An apology and today's stats...

First off, I must apologize to my bro, Kent. Because whether he did it or not, jumping to conclusions about him being the snownapper was just wrong. Besides, he doesn't have a digital camera and couldn't have sent this to my in-basket right after our family party before I'd even noticed that my new snowman hadn't come home with me:

Don't involve the authorities or it's the greenhouse for Mr. Snowman

And on with today's run...

The miles: 3.14
Total so far: 112.89
Still to go for goal: 387.11

That one was for you Vonnie. Hugs to you and all your family. Much love from ours.

Happy New Year My Darlings!


Woe is me...

First of all, it seems that the comments on this site are down more than they are working lately. I may have to switch which comments I'm using. If I do that I'm going to lose all of the ones I've collected so far, though. That will suck. But I really like getting comments and I hate it when you guys can't leave them. So I'll be changing that in the next couple of days if things don't improve quickly within Blogspeak.

Migraines also suck. But I swore I'd get some time on Lurch if I had to crawl.

It was a weird day today. Strange pickups in the driveway. The headache. The dog being obnoxious (oh wait, that's normal).

Keli is off at a New Year's Eve Eve party tonight. I'm catching up on some reading and might do some crocheting.

Here are today's stats...

Today's miles: 2
Total so far: 109.75
Still to go for goal: 390.25

Tomorrow I'll run for Vonnie, a dear friend of the family who just learned of her cancer. This really sucks, you know? I don't like having new victims to run for. We're all praying for you, Vonnie. I hear you have an MRI coming up. Fingers crossed here.


On the road again...

Okay, Christmas is finally over. My family had it's party yesterday and I can get back to business around here. No more days off. Not even New Years. I'm finished with the slackin'.

I ran while watching a tape that Alta's roomie got for The Warrior from The History Channel - The Men Who Shot Kennedy. Pretty interesting stuff. I've always been interested in this stuff. He was killed a couple of years before I was born, but I find the topic fascinating still.

Finished that trashy book. WOWSER! Did pass it on to my folks. :) Think they can handle it? I should have mailed it out to KathyC... I remember she used to love those books... hehehe. It isn't harlequin, but I think you might have liked this one Kath... It wasn't at all a typical old romance, though. It was twisted!

Okay, here are the stats for today...

Today's Miles: 3.25
Total so far: 107.75
Still to go for goal: 392.25

Sorry to have kept you from your shower for so long Trudi. Glad you are clean and tidy once again. And Kent? If you're reading? I want my snowman back.



Got back on the horse so to speak.

Did it while reading today. Reading a really silly book. Trashy thing. The word erotic on the back should have been my first clue, huh?

It looked like a good mystery thriller for reading in the car during all that time I'm sitting in the car waiting for Keli.

It's a thriller all right. Phew!

Today's Miles: 3.5
Total so far: 104.5
Still to go for goal: 395.5

Hope Christmas was peaceful and happy for everyone. Hope all that are struggling had a little respite. KathyK, I know that things were pretty dodgy for you because of your dad's health. I hope he is doing better. Hugs.

And huge hugs to Annie and her family who lost Great Grandpa Carl early this week.


Yep, it's true...

I been slackin'.

Not runnin'.

Takin' time off.


Today's Miles: 0
Yesterday's Miles: 0

It's true. Haven't done a thing.
But I'll get back on Lurch. I will. I know I will because I'm picking up Keith at his apartment tonight and he crack's the whip. He doesn't cut me any slack at all (as you can see from his comments when he's away).

So check back when you're done eating your Christmas Ham or whatever it is you'll be eating during your holidays if you celebrate something else.

Because I'll be racking up the miles again.

Hugs to my fabulous lyrical cheerleaders. You all are the bestest!



Today I ran watching Face/Off with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. It's a movie to keep the heart pumping all by itself with all of it's action and confusion and shoot-em-up bad guys and heroes.

I saw it once many years ago when out at Keith's mom's house for a holiday with the whole family, but couldn't remember most of it, so it was fun watching it with Keli and having her speculating on what was going to happen next. She hadn't seen it before. And she loves John Travolta, so she was enjoying his parts in it.

