The first official piece of paper came in the mail today promising donations for my run! (Yes mom and dad - you were first!) Things are really starting to roll now. I'll have to get the number-cruncher working on those spreadsheets this weekend so I can just plug numbers in as the pledges come in. It's so exciting! Thank you backers! This is in addition to word via e-mail and forum chats. What great friends and family!

Today's run was for Kat. It was lonely and small, but it was hard-fought. I had the didn't-get-my-own-Cities-Sampler blues.

Today's miles: 2
Total so far: 17.66
Still needed to goal: 482.34

Tomorrow I run for Kathy's dad. She is one of my Diva sistahs and her dad is battling inoperable lung cancer in both lungs. He has been taking experimental chemo, however, and they've just had word that the cancer is stable after 30 days on the treatment with no new activity. That's really great news!

I'm dedicating my miles tomorrow to him, and to KathyK because she's had a really rough year. Love ya sweetie!

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