to attach it for tomorrow's run. If you are a treadmill user, always remember to use your safety key. Attach it to yourself. I have a long story which I refuse to post here because I have siblings (at least one sibling in-law) who read this blog and it is far too embarrassing to relate, but trust me. Safety keys are a good thing.

Use them.

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