But the big news was hitting the 100-mile mark! Yahoo! I had set a goal of hitting 60 miles by the end of the year and I kicked that one in the butt! So I added my second rubber duck and am continuing on my way down that road to nowhere.

Today's Miles: 2.5
Total so far: 101
Still to go for goal: 399

Time to help Keith make his famous Fantasy Fudge... Then it's off to return him to his apartment. He says he feels like he is getting sick now. Hope he recovers quickly. Me... I'm still healthy as a horse and have every intention of staying that way. No WAY I'm getting sick. No way.


For Carl...

I ran today for Keli's best friend Annie's step great grandpa Carl. He is really sick right now. In fact, her mom is out visiting and not home because of how sick he is. And it is because of Cancer. So today's run was for Carl.

Keli and I watched Nine Months together with Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore while I ran.

Today was supposed to be the family progressive dinner if you've been following my misadventures at all. Well that fell apart. Kind of like the family. Dad got sick several days ago. Mom got sick day before yesterday. Keli got hit with it yesterday. Niece got hit with something last night. I'm still feeling great (knocking on wood). Keith appears healthy. Sibs are all fine, and most of the other nieces and nephews are okay. We're still trying to pull together a date that will work for everyone for the makeup date.

Guess I'd best get back to my baking. Russian Tea Cakes are still on the agenda for this evening.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 98.5
Still to go for goal: 401.5

KathyK, how is dad doing?


A quickie!

A quick run this morning before dashing off to my mom's to drop some things off and then it was off to meet Miss Marge for writing and gift exchange at Baker's Square (alright, there was some breakfast in there, too!) for a couple of hours and then BACK to mom's to make lasagne before the family progressive dinner tomorrow at eldest brother's house and then the folks' house. Did a little dashing about in the old home town, too to a couple of stores. It was another of those days!

Now I have some fast cleaning to do and then a grocery list to prepare for the holiday baking that must occur around here this weekend and early next week because WOW, Christmas is days away!

There is wrapping paper and bows and ribbon strewn about after Keli wrapped things for her friends last night and I've been working on getting things wrapped as well. I'm still trying to unpack the decorations and get them out. Man, it's just creeping up more and more quickly.

So this is it for today's post folks. Dashed off as quickly as possible because after cleaning and list making I have to dash off to get Keith from his apartment and then stop and get those groceries and then get back here to the house and get him settled in.

And now the dog is telling me it is his dinner time gosh darn it. And looking at the clock, I guess he's right!

Today's miles: 2.0
Total so far: 95.0
Still to go for goal: 405


For Phil C...

Did you ever have one of those days where you were running and running and you just felt like you were getting nowhere? :) Well that's me in a nutshell thank goodness! Wow! Past the 90-mile marker today! Should be able to hit the 100 mile goal by year end! That is cool. I never thought I would get this far so fast. I should have set a higher goal... don't tell anyone.

I'm finally getting somewhere on the Christmas thing, too. Started wrapping things today. That's cool, too. I hate the wrapping part. So tedious. I love how the tree looks once you get things under it, though. So I'll be glad to get a bunch of stuff finished so I can put them underneath the tree. It will be so much nicer that way. I might take out Keli's old wooden Brio train set and put it around the tree this year, too. Just for fun and for something different. We don't have any other real use for it anymore with no little ones in the family, so that would be kind of cute maybe.

Had to stop and do some more shopping on the way home from school tonight with Keli. She forgot a few of her friends last night. Shopping for all of the friends is a bit expensive. She's going to need to get a job if she's going to keep this up for next year. Wow. Her dad is going to be surprised when the bills come in on this one. I mean, it wasn't all for her friends, we did get a few things for him and for others, but I say again - Wow. She has a lot of friends. And I'm glad to see she is generous and the holidays aren't all about what she wants for Christmas anymore. But Wow.

Now I'd better go throw some dinner together. And feed the dog. He's looking at me with that pathetic "What about me?" sort of neglected look. Because you know, he's so neglected. Oh, and now he know's I'm writing about him. He's whimpering. He can tell. He's got a telepathic connection to all of us. He knows when we are thinking about him. He's smart that way. Just like he knows just when we hit that deep stage of sleep at night. That's when it is time for him to wake us up and tell us it's time for him to go back outside again. Poor thing. I think he has a little bladder thing or something (something being an "It's all about me and when you enter deep sleep you are no longer thinking, breathing, eating, sleeping or dreaming in my domain so wake up and get back to living your life for ME ME ME!!!"). Okay Bear. I'm coming.

