Stacey's Run...

Well, aside from knowing that the battle against cancer is a beotch of a battle, I haven't had to fight it personally. Yes, I watched my husband fight it and in a way, had to fight part of it myself, but physically, I didn't go through it. I've never felt the effects of chemo or radiation, or had the surgeons knife remove any foreign tumour from me. Millions of others have.

I'm not sure how much of that battle Stacey has had to go through. I just know that my friend Trudi has asked me to dedicate a portion of my 500 miles to her dear friend Stacey, battling breast cancer, so today, I did just that.

I've never used the programs on my treadmill before. I've just hopped on and run the flat road and done a bit of time and miles as I've watched a movie. Today I thought I'd hit one of the programs while I finished watching Oceans Eleven (George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt... Oh MY!)... I'm not a fan of hills. I hate them. They make the lungs and the legs hurt, dammit.

But the way I looked at the pain today was, Stacey's been through a LOT more pain than what that little treadmill could dish out. So when the hill got steep? I kept going. For her sake. When my legs started to burn? I kept going. Because she does. Every day. So Stacey? This one was for you. Thanks for helping me get on that treadmill today and put in the miles.

Huge hugs to you in your battle. I wish you the very best. You've got a really great friend in the Trudles. I lurrrrrrrrvs her a lot. I hope someday to meet her in 3D so I can give her a really big hug, too.

Here's the stats for your run...

Today's miles: 4.05
Total so far: 28.91
Still needed to goal: 471.09

Tomorrow's run is dedicated to Becky. She has to go to the hospital and have her tumor aspirated (sp?) tomorrow so it can be tested for cancer. I don't know if this is the right way to put it or not, but that's the basics. A retest because the first one didn't work. Prayin' for you Beckster.

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