Today I ran watching Face/Off with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. It's a movie to keep the heart pumping all by itself with all of it's action and confusion and shoot-em-up bad guys and heroes.

I saw it once many years ago when out at Keith's mom's house for a holiday with the whole family, but couldn't remember most of it, so it was fun watching it with Keli and having her speculating on what was going to happen next. She hadn't seen it before. And she loves John Travolta, so she was enjoying his parts in it.

But the big news was hitting the 100-mile mark! Yahoo! I had set a goal of hitting 60 miles by the end of the year and I kicked that one in the butt! So I added my second rubber duck and am continuing on my way down that road to nowhere.

Today's Miles: 2.5
Total so far: 101
Still to go for goal: 399

Time to help Keith make his famous Fantasy Fudge... Then it's off to return him to his apartment. He says he feels like he is getting sick now. Hope he recovers quickly. Me... I'm still healthy as a horse and have every intention of staying that way. No WAY I'm getting sick. No way.

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