Here are the stats for Phil's run...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 93.0
Still to go for goal: 407


For Tracey...

My dog is barking to come inside... it's cold out there!

So I'll be brief.

I ran a short one today in the hopes that I would be showering and rushing off to a massage appointment. Unfortunately, I got a phone call just as I was jumping into the shower saying that my massage therapist was under the weather.

So sad for her and so sad for me. I've been looking ahead with aching muscles to this for weeks!

So here are the stats for Tracey's run...

Today's miles: 2.50
Total so far: 89.50
Still to go for goal: 410.50

Tomorrow I'm running for Phil C.

I'm coming Bear... You can stop barking now!


For the BT Warriors...

For all you BT Warriors out there, I ran for you today. This includes Tim, from the Brain Tumor conference in Denver - one of the most endearing men you'll ever want to meet and his sweet wife, and all of you out on the boards at NBTF that we've met along the way, and those we haven't had the opportunity to meet yet.

And I didn't run watching some movie to keep my mind off my pain and agony or the miles or the exhaustion, although, I did have some distraction.

I put in the new Christmas DVD Christmas with Chanticleer. We saw this amazing group of men at The Ordway in St. Paul a couple of years ago and really enjoyed their concert, so this DVD was no disappointment. It wasn't as good as seeing them live, of course, but it was really fun to see them on stage again, even if only on TV. We have a few of their CD's, but this is better because they are all so yummy to look at. And because it can be so impossible to believe that all of the voices singing that music are male. They have an incredible vocal range!

So here are today's stats for the BT Warrior's run...

Today's Miles: 3.50
Total so far: 87.00
Still to go for goal: 413

Tomorrow I will run for Tracey, one specific friend of Keith's from the BT world.

Sure is quiet out here... sniffle.


For Joy...

Today I ran for Alta's friend Joy. And I ran watching Gosford Park. It was kind of a sleepy movie. And I was a bit of a sleepy runner. I just couldn't put Night Train to Venice back in the VCR. I doubt I'll ever finish watching it. Oh well. Some movies are just like that. I did enjoy seeing Jeremy Northam again - he was in Gosford Park, if only for a bit of annoyance as a Hollywood Star.

Then it was another run around kind of day. But I acccomplished some more spending for Christmas, that awful commercial holiday that it has become.

Here was Joy's run...

Today's Miles: 3.00
Total so far: 83.50
Still to go for goal: 416.5

Tomorrow for Keith, I will run for the many BT Warriors we have met along the path.


For the cheerleaders...

I finished watching The Freshman today with a young Matthew Broderick and a very old Marlon Brando. Very cute. Nearly lost my cookies at the whole idea of the Gourmet Club, though!

After finishing that I popped in Night Train to Venice. I've only seen about 10 minutes of it so far, but let's face it, I picked it up for Hugh Grant and I know nothing about it. So far? Bizarre. We'll see. The one review I just popped on at IMDB says "So bad that it's worth seeing!" uh oh.

Keli returns from the Wisconsin Dells today and then on our return from taking Keith to his apartment we'll hopefully stop and visit with my cousin Dianne who is in town this weekend celebrating Christmas with Uncle H and Aunt D and the gang. We want to get together with her and talk about Japan! Keli will be going there with her in April and this will be their only chance to get together and talk about it before then.

Now I'm going to go wrap some Christmas gifts before she arrives and tuck them under the tree. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Here are the cheerleader run stats...

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 80.50
Still to go for goal: 419.5

Tomorrow I will run for my mother in law's dear friend Joy.

I broke the safety key that attaches to my clothes for the treadmill the other day. So now I'm just tucking it the waistband of my running pants. Last night I bought a tiny little clamp at the grocery store to use instead. I forgot to use it today. Will have to remember to attach it for tomorrow's run. If you are a treadmill user, always remember to use your safety key. Attach it to yourself. I have a long story which I refuse to post here because I have siblings (at least one sibling in-law) who read this blog and it is far too embarrassing to relate, but trust me. Safety keys are a good thing.

Use them.


In gratitude...

Today I ran in gratitude to all of you who have pledged my run and to everyone who already sent checks instead of pledging. I am so grateful for your generosity. It has been overwhelming and amazing. I am so touched and feel so blessed by my friends and family once again.

And what did I watch, you ask? Okay, maybe you didn't. Maybe you couldn't care less. But I'll tell you anyway. I watched Matthew Broderick in The Freshman, idea provided by Bill - Thanks Bill!

And Kent and Bonnie? I'll be over to raid your movie cabinet one of these days soon. I think the 5 for 5 deal at Mr. Movies only lasts through the end of December. :)

Here's how I did today...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 77.50
Still to go for goal: 422.5

Who should I run for tomorrow??? I KNOW! Tomorrow I run for the cheerleaders! I lurrrrrrrrrrvs my cheerleaders!


For Sydnor...

Today I ran for Sydnor watching the first half of a movie called Possession starring Gwyneth Paltrow. It was an interesting movie and did a lot of flashback stuff utilizing a couple of actors from other English Period pieces (Emma, Pride and Prejudice), Jeremy Northam and Jennifer Ehle. I finished watching it in the evening while doing a little knitting. What a waste that was. I was trying out some new yarn I purchased. It was a wonderful and soft type of chennile and at first I tried to crochette it into a scarf but the hook kept getting caught up in it so I switched to the knitting needles. Unfortunately I didn't fare any better with those (I'm not much of a knitter; I always feel as though I have two left hands).

I then had an extremely busy day (and Saturday was busy too, obviously!) but satisfying - I got a little Christmas shopping done, got some writing done with Marge (hi Marge!), went to see a movie for a birthday celebration (hi Carolyn!) and enjoyed time to breathe in front of the tree with the knitting needles at the end of the day. Also saw Keli off to the Wisconsin Dells in the morning before all of the rest took place!

Here's how the run went...

Today's miles: 3.00
Total so far: 74.25
Still to go for goal: 425.75

Tomorrow I'm running in gratitude of all of the wonderful people who are pledging me and who have sent fabulous checks because they are so wonderful and generous. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


For Marn...

Today I jogged for Marn with Bridget Jones. God I love that movie. I have watched it a bajillion times and I laugh every time. Every time. It kills me with laughter. Laughter is a good thing on a treadmill. It makes you forget the pain. I love laughter. I love Bridget. And oh my god do I love Mark Darcy. Mmm mmm good. Keith is okay with that. Really he is. Because he knows that his romantic bent is easily as strong as any movie character. Yep. He and his romance can make me cry tears of happiness any day of the week. So he lets me love all these movie characters.

When I popped Bridget into the VCR I found that I had been watching her on another jog. So I was just getting to one of my favorite parts of the movie - her birthday - when she finds she is not something of a genius in the kitchen. A kindred spirit. When Mark comes over and finds her splattered with the makings of her birthday dinner and he helps her salvage what he can and they cook together side by side and it's all very romantic. I lurrrrrrrrrvs that part. And much of the rest of the movie.

Anyway. I enjoyed the run immensely. And knowing I was running for Marn, that sexy and inspirational athlete from Canada who is the leader of the 500 Club, well... that was just the icing on the cake today. I would have run much longer than I did because it was going so well, but I had to dash and get Keli to a chiropractor appointment since we missed yesterday's due to snow and furnace fixers and smoke detectors beeping and all of that.

Here's the stats...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 71.25
Still to go for goal: 428.75

Tomorrow I will run for Elizabeth's mom, Sydnor, who was diagnosed with lung cancer last June. She is going through chemo (second round) and her tumor has responded a bit... HURRAH! Keep on fighting Sydnor!!!



Taking the day off to spend it with my girl...

and to deal with the furnace being broken...

and my brother coming over to change the batteries 15 feet up in my smoke detectors...



For Lauren and Dawn...

Today I read while I moved. I decided I'd better get going on Return of the King if I'm going to have any hope of finishing it before I want to see the movie. Obviously I won't be finished before they release it, but I'll be done before I go. I won't be seeing it as soon as it opens because I can't stand fighting the crowds, but probably around my birthday I'll get to it.

It's pretty hard bouncing around on the treadmill and trying to read so I did a little more walking/jogging than running today, but once in a while that's got to be okay.

Besides, I was finished with my movies. I'll be glad when Christmas arrives and a new crop of movies has entered the house. Although, I did see that Mr. Movies has kicked off their 5 Movies/5 Days/5 Bucks promotion for the month of December, and with all of the great suggestions I've gotten, I could go down and get five to watch. Unfortunately, I can't possibly watch five on the treadmill in five short days unless I'm really going to pack on the miles in a short time! Anyway...

There was a beautiful sight when I awoke this morning and opened the shades. Snow had fallen during the night and coated the trees of the Woods of Wisconsin. It is incredible out there. Gorgeous. I'll hate driving in it when I have to go out tonight and get Keli from her friend's house after their usual Tuesday night together, but I'm enjoying looking at it! Glad I don't have to run out there in it! I'm thankful for my Lurch!

Here's how I did for Lauren and Dawn...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 68
Still to go for goal: 432

Tomorrow I will run for Marn who basically got me going on this whole idea by inspiring me with her own 500 mile idea and doing the Jog for the Juggs in Canada. You can see story here and find the history of her own trek within its pages. She was the brainchild of the 500 Mile Club. Her own lump was benign, but that certainly doesn't make her any less important in anyone's eyes for all the good that she has done for the cause. Thanks Marn! You're a peach, luv!


For Brian...

Finished watching What Lies Beneath while I ran for Brian. The last part of this movie is the worst part but I'll give nothing away in discussing it here.

This few weeks building up to Christmas is getting so busy. Am I going to always be running a day behind in my posts? Going to try and correct this.

I'm thrilled to report that I've heard back from a third of my friends and family who I sent my pledge letter to. That is so awesome. You all are fabulously supportive and I really appreciate it!

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 64.5
Still to go for goal: 435.5

Tomorrow I'll run for Dawn again because the chemo is really knocking her on her butt this time. And I'm running for her daughter, too. Lauren is having a rough week, so kiddo, this one is also for you.


For Aunt E...

I didn't skip the run on Sunday. I just never got back out here to write about it. So here in very condensed form is that info so I can get back on Lurch and do today's run...

(and I'm changing the date on the post to Sunday to keep track of everything)

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 67.75
Still to go for goal: 432.25

Tomorrow I'm running for Brian P. He's a fellow BT warrior here in town and the dad of another sophomore at Keli's school. He's already had to battle one recurrence since dealing with the initial finding around the time Keith battled his. Nasty beasts these brain tumors.


For David Bailey...

Well the bed wasn't spinning when I opened my eyes this morning and the world didn't twirl when I stood up, so I decided I could go for my run. Lurch was amenable and I popped What Lies Beneath into the VCR and put the headphones on so I could get the full effect of the whispers and screams and all that. Actually, I have to turn the TV sound up pretty loud to hear it over the pounding of my feet on the "pavement" and don't want to bug the whole family (Keli was still sleeping just down the hall).

There are some great creepy scenes in that movie and plot twists and turns. Not a bad flick. I go for a scary movie now and then. Not necessarily while running, but I'd already watched it snuggled in bed earlier in the week and this watch was to catch all the ghosties that I missed the first time around and to keep my mind off my aches and pains and shortness of breath.

While I ran the scent of cinnamon and sugar kept wafting down the steps and into my nose and it was like a cartoon smoke arm and hand grabbing me and pulling me away and up into the kitchen... When I finished running and headed that direction, I found a cinnamon crumb cake cooling on the counter that Keith had made. What a darling hubby, eh? No wonder I bring him home on the weekends. Have I mentioned that Betty Crocker I am not?

Tonight we are off to see the play The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. My niece, Erin has a small part in it, so we get to see her on stage this year. We missed it last year when she also took part. Think we'll go get some dinner in town, too.

Hmm, crumb cake, dinner out. Think I should have done an extra mile or two for David today! Here's the numbers...

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 64.25
Still to go for goal: 435.75

Tomorrow I will run for my Aunt E. who kept things so quiet that only a couple of people even knew she had battled cancer until we saw her at the Relay last year in the survivors' tent celebrating with the rest of the survivors.


Rain Check...

David Bailey is getting a rain check on his run. Not because today was a total wash, but because it was enough of one that I want to give him a better day.

I had a big mix up this week with my prescriptions. When I thought I was taking my blood pressure meds, I was actually taking an old prescription of Claritin-D. Not mine. Keith's. Pay attention and read labels folks. So I was not only not taking my BP meds this week, but I was doubling up on claritin 24 hour and taking the decongestent part, which I'm not supposed to have for reasons which I can't even remember any more. I made the discovery on Tuesday night when I went to fill up my pill container and thought my BP pills looked "off". Then I realized I'd been taking from the wrong bottle for about a week. Ack. I'd been feeling a little off for a few days, too. Especially when we were moving Keith and after the appointment for the MRI. I chalked it up to all of the stress. Guess it might have been the drugs.

So I got back on the full dosage of the meds Thursday morning. And when I climbed out of bed this morning, I nearly fell over. The room was spinning. BP meds? BP falling to it's lower range? Migraine? Don't know. All I know is I had bed spins when I went back to bed and the world was really flying. So when I finally did get up because the world slowed down enough, I didn't do a full workout. I did a slow and easy walk on Lurch.

I also put up the Christmas tree and cleaned the ceiling fans and putzed around the house, turning a fingernail black and blue in the process.

So Mr. Bailey? I hope you'll accept this rain check for tomorrow. Or another day if need be. We'll see how the bod is feeling when I climb out of bed in the morning.

Keep those pledges coming! Wait a minute Mr. Postman...

Here's the numbers...

Today's miles: 2
Total so far: 60.75
Still to go for goal:439.25

Tomorrow is the follow up for david m. bailey!


For Kimberly

Today with curly-haired Kimberly on my mind, and crazy Ferris on my screen shakin' up the Windy City (is there anything better than that scene of him on the float in the middle of the parade lip-syncin' Twist and Shout with The Beatles and dancin' his cute little free-wheelin' heart out? Ah, the simple life of an 80's teenager, skipping school and having fun. Those were the days... But I never skipped school... much... Pooh's not around here to verify that... are you Pooh? And I don't think Hutch ever cut with us so she can't squeal. I mean, she never cut either... We were all good kids. Not a class cutter in the bunch. Huh uh. Not us.

Wow, did I digress... As I was saying, with curly-haired Kimberly on my mind, I climbed aboard Lurch (that doesn't sound right, does it???) and ran 3.25 miles today.

I was reminded by my Naturopath to take my vitamins and minerals when she pointed out that I'm lacking in some basic mineral the other day (which one escapes me, of course) and she asked me if I was still taking them. I told her I had been a bit lax. So, she cracked the whip and told me to get back on them and I'd be feeling fit as a fiddle again. It would probably explain the sore knees and legs and such (has nothing to do with the running, believe you me). Today it was back to the good stuff and in no time I'll be whipping down those streets to nowhere again, probably putting in 20 miles a day! (hahaha - glad to know I can still laugh at myself).

Here are today's numbers before I'm off to do the many things yet to be accomplished, the least of which is to run to the mailbox for more joy!...

Today's miles: 3.25
Total so far: 58.75
Still to go for goal: 441.25

Tomorrow I run for a man who's brain tumor journey has inspired my Keith ever since we learned of him. His name is david m. bailey. I hope that you will visit his website and read about his own journey through the nightmare that is cancer of the brain. He was given less than a year to live when his baseball size tumor was found and now over six (if I remember correctly) years later, he is still going strong. He quit the corporate world and went back to his first love of music. He's a singer/songwriter with a really powerful message of hope and love and strength and I could go on and on. His music and message have meant a lot to us and a lot of other people that we know. That is why I'll run for him.

We've had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times after some concerts and he is as genuine a person as you would ever hope to come across. Check out his schedule and if he is in your area, please go hear him. Pick up a cd and have a listen. Click on his links online and have a listen that way. You might surprise yourself and like what you hear. Okay. Enough promotion. No, I'm not getting anything from it. Just the satisfaction of knowing that I'm exposing a few more people to something really great.


For Judy...

Today I ran with Ferris Bueller. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? And Matthew Broderick only gets better looking with age.

And do you see the rubber duck at the top of the page? That rubber duck is a 10 percent indicator... Everytime I hit a 50-mile marker, I get a rubber duck... well I hit one yesterday so I'm 10% of the way there. This was devised by the originator of the 500-mile club, Marn.

It was a busy day! I had to get up and get going with that run because then it was off to the folks' house for an extended family meeting about Christmas Eve. Our family CE is getting smaller. Looks like it will only be 40 this year, but we'll still need to rent the local shooting range to hold it in, and Santa will still pay us a visit. The meeting ran three hours long and then I stayed to copy my notes for Mom and give a hand with some lights outside and chat with the folks a few minutes before heading back to the high school to pick up Kel. We came straight home to work on some of the Christmas decorating and a couple of other projects I have in the fire.

I've gotta say my favorite task of the day right now is picking up the mail. There is nothing like opening that box and finding another of the self-addressed stamped envelopes I sent out returning like a homing pigeon with a pledge or donation from one of my lovely friends or family members. I don't know how I will ever thank you. I guess by jumping on Lurch every day that I can and continuing this journey of 500 miles!

Yes, I did name the damn treadmill. Without any help from any of you. Perhaps you missed the request (See For Becky 11/24) - I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, the treadmill is hereby dubbed Lurch, for a couple of reasons... One of the reasons is because some days, that's what I tend to do when I climb aboard - I lurch along. It's all I can do, but I just gotta do what I can. Another is that you may remember Lurch from the original Addams Family TV series? Remember that sound he made in his throat when he was somewhat disgusted with Gomez or some other family member? That's how I sound when I'm about to climb aboard. When I jump back off nearly an hour later, I've got a spring in my step and a cheerful trill in my voice (yeah, right) and sound nothing like Lurch, but before... So I just thought Lurch was fitting.

Speaking of Becky, you may have caught Marge's meaning in her comments to me yesterday. They are still waiting on Beck's biopsy results. Poor girl found out Monday that the second set were "too close" to call and had been sent on to a second lab for their opinion and she now has to wait for another week or two. Keep those fingers and toes crossed please.

So today for my darlin' Southern Belle Judikins...

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 55.5
Still to go for goal: 444.5

Tomorrow I run for Kimberly. She's another of Keli's friend's moms. It is so hard to see these young teen girls with moms going through hard-core breast cancer treatment and fighting for their lives. Kimberly fought hard during the summer of 2002 and has been cancer free for a year now. And WOW did she get a curly head of hair after that chemo! Her husband joked with me that it was an expensive way to get a perm!


Hurrah! We can breathe!

For those of you who read what's written elsewhere, you already know that the MRI results came back with good news. The doc says there is no sign of growth (is that how he put it?) at the site and that things are stable. PHEW!

Thank you for your good thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. We all appreciate your love and support. Yesterday we had that early set of appointments, then we headed back home to get our loaded car and met up with the folks and their loaded car and headed for Keith's new apartment. He'll stay there during the week while he's working and I'll head over and bring him for the weekends back here to our home in the woods of Wisconsin. It's a nice new apartment complex overlooking a lake with a really nice walking/bike path around it. As we got him settled in, we watched the sun go down over the lake. It was beautiful. I bet I put a lot of distance on my running shoes yesterday just running around with all of that! But I was far too tired when I got back home to get on the treadmill. And still too busy!

When I got home, I called Keli to see if she was ready for me to pick her up from her friend's house. They were just starting dinner, though. Then as I hung up the phone, I saw the note hanging on the refrigerator that I had a meeting to go to at the high school regarding registration for next year starting an hour later. After that, she and I headed to Target for a shopping excursion because three of her friends had birthdays to celebrate and we needed to shop for them (after all, it was The Boy's birthday today! And that was critical!). I was really beat by the time I got home and finally could really go to bed. I think she was up wrapping and writing cards until nearly 1. I couldn't keep track. Besides, she has teenage youthful vigor going for her!

So today's results, run in recovery mode...

Today's miles: 2.49
Total so far: 52
Still to go for goal: 448

Tomorrow I will run for Southern Belle Judy M. who battled breast cancer and won. I love her southern accent. I love to hear her say "Bless your heart." I miss her because she's a friend who is missing in action these days, but I think about her a lot, so this one is for her. I love you, Judy!